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  1. Gw, don't know where it was found and he doesn't remember, so that renders the 2nd step not possible.
  2. I have a villain who's a living shadow now due to a scientific accident. I'm pulling the supervillain out of retirement & I'm looking to update him now. Other than Desolidification and a cold HA, any other suggestions? As for his PD & ED, I've gone back and forth: on one hand a shadow doesn't have much substance so originally I opted for a low PD but high ED. On the other hand, a shadow can't really be hit so a high PD (or Damage Reduction) may be better with a lower ED since energy can hit him. Sooooo, what do you think?
  3. A player of mine wants to use this picture for his character but it's small. Is there a larger picture that you know of that could be used? Thanks for any help.
  4. Duke, we always use paper minis. Bolo has his minis with the name of the villain on the back. What I do with mine is I copy the character for the back but color it in black. When someone sees the black image, the hero is looking at the villains back. I make the majority of the paper minis. For the paper, I print them on vellum paper, 67 lb. We have two large hex battlemaps from years ago and we added a smaller battlemap about a year ago for those times when the larger battlemap isn't needed. This year, though, I started using colored battlemaps on occasion and adding hex grids on
  5. Drain PER? Don't you mean PRE?
  6. I think it's okay. Any other thoughts? I don't see it as rules breaking and it's a refreshing change of pace.
  7. Tech

    Fear AOE?

    A fear attack is one of the most vague of special effects. I had one person with a fear attack & dislike using Mind Control. Instead, I decided to ask, "What does the fear do?" Do the person stand still in fear (Mental Paralysis); does the fear make it more difficult for the hero to attack? (Drain vs OCV, Dex or SPD) and so on. Decide what the fear does first. If you want to use Mind Control or PRE attks and it works for you, go ahead.
  8. (I hope this doesn't become a duplicate post) Massey, it's cool to hear about your beginning Champions experience and I think it will help others.
  9. fv, I ultimately decided on Constant/Continuous (forget which one is needed) because anyone entering that area regardless of PHA will be hit while it's being swung around. Not having it constant/cont means a hero on the villains off-phase can attack him without being affected, as I see it. ex. Vilain has a 5 Spd, hero has a 6 Spd. Villain swings chain around on phase 5. On phase 6, hero moves up & punches him since the attack on phase 5 is now over.
  10. Funny. I was beginning to think about that myself.
  11. Just throwing a quick guess out: a 1d6, 1 Def NND Entangle (Def: Life Support vs breathing or Poison), Area Effect, 1 charge lasting 1 minute, doesn't hinder if only a 1/2 phase is taken, easily dispersed by strong wind
  12. Either/or. 5th if I must pick an edition but know 6th as well.
  13. Any modern war machine in a comic can do impossible things, especially for a story.
  14. Earlier this year, I did the "Island of Dr. Destroyer 2.0" (actually, it's more like 4.0 due to players over the years but hey). I pulled out all the stops and the episode lasted about 5-6 hours. I prefer the original picture the most but that's my preference. Definitely a fun, fun module. So, C Taylor, I say go for it!
  15. I've looked at the Drain advantages but I don't think any of them quite fit. I'm designing a villain who can drain any superpower, but only 1 at a time. ex: If a hero has Barrier, Blast and Flight, he can pick which one to apply his drain to. As long as he's aware of any power a hero has, he can apply his Drain to it but only one power at a time. Did I miss the advantage/how would you build this?
  16. What I did when I started totally fresh (many many years ago) is everyone made their characters. Then I told them - in advance - that the next 2 episodes will be ZERO experience. The Heroes will stop a simple bank robbery. We will do combat slowly and help everyone get used to the game. The rest comes with time. After those two ZERO xp games, they were itching for a real episode and it worked well.
  17. Yep, the entangle leaves someone tied up. I guess that causes a lockout on other powers, unless he has another chain to use. So, maybe the entangle is 2 charges.
  18. Tentatively, I'm thinking I'll go with: -Stretching with Hand Attack added to it, OAF-Chain. This way, it also allows a person to block the chain, something I wanted people to be able to do. -Entangle, 7 Def, 4 Body -NND linked to Entangle, 1 charge -AE Attack, Constant, No range, Personal Immunity (or Hole in Center) for swinging the chain around.
  19. I'm working on a villain that uses a long chain to try to entangle his opponent. As long as the opponent is still entangled by the chain, the villain can send a jolt of electricity through the chain to stun the hero. My questions on it are: a) do you suggest Stun Only or NND since the chain will be unaffected? b) how do you build the auto. hit by the electricity? Decided to add: villain can swing the chain around himself in a radius of about 20 feet (3"). Anyone approaching into that radius is hit as long as he swings the chain around. How would you build that?
  20. Agreeing with you there. Quite frankly, house ruling should be the 'norm' to fit a campaign in the way the players want & like, as has been mentioned throughout the various editions: (paraphrased) "If you don't like something in the rules, change it." If a group likes it completely by the book, good, it fits their campaign. If people want to change things, that's also good.
  21. NB, it's up the the player and/or GM to decide on if a limitation is needed. I tossed out something that might not have been considered, whether Legsweep, stomping the toes or whatever. If the player wants it always to function, that's fine. Maybe. I went with what the OP said, "We were both thinking that with "metallic razor hair" covering large portions of his body, it would probably inflict damage on someone that tried to grapple him or hit him with a HTH attack." He didn't say his entire body, just large portions of his body. 'Course, if it was all over his body, he'd probably loo
  22. I would put a limitation on it. Not everyone is going to be striking his hair, such as a Leg Sweep.
  23. Really agree with you on this point. Have had that happen more than once. Some people like to go strictly by the 'rules' and that's fine. However, it's your game; do whatever you want with those rules including don't use them. It does bother me when people puts someone down or snub their nose because an opinion was given they don't agree with.
  24. I like the Multiform idea, VPP and in particular Ninja Bear's suggestion: "I missed the gang part. With respect to Bolo of the Earth, I like the basic suite of powers. I’d suggest though that Variable sfx, advantage and maybe disadvantage would work better and also No conscious control." As GM, cost isn't a factor (usually) so do it whichever way works for you.
  25. Yes, you get what you pay for but you also have special effects. Special effects all too often are ignored. I don't recall which Hero Games book it is but it basically said (sorry, badly paraphrasing here because I can't recall which book nor have it memorized): special effects can allow you to do some things simply because of them. Build the power however you want and then ask the GM if anything is needed/not needed. The GMs we have are more lenient and don't require every single detail of a power to be paid for by points because of special effects. Ultimately, the GM decides on what's needed
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