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  1. So if you don't care if your players know their opponents' DCV, just use the first formula. As @Gnome BODY (important!) said, just have them write down their basic attack roll of 11 + their OCV and focus on that number as a Skill roll (an Attack Skill or something), subtract the DCV (which is really just a penalty to the success of the Skill roll) and roll that target number or less. The second formula is really doing the same thing, with little more work for the GM but keeps everything secret if you don't want the players to know all the variables. If they just roll against their
  2. It's best to think of it like others have suggested: Roll under a Skill (your "Attack Skill" of 11) on 3d6, with OCV acting like Skill Levels and DCV acting like penalties. Roll under that number. In older editions of Champions the formula used to be shown as this: 11 + OCV - DCV = target roll or less. Basically it looks like a Skill Roll. The main problem is that a GM may not want you do know your opponent's DCV, so in later editions they moved things around to keep the DCV secret. I'll show my work in steps like we used to do in math class (I'm trying to remember how to do that
  3. I had to go look at the document, and although it doesn't come out and say it, my impression is that the combat roll is a "roll high" approach. This comes up in discussions every once in a while since many gamers are used to rolling over a target number rather than under. I think that maybe @drunkonduty applied this to his document, although you'd have to ask him. Maybe he can be enticed to comment on it . . .
  4. I'm right there with ya, buddy! There are too many other real problems to aggravate me lately, I don't need to go looking for more! I try never to outright disagree or flatly criticize someone's post in these forums because I much prefer the creative collaborative work that comes with at least partial agreement and concessions made to the spirit of the discussion. Sometimes I derail the discussion, as above, and take it in a direction that I mistook, but it's not done intentionally. I genuinely like the people I interact with here and prefer to foster those friendships rather than bull my way
  5. Ugh! I HATE the layout of the book for exactly those reasons. Character creation stuff ought to be presented in the character creation section. Duh. But if you look at the original Fantasy HERO it's laid out pretty much the same. So are all of the 3e/4e standalone books. That format has lasted for decades, and I can't believe someone hasn't come up with a better layout yet! It irked me so much I started a discussion about it here which led to a very long discussion which resulted in at least one "Fantasy HERO Basic" document, and probably solidified some ideas to encourage other people to writ
  6. I think I was conflating what you said about “playing right away” with what @Spence said about “playing out of the box.” That’s my mistake, and I apologize to you both for my confusion. To get back to your point, I suppose Bill, Bob, and Boris could whip something up with the PHB, but just barely. The creatures provided are pretty basic if you’d like to fight a bunch of rats or a dire wolf. I just never would have even considered playing with only that book until you said it. It would be an interesting experiment for sure; it just never occurred to me before!
  7. Not moving the goalpost, just not making my point very clearly! Let me try to restate. So there are some mixed terms in the previous discussion: are we looking for a single book to learn to play a game, or are we looking to learn the game quickly? The point I was trying to make is that D&D does one or the other really well, but it doesn't give both. One other point that wasn't introduced, but is really important, is whether there's an experienced Game/Dungeon Master running the game. I don't consider the Player's Handbook to be a game that can be played "out of the
  8. In some ways you’re comparing apples to mangos. The Players Handbook isn’t playable out of the box either. It’s devoted to just introducing character creation and basic gameplay. Even with the Dungeon Master’s Guide and the Monster Manual, you still don’t have a game to play “right out of the box.” On the other hand, if you allow FHC to include the HS Grimoire and the HS Bestiary, then you’ve got an equivalent trilogy to D&D . . . but still no adventure to play, just like (D&D). Of course the production value is not nearly the same, but for less than half the cost you have a co
  9. That’s the scenario in Fantasy HERO Battlegrounds, by the way. Sort of a tried and true adventure!
  10. I got my most recent copy of 6e1 by sending a message to the bookseller and offering half of what it was listed for, and they agreed. I think the joke was still on me, but I felt ok with it in the end.
  11. Please, just not zombies! Unless you stat out Rob Zombie for your newest evil villain . . .
  12. To be fair, the magic system is actually provided with certain Limitations and the Real Cost/3 for the final cost (which is more like the original Fantasy HERO). They provide some spells, and the PDF that goes with the book has a setting and an adventure, so it’s a lot closer to “playing out of the box” than most other HERO products. Not perfect, but probably playable after a weekend of prep.
  13. You could always go beneath the city into the sewers. That could develop into an entire sub-culture like the Parisian sewer system, or perhaps some low-level sewer monsters that won't break your "mannish" worldview too much. Or you could go full-blown Cthulhu sewer scenario and shut a gate to a supernatural plane that was accidentally opened by one of your cultist groups. Monsters would only last long enough to shove them back through the portal without any long-lasting effects, and you get the fun of hacking and slashing for a little while.
  14. There are some genre-specific things like background and professional skill packages, equipment lists, and so on. But I think they also include some talents that are designed specifically for fantasy like Weaponmaster and stuff like that.
  15. Same quality as far as I know. I was going to get a set, but they were having trouble with the little blue boxes in the sidebars and stuff and had to fiddle with the PDFs to fix it. I forgot to get copies after they re-released the PDFs. I'm pretty happy with all the POD books I've gotten so far, so it's probably worth getting them for beater copies. I can't even tell the difference between the originals and the PODs on my shelf.
  16. Yup. I raised the price on an item I was looking at with NobleKnight Games one day when I put it in my basket, took it out, and went back to put it back in. Raised about 30%, with one less copy available (theoretically). I learned my lesson on that one.
  17. I think @chall nailed it in the original post.
  18. I’m going to put in a quick vote for HERO System Basic Rulebook, like I always do. It’s what the “Complete” games are based on, but is genre neutral. Maybe this is more problematic for you and/or your group, but I’m using it now for a 6e version of Pulp HERO, which never got translated into 6e. It’s working great so far because all the rules are presented in a little over 100 pages so it condenses things down for newbies. But it does require a lot more prep time for the GM, especially if you create their first characters for them (which I recommend) so they can focus on learning the rules befo
  19. I don’t believe that Book of the Empress was a hardcover. I’ve never seen it at least. I was sure that is was hardcover until I went and looked on my shelf and saw the paper copy sitting there. Also, you probably won’t be able to find a hardcover of MHI at a reasonable price. Although it does exist, it’s rare. Good luck with your quest. It took me at least a couple of years to find all the hardcovers at reasonable prices. I think maybe Champions will be the hardest one to find. You can still get 6e2 right here through the store, so don’t fall for any of those “collectors’” prices. I u
  20. After fiddling for a bit with it, I discovered that gmail changed the way they label messages and I had to make some changes to their default assumptions. You can still change the settings to ungroup messages and so on, but it’s less intuitive now than it used to be.
  21. Maybe I’m missing something here, and I’m seriously not trying to start some kind of political argument, but why is canceling their online event related in any way to either a protest, or being supportive of Black Lives Matter? I’m honestly inquiring because maybe I missed something they announced earlier. Any info would be much appreciated. Edit: never mind: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/origins-online-cancelled-gama-black-lives-matter/
  22. Wow! That whole process was almost as complicated as making a Champions character by hand . . .
  23. If I recall correctly, I had the same problem on my Mac. I think I deleted every bit of the installed HD files, restarted and reinstalled and it ran fine.
  24. I think you’re doing it backwards, just like you drive on the wrong side of the road!
  25. There are going to be a lot of Champions games offered at Origins Online this year, which I think is free. You should consider joining up in a couple of them from different GMs to get a feel for what people are doing these days. It really helped me a few years back when I got back into gaming after a very long hiatus like you.
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