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  1. With the real-world Olympics wrapping up and another on the way in six months, I got thinking. Besides America (cause there's so many more heroes), who'd win a Champions "super-Olympics"? We've got heroes from plenty of other countries. My first thought is China just cause of the Tiger Squad, but I'm not sure.
  2. I'm imagining there's, like, one Transnistrian Champions fan and he's typing a really long angry rant somewhere I might buy the book just for that
  3. Is this supposed to be a link to the video? Right now it only links to the product page.
  4. Thanks so much for posting his, LL! Unfortunately, I found the link to the Effectiveness Rating spreadsheet in the cache, but the file itself was never archived before 2013, and by then it was gone. Did anyone else download it back when it was available?
  5. Maybe it's too late to post this, but does anyone have the Effectiveness Rating spreadsheet? It used to be a freebie in 2002, but no one put it in the Wayback Machine.
  6. Does anyone have stats for Vanguard or know where they can be found? I wanted to do a Silver Age campaign and I might need to have stats for Vanguard if he shows up. They don't have to be current, I just want to know what he can do.
  7. Thanks! I have most of the Champions books but not all of them, and I didn't know about News of the World. I'll need to look at that.
  8. I can't seem to find stats for most superheroes in this game. I have the Champions themselves and a few other people from Champions Universe, along with more supervillains than I can count, but I have yet to find any info for hero stats, even for prominent ones like the New Knights and the Sentinels. Also, I know he's been dead for ages, but are there any stats for Vanguard? Thanks.
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