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    Extraordinary friends and family have helped me overcome extraordinary failures. I haven't found a cure for my weakness, but at least I note it so it's not so strong.
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    The 134th best job on Earth(If you don't live in China)

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  1. Thank you my friend. Those were truly generous words, You shall always have a seat at my table.
  2. Good to see you old friend.

  3. Hello again friends, I have been off the boards other than the random trolling session for the last .years. During that time I have moved twice, gotten married and all but given up on my life long past-time. Cut to today and I live north of Seattle and I may have just gotten over my last game group of almost a decade. I still talk to some of my friends from the group at random, but armed with the knowledge that I am not going to move back to Boise I have to seek new adventure with like minded people. I am a GM looking for players. I can join a group that already has a GM, but honestly I haven't had much experience over the last 30 years on the other side of the table. I GM hero system predominantly: Danger International, Horror Hero Cyber Hero, Champions, Western Hero, Dark Champs and many of the other variants. I am interested in starting a group and hopefully growing it to 5 players that would rotate in as Gm. My GM preference is to work on the bones of a campaign for 1 to 3 months after get a basic player personality profile for each participant and my game ranges from 5 years to 6 months other than the random one shot or mini-series. I have been known to use pictures music and sound effects to help support the overall theme. I realize that the Seattle area has had many of these threads that I went back and perused, but to my knowledge they were all archived. Thank you and Keep rolling....
  4. Fake Covers for PCs Neat stuff! I look forward to whatever else your creative id yields. The Doctor?
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