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  1. No one's posted in over a week. Is it ok if I post another picture?

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    2. death tribble

      death tribble

      Bolo will notice activity and will do something. Trust me. I'm a tribble

    3. Tech


      speaking of that, I complicated you Non-Gaming. heh

    4. death tribble

      death tribble

      I noticed.

      There will be blood, it might be yours, so go kill someone signed Bad Horse

  2. I enjoyed your write-ups in the thread "6th Edition Champions" including some from Watchers of the Dragon, etc. It's been awhile  but I don't suppose you'll be doing more in this? It was great.

    1. Christopher R Taylor

      Christopher R Taylor

      I would like to get back to it some time but all my available energy and time is being spent trying to get the Field Guide done and published.  Some day I hope to get back to doing those again

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