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  1. Re: Hero 5 and Marvel Continuity Marvel??? Continuity??? Wha--???
  2. Re: Karate Kid vs Karate Kid Jeckie got turned into a snake in the Reboot Legion. I'll vote for Elizabeth Shue.
  3. Re: combat luck when grabbed How badly would John McClaine (from "Die Hard") be affected by the squeeze? I'd tend to let the combat Luck apply.
  4. Re: contact's with powers +4 to Sight perception rolls, IIF Fragile - Contact Lens
  5. Re: Grandiose Schemes II The nature of the problem, as described by Clonus is that people can no longer read. But the third key on the second row of the standard QWERTY keyboard pressed three times would still be the first three keystrokes of most URLs. If the spell is intricate enough to do things like keep the physical switch under that third key from communicating with the computer's processor that a value of 10100110 (in binary) should now be in that memory location associated with the current position of the cursor, that's fine. But that's electrical switches, some of which are tiny. Humans need language to interpret the symbols. But a computer's core just keeps track of which of millions of switches are on or off.
  6. Re: Update to 6ed? I recommend the two books be 6E and 2-6E. As in... I'm 2-6e for my shirt... 2-6e for my shirt... so 6e, it hurts.
  7. Re: Grandiose Schemes II The little logo next to the words. Or typing the URL. A lot of people who type regularly know where keys are without having to read the keys.
  8. Re: Earth x DC Comics like setting Also, remember Germany wasn't alone. Going with the "Hitler's replacement was more conservative" idea, and then letting Italy and Germany be more effective for whatever reason ("Soon after Pearl Harbor, Japan attacked southern California. Much of Hollywood was destroyed and several movie stars were killed in the raid. America, its film industry crippled, was dealt a morale crushing blow") could help explain why the U.S. was defeated.
  9. Re: Superheores with Disabilites, a thought experiememnt
  10. Re: Invisibility vs. Sight Okay, maybe its just me, but maybe the fact that the radar operator isn't using sight to detect the character is the pertinent fact. The radar operator is using sight to detect the little dot on the screen. The little dot is not the character. If someone were to hit the little dot on the screen, the character would not be affected. Yes, the little dot represents the character. But by itself its meaningless. If someone without Systems Operations looked at the screen, it's just a dot. To interpret the dot on screen to a real location requires knowledge of how to use the machine.
  11. Re: My Parallel me and I In the early 00s, Savinien picked up one of the campaigns on "my" shared world, the RC Universe, that had been left when another GM left. He ran (face-to-face) it for a while. It was fun. Then he stopped. Not long afterward he started running a game on-line with different players. He used the same city, and many of the same elements, but indicated that the team he had been running (different names, but obviously the same characters) had broken up. He went as far as to refer to it as "the Twisted RCU". He was acknowledging that he was basically using the RCU but was separate from it (giving him autonomy). Eventually, that ended too. So, just LAST NIGHT, he had a few of us over. About half of us from when he was running the game face-to-face. But playing the "Twisted RCU" versions of our characters. Which is to say we were playing our usual characters with only a few superficial changes. And I am still wondering why it was the "Twisted version" and not the "regular" version, since it was, well, us. He indicated that it may lead to a parallel Earth crossover. We also decided that the version of the CoJ (the group I run) in the "Twisted RCU" is the same altered copy I used years ago in the other story I shared.
  12. Re: My Parallel me and I Years ago, another gamemaster in our shared world engineered a radiation accident for a character by essentially body swapping (minds stayed on proper Earths) the badly beaten character and his healthy and whole (and more powerful) counterpart on an unspecified parallel world. Without the counterpart's permission. I found this morally objectionable, as well as finding the "radiation accident version" of the character objectionable (the player was very, very new and the new form deviated far from anything to do with his special effects - he was just inexplicably stronger and tougher). So I ran the story where the alternate Earth counterparts of heroes in the game I ran (still run) came looking for "whoever it was" who had put their teammate's brain into a much less powered and injured body. This was also when I installed the rule that any given character should only be played under one GM.
  13. Re: Female/Male Super-Forms In my experience, male players playing female characters and female players playing male characters both tend to be a little off. I think there is something that is generally a part of each gender's perspective that cannot be replicated. However, this is anecdotal evidence, not a rule. That said, from what you described, this problem, if it exists, has been sidestepped. If the character still has the brain of the boy, then I'd expect the heroine form to seem slightly off. I'd allow it.
  14. Re: The sound of silence How to Maintain a Music Career by Art Garfunkle
  15. Re: It's the Little Things.... Hell, I don't have immunity to alcohol and I already learned to drink for flavour.
  16. Re: Champion's Universe or your own Since the elements in question are essentially super villains, characters GMs pulled from some book or another... it essentially is an exercise in not referring to those characters again. And then letting human memory and player attrition play out. For instance, I remember an early adventure I ran introducing the RC Universe's "fastest man alive". I used the Destroyers out of Enemies (or Enemies II). This was 21 years ago, 1988. I know I did it. Neil gave up playing Turbo in 1998 or 1999. Jim, though, took over playing Turbo, with Neil's blessing. Around 2003, Neil stopped gaming with us, though in 2008 he came back. Jim wasn't playing yet in 1988. He has no recollection of the case. Neil may or may not remember it. But because I've never used the Destroyers since, nor referred to that case except in the most oblique fashion, the fact that it was the Destroyers has become a non-issue. Once upon a time, I suppose, the Destroyers were in the RCU. They are not considered to be a part of it now.
  17. Re: Fastest man alive In a foot race, the Flash. As far as I know, Flash can achieve super-luminal velocities while on foot. If Superman can reach super-luminal velocities (and the way he's been getting around the solar system lately, I think he must be capable of it), I believe it's only while he's in flight.
  18. Re: Champion's Universe or your own An original universe grown by and shared between myself and (over the course of two decades) half a dozen other game masters. Occasionally, something from the CU would slip in, but I've also usually tried to isolate and excise them. As the original GM in the universe (and the one person who has kept running), I get to be the senior GM.
  19. Kenn


    Re: L.o.v.e. I could see some character's joining the agency with the intent of making them less extreme and such... y'know searching for a higher L.O.V.E.
  20. Re: Super Friends Campaign 30 Psych Lim. Standards and Practices (AKA Code against Violence), All the time, Total.
  21. Re: Super Friends Campaign -er- Okay. So the plots are weak, but the incidental music is great.
  22. Kenn


    Re: L.o.v.e. What does LOVE got to do with it?
  23. Re: Building the Animated Justice League I don't recall an amount being put on it, but generally strenger than Terrans, yes. Also, anti-gravity belts made it hard to tell.
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