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  1. Battlegrounds: RPG Edition is a full-fledged virtual tabletop app that supports Hero System. Scroll down to the images in this forum thread to get an idea of how it works. You can download a custom Hero die from here, for use in the app. If you want just a die roller, it's probably overkill. But if you want an app that supports initiative sequencing mechanics, hex grids, etc., BRPG is worth a look.
  2. Has anyone tried using MapForge to create battlemaps for their Hero System games? The app supports hexgrids, and has both Modern Day and Sci-Fi mapping assets available for it (or you can use your own art via drag-and-drop), and there's a selection of content that can work with any genre. Many of the content Add-Ons are free, and there are more on the way (hopefully more Modern Day content, in particular). Maps made with the app can either be printed, or used in the virtual tabletop software of your choice.
  3. TTS was designed for boardgaming, and it shows, particularly in light of the fact that it doesn't afford a GM the ability to improvise and bring in needed assets on-the-fly. So if you haven't prepped for a particular event (RPG players rarely do exactly what you'd expect), you're screwed. Why not simply use a VTT expressly made for playing RPGs, preferably one with built-in support for Hero System mechanics?
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