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  1. I've done lots of improvements here and there since early August, including: Added perception rolls. Improvements to weapon and shield damage so that any can be normal or killing. Added option to auto-deduct endurance costs. Made improvements to the powers are used, including activation rolls. Added buttons to display descriptions of martial maneuvers, perks, talents, and complications in chat. Added a button to send dexterity to the Roll20 turn tracker and described a method in the readme for displaying the current segment. Plus many little things I can't remember. The Dev server's ability to display your avatar on-sheet has still not been approved for general use by Roll20. Still hoping that gets sorted out soon. For now a text field can be used to fill in the gap. I've reached a point where just about everything on my to-do list is done, except maybe implementing a way to import Hero Designer files. I have purchased Hero Designer and do plan to look into it. I've attached a panel screenshot showing all six pages.
  2. I would be tempted by an online Hero game. 🙂
  3. I've added support for the optional hit location system. The sheet will calculate OCV penalties (with PSL support), roll target locations (for head shots, body shots, etc.), and calculate STUN for killing attacks. On the sheet weapons checked as AoE will not use hit locations, so the system can be turned on or off on a case by case basis. Whether or not an AoE weapon should use hit locations seems to be a GM-decision thing so this seemed a convenient marker. An AoE tag is useful with or without hit locations anyway. Roll20's servers should start using the updated version in a few days.
  4. Hello everyone, I’d like to announce the availability of a new Hero System character sheet for Roll20 intended for heroic-level campaigns. “Hero System 6e Heroic” is available alongside Darren’s “Hero System 6e” in Roll20’s game options. This is an entirely new character sheet that uses no code from the earlier sheet. HS6e Heroic has a different design philosophy motivated by the needs of heroic settings such as Fantasy Hero and Star Hero. Over the last year or so I worked on a Star Hero campaign, but felt stymied because the existing character sheet was inappropriate for the setting. Eventually I decided I would either have to drop the idea or learn html and javascript and develop my own sheet. I hope the result makes running and playing Hero games easier, especially for new players. The project took about three months. Features include: 1) A bookkeeping system, which hopefully provides a full accounting of points spent on characteristics, skills, powers, talents, perks, and complications. Includes support for skill enhancers, group levels, and overall levels and calculates skill rolls. 2) Self-contained. No custom APIs needed. Usable with a basic free Roll20 account. Those with a pro-level account may still find the Hero Roller script useful for more flexible macros. 3) Heavy focus on skills. Support for 30 general skills, 7 combat skills, 6 martial skills, and 9 languages. 4) Support for 10 powers and/or frameworks. 5) Designed for purchased equipment, armor, and weapons. Adds weight and calculates END, DCV, and dexterity penalties. 6) Support for normal and killing damage weapons. Rolls and calculates BODY and STUN of each attack type. (Only recently possible without custom APIs.) 7) Uses basic armor activation instead of hit locations since this is simpler and probably more appropriate for heroic settings. Some caveats: 1) Unfortunately, you will not be able to easily switch between the two 6e Roll20 character sheets. The code bases and lists of attributes are really very different. Although it should be possible to write some kind of translation script, I don’t have plans to do this. 2) I should mention that except for a few items needed to support the underlying math there are no lists of skills, power descriptions, power advantages, etc. You will need official Hero Games source material to actually fill out the character sheet and understand how to create a character and play the game. I am intrigued by eepjr24’s Hero Designer to Roll20 import script and may look into porting it. No promises though. 3) The new API for displaying your avatar on-sheet is implemented, but only supported on the Dev Server at this time. I expect it to be approved for general use soon. I’ve tested my code in Chrome, Firefox, Safari (Mac and iPad), and MS Edge. There are some cosmetic differences between browsers, but nothing major. Roll20 on iPad Safari is harder to use, but it does work. Note that although Safari and Edge aren’t officially supported by Roll20, that hasn’t stopped me from using Safari as my primary browser in Roll20 games. I welcome your comments and bug reports. I’m thinking about ways to improve handling of basic and martial maneuvers, possible optional support for hit locations, and general ways to improve usability. GitHub Readme with screenshots: https://github.com/Roll20/roll20-character-sheets/blob/master/HeroSystem6eHeroic/README.md Cheers, Villain In Glasses
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