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  1. Thank you my friend. Those were truly generous words, You shall always have a seat at my table.
  2. Good to see you old friend.

  3. Hello again friends, I have been off the boards other than the random trolling session for the last .years. During that time I have moved twice, gotten married and all but given up on my life long past-time. Cut to today and I live north of Seattle and I may have just gotten over my last game group of almost a decade. I still talk to some of my friends from the group at random, but armed with the knowledge that I am not going to move back to Boise I have to seek new adventure with like minded people. I am a GM looking for players. I can join a group that already has a GM, but honestly I haven't had much experience over the last 30 years on the other side of the table. I GM hero system predominantly: Danger International, Horror Hero Cyber Hero, Champions, Western Hero, Dark Champs and many of the other variants. I am interested in starting a group and hopefully growing it to 5 players that would rotate in as Gm. My GM preference is to work on the bones of a campaign for 1 to 3 months after get a basic player personality profile for each participant and my game ranges from 5 years to 6 months other than the random one shot or mini-series. I have been known to use pictures music and sound effects to help support the overall theme. I realize that the Seattle area has had many of these threads that I went back and perused, but to my knowledge they were all archived. Thank you and Keep rolling....
  4. Honestly when I start campaigns I look for what I consider a fixed point in the game and I build my images off of that. Like in my steampunk adventure I had looked up steampunk flying machines and fond a great pic of an airplane with two coal exhaust stacks with black smoke billowing out of it as it flew through the sky. It was the design piece that influenced all of my descriptions. The web is a great assist in successfully navigating the descriptive of campaigns and individual scenes with simple pics of highlighted items it gets your descriptive juices flowing and your players tend in to see something more representative of what you are trying to convey.
  5. We just entered the third month of the campaign. I would like to thank everyone that gave advice and or criticism to the idea of the meta rapture and I took it all in and made the needed adjustments. We started off a year and a half after the meta rapture with a couple of the heroes being commissioned by the two meta religious groups: The Jadye and the Dark. Both of these groups religions are based upon the end of the world. The Jadye believe it is the end of days and that there will be another rapture and are working to prove themselves worthy of the next and final rapture before the end of the world The Dark believe that now that the rapture has happened and that they will have a better position in what ever happens after the end in hell or purgatory as a reward for their contribution to the end of all things. The PCs were contracted as neutrals by both factions in finding a religious artifact known only as the Judas Purse. The Purse is a calf skinned coin sack supposed containing the 30 pieces of silver that Judas received for betraying Jesus. As is commonly portrayed in TV and folk lore Judas hung him self shortly after his betrayal and the sack went missing. The Judas purse is a cursed item of insurmountable power. Each coin from the purse has the power to change reality, but at an unknown cost.
  6. Re: Cool concepts for your games. The Man-Handler!! With meaty man hands as a power. Very nice.
  7. Re: 1000 Star HERO Weapons Where was this thread when I was running my Star Hero Game?
  8. Re: Champions of Infinity Campaign and RPG Aid! This is the first of the four stories leading to the campaign. The story starts off with the Night Marshall at slightly reticent and reflecting on his life. This tale leads into the next, but there will be a passage of time in between. It is also not the final copy, but it is so close I wanted to post it. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment
  9. Re: Champions of Infinity Campaign and RPG Aid! Actually I will be posting the first of my short stories about my games transition group. Led by the Night Marshal from the Ravenswood book. It should help to ease people into the setting while giving some depth into some of the alternate ways and types of people that still managed to hero. I would have it out today, but I have to get someone to edit for me. Should be posted tomorrow.
  10. Re: Champions of Infinity Campaign and RPG Aid! If there's any mysticism or wuxia. Even if the hero could pass a tetrino test(which detects the amount of faster than light energy life particles your body absorbs every second), it could literally turn into a which hunt. In modern day society if someone could leap 50 feet no matter how they explained it. The benchmarks they have surpassed by leaps and bounds are frightening.
  11. Re: Champions of Infinity Campaign and RPG Aid! We are transitioning as a group. The last game was centered around pc's with a silver age flair and through job offers, moves and inclination changes the game in order to maintain viability has to adjust or die.
  12. Re: Champions of Infinity Campaign and RPG Aid! The Meta Rapture!!(Remember only the meta humans are affected)
  13. Re: Champions of Infinity Campaign and RPG Aid! The big reveal is actual at the end of the fourth short stories I'm writing. The stories follow lives of a group that tries to buck the trend and form a heroic group and at the end of fourth story. The META RAPTURE!! I know it sounds ridiculous, but all the noble and worth are pulled up to heaven leaving behind the neutral and the evil. When I say worthy I mean the young and pure as well, so if there is a young meta with evil in his heart he stays and the pure ones are gone. It seems a little dark, but it gives us a campaign on the precipice of change. How will that happen who will initiate it and what direction? The other part is that if all the worthy are gone and you see someone that was supposed to be a really great person, what did they do to still be here? Where did all the worthy go anyway? Lot's of questions and a main stream plot to go along with it.
  14. Re: Champions of Infinity Campaign and RPG Aid! steriaca, I hadn't gotten to it yet, but after reading the entire thread I whole heartily approve of the combination and ingenuity it took to create it. Rep for Major Tom and you as well my friend for pointing it out.
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