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  1. I disagree with BNakagawa's take on Detect Evil. Evil is definably objective. To say evil is not definable means good cannot be definable either. The attack on Sept 11 was definitely evil. Regardless, if your GM says it's you can buy it, go for it. Someone who can detect an evil presence is quite common, whether comic books, fantasy books or whatever else.
  2. On the subject of AP more than once, it's not particularly munchkiny. The 5th ED makes it clear it's ok to try to purchase more than one level of AP to get past the 1st level of Hardened Defense. Regarding the cost of Hard. Def (+1/4) vs AP (+1/2 or +1 for APx2), I do see a considerable and unweighty amount of pts having to be paid to get past Hard. Def. just to halve the defenses. Why not simply buy more of your power for the points you would have spent with that +1 Advantage? Mind you, I do have a couple villains with a APx2 but even those are on charges to reduce the awful +1 cost.
  3. Hey, some of these power ideas are great! I'm gonna use them on my players.
  4. Been there, done that. Created a 2 disc CD for my Champions game with themes for each hero character as well as some for certain villains, such as Firewing and Dr. Destroyer
  5. Derek, thanks for showing the chart. Zaratustra, you've have there, without a doubt, a serious chart for consideration. Excellent work.
  6. Not everyone from previous Champions/Hero Games books made it in the transfer to the 5th Edition statistics. However, a lot of them still breathe in campaigns, mine being one of them. Some have even gotten a personal upgrade to 5th rules. Whether hero or villain, what are yours? Although I only used the Champions hero group once, I didn't think they were too bad, just mediocre. Hardly exhaustive but some of mine I still use are: Terror, Inc. (still intact in my game) Bora (still alive and still in Eurostar) Pantera (ditto) Cobra/King Cobra Vibron as Vibron 3rd/4th Edit
  7. I noticed no one's mentioned the easiest method yet: He's disintegrated with the bomb.
  8. Interesting that the document's been dl'ed so much, bringing me to my point: It's difficult to read the file you mentioned. I'm interested in reading it also but I want to be able to read it a bit easier. I know it's a .txt format but can you change the format a little? Look forward to seeing it.
  9. A have a villainess who can make a male fall asleep with a kiss (and a smile on his face). The sleep is defined as ordinary sleep. 13d6 NND (Def: being female), 0 End, no range, must be able to kiss opponent (no kissing the hand trick), opponent is not Stunned, opponent able to be waken to full stun. I think that's it but I don't have the stats in front of me. The first attack is almost always x2 Stun from Surprise as the attack is evident, unless you've met her before.
  10. Oh, yeah. Forgot about the one. It was humorous but still, c'mon, that's part and parcel of roleplaying.
  11. King Cobra, although known as Emperor Cobra to my players, is still up and kicking in my game. Also, I using the VIPER book from some time ago. I don't know if I'll ever use the Supreme Serpent as it was presented but the Prime Serpent sure is causing some rucus nowadays. VIPER's flexing it's coils -the Los Angeles mobs working in conjunction with a LA hero group think they pushed VIPER out of LA but in truth - VIPER decided just to leave and let them think they got pushed out. In the process, the mob families are so weakened now, it leaves you wondering what's going to happen now?
  12. Does 'Super Insurance Salesman' count for a job? My very first hero was a salesman selling insurance to cover damage from a super-person battle, whether hero or villain. The insurance sold quite well.
  13. Follow-up Forgot to mention: Some 100 experience pts later, our heroes are confident in their skills when we run across an armored boat with missiles, courtesy of VIPER. We decide to pilot it to go after some of VIPER's own boats. Guess what? No pilot skill for boats. We all shrug and try again. We succeeded again and that was the beginning of everyone starting to buy Luck. As a matter of fact, anyone trying to join the group either has to have Luck or must purchase it soon after joining. The group really does rely on it's Luck to get it through things sometimes and it's ma
  14. A memory of newbie-ness Many moons ago, our very first hero group created ran into the 'base-blowing-up-let's-get-out-of-here' scenario. Lo and behold - our escape appears from around the corner: a helicopter on a helipad! We all get in, my character in the pilot's seat, a detective heroine in the other pilot's seat and the rest bracing. Suddenly, my hero starts examining the controls and the first words out of his mouth send all the heroes jaws dropping: "Now, let's see, how do you fly this thing?" Everyone yells, "What?! You don't know how to fly this thing?" My hero calm
  15. Tech

    Art imitating Life

    Overall, the campaign I'm in rarely, if ever, uses events in the real world in it. As I understand it, the general feel of the players is that there's enough things going on in the world to concern us that we don't need them in our game concerning us also.
  16. Agreed. Making the power 0 End, with a limitation works for me.
  17. (read read read. ok, caught up) Storn, simply put: Your pics rock!
  18. I doubt my last post is even remotely old English. Have you tried a cartoon character? I don't mean a daffy-duck, bugs bunny character. I mean a character who is a cartoon character but can be funny or serious. I have such a character myself... A device carrying character. A normal person with relatively good stats who relies completely on devices and gadgets. A 'telepath' who has no Ego Attack. Instead, uses a wrist gauntlet to blast his/her opponents. Car-man! My only power is to turn into a car - too bad it's a Model-T! (it's been an ongoing joke for a long time in my g
  19. Ah, our mission tis not finished til thine Acroyear doth picketh an idea victoriously. So much for old English...
  20. Let's see... in the campaign I'm in, we have one supergroup in downtown Los Angeles, one in the outskirts of New York state, one in heart of New York City - only 10 minutes away from Central Park, one in Chicago and finally, one in Santa Barbara. Wow, five supergroups and they're all being used - not too shabby.
  21. Re: Something I heard from a friend... I have a very general power level houserule: 10-12 SPD - We'll decide that if it happens 8-9 SPD - roughly 8 dice of damage 6-7 SPD - roughly 9-12 dice of damage 5 SPD - depending on concept, 11-15 dice of damage 4 SPD - up to 20 dice of damage That's it. Some of you might be gawking and saying 'That's it? Your players will run rampant.' Actually, I really glad to have a great campaign with seasoned players. I almost never have to concern myself with limits because the players limit each other, freeing the GM to do what he should be able
  22. Mike, seeing the old Champions book for your icon brought a tear to my eye.
  23. Re: Mega-Intelligence characters From what you're saying, it sounds more like you mean exceedingly good in their skills. I doubt Sherlock Holmes was super-intelligent. When I think of super-intelligent, I think of Marvel's Leader or maybe Mister Fantastic. What about Brainiac? Being supremely good at a particular skill or job does not equate to being super-intelligent. I don't think Batman is super-intelligent but there's not doubting his detective skills.
  24. We had to find a 'disarm at range' to satisfy a player who wanted to throw his hat at someone and disarm him. I don't think that's what you're looking for though. Can you be more specific?
  25. Yes, you need Champions. Yes, you need the 5th Ed book. Wait, you need everything Hero Games has ever put out! Oh, you were serious. Well, then, just go with Rerednaw's advice. I gotta get out of work. Full day's work + lousy night's sleep = strangeness.
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