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  1. I tried a screenshot, but couldn't find a way to attach a file in the message. It only allowed a url for a file or image, but not an option to upload an image.
  2. Maybe someone can tell me: what is being used to do layout for the HERO System books? Anyone know?
  3. @smoelf and @Shoug I'm right there with you. Consider using HERO System Basic for a gaming group, and get some people together to run a few simple activities. Either use pre-gen characters you build, or have them all take a whack at making simple characters. Then just run them through a battle. No backstory, no reason, just a McGuffin battle so they can all try out the system. Maybe start off first with a Skills adventure (break into the McGuffin-storage), which then leads to the battle in a second adventurelet. Nobody will care that there's no story--everyone will be more interested in
  4. That's not as easy as I thought it would be. I sent a link to my purchase through the DOJ store. Let me know that you got it.
  5. Heh, I forgot about that project already! I loved working on that book, but when I put it down it completely disappeared from my mind. I just ordered a copy from the store. Thanks for the inadvertent reminder.
  6. I may have been a bit generous in my assessment, but there are maybe ten pages of adventures along with some adventure seeds with each chapter. They aren't super-detailed, but I think you could get at least one night out of each one. What they could use, in light of what was suggested earlier, is some advice on how to expand them into campaigns, etc., and show how things are built and whatnot. Anyway, each of those chapters, if they were expanded and developed, could make great individual "how to" guides along with their own adventures or possibly campaigns. They at least offer a
  7. You know, there is a book that sorta does this. Champions in 3-D is a dimension-jumping resource book, and shows the versatility and strength of the HERO System by offering a brief chapter on each of several different dimensions. Each chapter gives an overview, gives the rationale for how the dimension works, and offers some specific builds for that dimension, followed by some adventures. This could work very well in the Hall of Champions. Make each chapter a separate document. In each document, offer some guidelines for that particular scenario, set the parameters for the chara
  8. This always makes me think of that scene in Ghostbusters when they're scanning Rick Moranis, and on the video screen it shows his aura as one of Zuhl's demon dogs instead.
  9. Way to break immersion . . . we all know that the Queblar was that weird newspaper in Harry Potter . . .
  10. Hi pbemguy! Welcome. I'll put a pitch in for a discussion I started recently about "Complete" games. Lots of history and things packed in there, and it'll take you a while to grind through it, but I think you'll get a good feel for many of the issues that we all feel passionately about. Whatever you do, though, don't start a "which edition is better" war! Please, for the love of God! You'll just have to do your own research on those debates. People have pretty firm ideas on their favorite editions (2e through 6e), and people aren't likely to change thei
  11. I’m always fiddling with new layouts in my mind, and can never come up with a good plan that is significantly different than how it’s already been done. I like that you’re at least trying to rearrange things in a meaningful way. I’ve toyed with the idea of putting the roleplaying chapter up front (the cliché “what is roleplaying” discussion). But this only makes the most sense if you explain the game world up front as well. So that means a discussion of the setting, and roleplaying in that setting. For Action HERO! that would be a look at action films, the real world they represent,
  12. One more random question RE: disguising oneself through Transform/Shapeshift/Multiform: isn’t it assumed that Powers by default are visible when they are used? The source of all Powers is presumed to be detectable unless an Advantage is taken. I’m too lazy to look he rules up right now, but are they only perceivable while the change happens, or the entire time the Power is . . . I guess “empowered”? Like, would the floppity sparrow have a little penumbral glow around it? I apologize ahead of time for the perhaps obvious question.
  13. I confess, the guy who did it is an inveterate game-breaker on purpose. He does these things exactly because they break the rules. That’s his MO. The GM didn’t even bother trying to adjudicate anything since it was a one-shot, and I don’t know the rules at all anyway, so it was probably all illegal as hell. I think the GM just washed his hands of that encounter and moved onto the next scene rather than limit the questionable tactics.
  14. Yes, one of the biggest problems I've always had with the books, even the older 3e games, was the layout order! The problem is exacerbated when the character creation stuff is spread over different chapters. For example, the standard charges stuff always leads the book, but then the templates and setting details are always somewhere near the back of the book. So new players picking up Fantasy HERO Complete have no idea as they start reading that there is anything like "character classes," equipment, and the other stuff they're used to finding up front in a D&D book. There are many ways to
  15. Hi Brennall. I went to the Download page and tried to download the new version fo the JsonExporter.hde file, but it shows 3 files to download. It only had one file last time I downloaded it, so I'm wondering which one is the current version? They aren't distinguished from each other except by size (two of which are identical).
  16. Well, at the very least, there are still nearly 2,000 sets of MHI dice available in the store!
  17. So this was a game breaking element last time I played Pathfinder (the first and last time, actually). A buddy had a character who could transform at will with no time delay. So when we were on a ship that got boarded by pirates, he turned into an eagle and flew as far up as he could, then dove back toward the ship and transformed into a mammoth at the last second, cannon-balling his way through the pirate ship, sinking it, and then simply transforming into a shark until he could get all the drowning pirates, and then transform back to himself to re-board our ship. This took him a couple of tu
  18. Duke, my friend, you are a poet! This is the best laugh I've had in a couple of weeks. Thank you for your uniquely stream-of-consciousness way of posting!
  19. 6e2 7 will answer some of your questions. There are no specific rules about movement while blinded, but some suggestions are made such as moving 2m per phase to slowly feel one's way out of the darkness without hitting anything. A couple other problems present themselves: while the person at the center of the Darkness is at 1/2 DCV and cannot see out of the Darkness, you can't actually see into (or through) the Darkness either, and so can't really target that person. He could do a full move to get out of the Darkness (without really knowing how big the area really is), but the GM will have to
  20. Both are good points, but some concession ought to be made for the group rationale for being a group. But in all honesty, I've played with the idea where everyone starts the first session with no idea about what they can do, so they're a mystery to each other as well as to themselves! Kind of like Marvel's New Universe back in the '80s, where a global incident happened and people began manifesting strange powers, but knew nothing about what was happening or was going to happen. It would be fun to build characters as they play. But that's a whole different logistical problem: why do they get to
  21. Secret from the GM as well? Or just the other players? Mystery is fun and all, but as was pointed out earlier, the players have to have at least some kind of rationale for being together. That's hard to do with complete secrecy. Revelations are fun, but my players have a tendency to resort to soliloquy to "reveal" what shouldn't actually be revealed. This just sounds like a lot of extra work for the GM. Or maybe I'm just misunderstanding the situation. Wouldn't be the first time. . .
  22. Well, I honestly don't think you can slim the book down much more than Champions Complete. It's about as thin as you can get, and still include all the advice and such that the book covers. This is one reason why I suggest in my original post that it would make more sense to try a new experiment with something that is heroic, so it doesn't require all the powers and modifiers, something that is located locally to our everyday experiences (the "real" world), and has mostly pre-built equipment. This pretty much rules out supers and fantasy, which depend entirely upon the Powers (unless you do a
  23. For what it’s worth, I’ve been fiddling around with Microsoft OneNote, and I’ve decided that’s what I’m going to use. It has a great notebook approach with sections and pages which can all be linked like a makeshift wiki, and can be shared with your group so everyone can modify it. Look at the video I posted above for a great tutorial and lots of great ideas.
  24. Here’s one more popular option that many people suggest: Microsoft OneNote. Check out this video to see what can be done with it.
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