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  1. Has anyone statted up the people and powers of the series of novels by Roger Zelazney called The Chronicles Of Amber? These books are set in a COMPLETELY multi-genre setting, where every universe you can imagine exists, and if you are a prince of Amber or a lord of Chaos you can go there. I would love to see stats for the main characters and how people would stat up powers like Pattern initiation and Hellriding, essaying the Logrus, initiation to the Jewel of Judgement and everything else in those wonderful novels. I imagine if any set of rules would be right for this It would be the original Multi-genre game, Hero System.
  2. I see you guys are selling Hero System volume 2 in the onsite store but have it listed as having a damaged cover. I would like to know how damaged before I think about buying it. Can I have more information on that?
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