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  1. I might be interested if my schedule works out, but like you are looking at, although I am familiar to the Hero System, I have never really played it and I am only a basic understanding of the rules. Thanks! Shadow7
  2. I would be interested in playing, I have all the books for Dark Champions and actually prefer the street level over the regular Superhero campaign. However, I have never played Champions and don't know all the rules and not sure how much people might want to put up with someone trying to learn on the ropes. I have played other RPGs over the years, including other superhero genres, so the role playing I can do, it's just the game mechanics and the rules I'm a little unsure of. I have several street level hero concepts that I would love to convert to a Dark Champions vigilante. What is the d
  3. The Icons Forum is not really a forum for Icons, just an all-purpose forum. That's why I posted here.
  4. Hi all, Although I have almost all the books for Champions, at least the ones that are necessary to play, I have never completely understood all the nuances of playing the game. So, sadly, I have never played the game. Every time I see forums to join up, I have always avoided them since I didn't know what I was doing, and no one wants to be the guy in the game, where everybody needs to explain everything to them! However, I figured the best place might be to understand the game is to start by developing the character I had in mind. Can someone help me do this? Here is the cha
  5. Hi all, I've posted on this forum a few times before. I have always wanted to participate in a superhero rpg group. However, with the recent health problems with the virus, and the need for social distancing, I would be interested in starting a play by post game. For those who are not familiar with this method, this is where the GM posts a scenario scene, and the players "react" to it claiming responsibility for the words and actions of their PCs only, with the GM still controlling for the most part the NPCs. Since it is not as fluid as a regular table top interaction, the pla
  6. Maybe just the jetpack, flash defense on the googles, leather jacket, and the ray gun that does one function. Breakfall, combat luck, detective skills and fighting skills that reflect his military training....
  7. Duke Bushido, I know that the Rocket Man character was also called Commando Cody, which was later used in one of the Star Wars movies in honor of him. That's miniature is impressive. Assault, not sure what the point total is yet, but it will be very low level. I like your character build. He was actually a former military army officer, who wanted to be a pilot but couldn't get into the ranks. He is discharged now. That's why he would have some detective and fighting skills, and at least some skills of being a pilot.
  8. Duke, That's actually a good idea, since this is all experimental and since it's golden age pretty antique especially by today's standards!
  9. Ninja-Bear, Thanks, I really like the name of Air Warden as well. It fits the era of the Golden Age and also a specific name that I was hoping to achieve while still trying to be original! I'm not familiar with the True Blue complication, but I'm assuming it's what it sounds like in staying true to your convictions?
  10. That's awesome, thanks for that character build! If he has a commitment towards doing good, and fighting evil does that work as a complication? What about a psychological complex of standing up for the little guy against the bully? Overall this build is probably very close to what I want him to be. Once again thanks for that!
  11. Thanks guys for the input and help! As I said, I've never been very good at putting together a hero from scratch without some type of template to look off of. The list of golden heroes is very good, since the GM wants to play adventures much in a style of the All-Star Squadron and the Invaders. The skills list is also very helpful. We are not sure if it's 125 pts and 75 pts complications, or 100 pts and 100 pts complications, but you are right in stating that he is an above average guy with experimental equipment that makes him "super." His jetpack won't be stolen, however he d
  12. Hi all, I'm not really that good at creating character builds, but I was wondering if someone could help me create a template for a Rocketeer type hero for a Golden Age Campaign? He's a former army soldier, who has an experimental rocket pack and "ray" gun, along with googles that possibly provide not only protection against flash, but maybe aid for seeing in the night (blacklight googles). He would have detective skills in addition to being a soldier. His name is Air Warden. He is not really an inventor but more of a daredevil/ hot shot pilot. Thanks for any help that you migh
  13. Sovereign City is a city of heroes. It's a city that rivals the large cities like Los Angeles or New York, being very advanced and overcrowded. It is near the ocean. It's defended by heroes of all kinds, who are welcomed by the authorities as long as they maintain some respect of the law. Stuart Caito is the D.A. of Sovereign City. He is following in his father's footsteps but has become frustrated with the faults in the justice system. Deciding he has had enough of it, he soon crafts a crime-fighter identity in order to combat against the rise of crime and evil in the city.
  14. Here's an idea perhaps that's been done before in some people's campaigns. An alliance of heroes is formed in order for their city to be protected. It's not a formal team but rather an unofficial pledge by the heroes to create the HeroWatch. Heroes come, heroes go depending on their availability, sometimes depending upon the need. Players play street level heroes when needed for the adventure, more four colored heroes when the adventure requires that. However, the campaign continues focusing on the city and the heroes that participate in the HeroWatch. I'm sure this is not a new idea but
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