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  1. Here are my anti-6th edition opinions. Don’t know, and don’t care if they change your opinions. 1st edition thru 5th edition are basically the same game. 6th edition goes it’s own way. This is from a simulation type game to a more general gamist type of game. 1) Getting rid of figured characteristics. What is gained vs. what is lost? The mathematics become slightly simpler, for sure, but how many people still use Hero Designer? If the majority of players use HD that simplicity of mathematics is lost. 2) nerfing of Killing Damage. The Stun Multiplier goes from 1-5 tom1-3 and the PD/ED now removes from all damage both Killing and Normal. I don’t know about Hit Locations, they remain unchanged which doesn’t really make sense to me... 3) hexes get switched to meters. Hexes allow players to know exact distances, while meters only work for those born or used to using the metric system. I understand that many players use TotM when playing Hero System, but removing hexes and the exact patterns of area-effects that come using a hex grid and we have to ask, “why do we worry about exact distances when using meters?” I am tired and my heart is not into being so anti-HERO so I will stop here. There are other nits to pick but why bother.
  2. Hyper-Man I would love for you to see Chapter 2 and revise your character -- I just watched it tonight and I believe his character has changed slightly...
  3. "Never go full-on retard."

  4. I have already ordered the CD, but a question: It looks like it contains the original 5e books, and it has a conversion document for 6e play -- is this correct?
  5. And I would spend the extra 16 points to raise my John Wick 3e write-up's EGO to 24. That'll do pig.
  6. So 30 is the ceiling for human STR? Just changed my house rule -- dropped it actually.
  7. I figured it was a point shaving measure -- no biggie, as you can see from my example, I love the 3 and 8 break points for the same exact reason. The reason I question say the use of "anonymity" is you are pointing out things that I would just assume are part of the genre being gamed. The only cop I remember from the film is the one early on who shows up at his house after he killed a butt load of people defending it. It is obvious that the cop knows who he is, and for whatever reason (probably because he is not a hitman any more) is OK with it. Cops are then gone from the film. I am like John Woo when it comes to guns. I appreciate and use the operatics of gunplay quite well. But I personally have never fired one, have never seen one being fired, and do not think I am missing anything by not firing one. I bow to your obvious and incredible knowledge of guns.
  8. Basically, there are no disads because Wick really does not have any -- he is vengeful, but he never becomes enraged by it. He has his dog killed and his car stolen, then he just decides, "All enemies must die!" Then he goes to it. His maximum characteristic is his EGO. If I hadn't already placed a solid Heroic Limits cap on the game, I would/could argue that he is the Baba Yaga, and deserves a truly supernatural EGO.
  9. I just statted out John Wick for Champions 3rd edition, which I am currently running. (I will do a Danger International one later in the week.) My house rules for Heroic characters in Champions are as follows: Heroic limits are in effect, and they are solid limits. For example, there maybe 10-20 guys in the world that call themselves the strongest guy in the world -- they have a STR of 20. All damage is Normal Damage. If I only have KD for the weapon/effect, then I convert it to Normal Damage. John Wick 18 STR 8 18 DEX 24 15 CON 10 15 BODY 10 15 INT 5 20 EGO 20 18 PRE 8 18 COM 4 7 PD 3 6 ED 3 4 SPD 12 7 REC 0 30 END 0 32 STUN 0 RUN 6" SWIM 2" JUMP 4" 14- ACROBATICS 12 13- CLIMBING 5 13- DETECTIVE WORK 7 12- DISGUISE 5 12- FIND WEAKNESS(Guns) 15 3D6 LUCK 15 MARTIAL ARTS 18 12- SECURITY SYSTEMS 5 +2 ALL COMBAT SKILL LEVELS 16 +1 RANGED COMBAT SKILL LEVELS 5 13- STEALTH 7 Base Pts 100 Disadvantages 0 Experience Pts 118 Total pts 219
  10. Just some questions on your build. Why give Wick anonymity? Why give Wick PS: Gunsmith? Why do you give Wick all the skill cost breakers? (Like Scholar, etc.) Is it just because it will save you points on the build? Genuinely curious -- thanks in advance for taking the time...
  11. Damn know I feel even more compelled to speak Russian...
  12. Just watched the first season of MOZART IN THE JUNGLE on Amazon Prime. Good show with an unusual arena. Watching second season later.
  13. This is me interrupting an amazing thread based on high-level Hero System mastery just to drop this tiny, little non-Hero correction: John Wick is not the Baba Yaga. "John Wick is not the Baba Yaga. He is the guy you hire to kill the Baba Yaga." it is one of my favorite lines of the movie.
  14. ENTOURAGE. The film. Despite protesting from friends,I really liked the show. The movie however, showed me everything wrong with the project. The Ronda Rossey sences where actually the funniest.
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