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  1. Well, my campaigns are barely off the ground at the moment. His second election campaign is going on in the background. Specifically, he's switched places with his running mate and is running for Vice President. That way, the pair will be more acceptable to the intelligent voters, while not losing the fanboy vote either. On a related note, he's trying to refine his gimmick, since a lot of his old shticks don't get laughs anymore. That's fine with him, though, humor is an illusive and changing thing - and the last thing he wants to do is wind up a flat monster like the modern Joker *shudder*. On a tangent, militant fanboys are ready to help out whenever their idol or his robot stunt doubles go on a caper. That particular type of fan has no trouble attacking superheroes or police with their foam fingers and picket signs, no matter how outmatched the mob may be. No wonder even Foxbat is scared of them. Also, they came very close to harassing a certain supervillain at a convention, but the PCs gave that bunch a serious lecture.
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