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  1. Or, as Jason put it, in our on-air interview with him..."Very Meta!"
  2. Okay, so basically, we came up with the same final cost. It's just I did the wrong math getting there. Got it. And that IS important going forward making characters as I am to Gm a campaign called "Champions on Champions playing Champions" ( MY Super Group in Champions Online called paragon Dawn, some of us are making characters for Champions Now BUT the twist is- we will play AS our Champions Online characters IN Champions Online playing Champions Now taking a break from figting the bad guys! LOL We are also either streaming this live on youtube or on twitch.tv recording it to stream later on youtube.) Thak you guys again! I will post the rest of my character later.tomorrow.
  3. Okay maybe that's where my math is getting all askew..Kids and their new math these days!...LOL Thank you for the explanation!
  4. Okay. I redid the math....And this is what I come up with: EC: Mystic Martial Arts (Kicks) All powers are No Range (-1/2) Control Cost=15 1.) 6d6 blast (30 pts) + Affect Desolid(+1/2) (30*1.5=45 Active points) (45 Active Points/(1.5) No Range=30 Points) (30 Points-15 Contol Points=15 Points For Slot 1) 2.)6d6 blast(30) + Destructive (+1/2) (30*1.=45 Active Points) (45 Active Points/(1.5) No Range= 30 Points) (30 Points-15 Control Points=15 Points for Slot 2) 3.) 6d6 blast (30) + Affect Desolid(+1/2) (30*1.5)=45 Active Points) (45 Active Points/1.5 No Range=30 Points) (30 Points-15 Control Points=15 Points For Slot 3) Cost For EC: 15(Control)+ 15(S1)+15(S2)+15(S3)=60 If this is wrong, please show me the math. Because I went back in the Champions Now Rulebook. Reread the sections, redid the math and this is what I came up with. Thanks. All coments, feedback, etc are welcome as long as they aren't said negatively, of course! We are hre to help each other and to be friendly to each other!
  5. Yes, you're right. This is what I get for not getting sleep all week. okay. Back to the drawing board! I will repost once I rework everything with the proper active points (power points PLUS advantages) then deduct disadvantages. I will een post the math.
  6. And, regardless of my match faux pas, I am still only paying 15 points per slot when everything is said and done correct? Example. 6d6 (30 pts) Advantge (+1/2)=45. subtract the No Range Disadvantage (-1/2)=30. Subtract Control Cost (15)=15 points per slot. I think I am doing this right while rushing at 5:15 AM lol. If it is, I will repost the EC later with corrected Active points
  7. Oh good lord!! I screwed up the math badly! You guys are right! That’s what happens when you get 3 hours of sleep total after 4 nights. Ah well. I will repost the EC later once I get some z’s in me.....How embarrassing....
  8. You are correct. I was deducting the points from the No Range Disadvantage and counting that as the Active Points. Thank you for correcting my math. But, each slot does cost 15 real points. Correct? If my math is right. Each slot gets the No Range Disadvantage (-1/2).
  9. So, this is what I came up with: Elemental Control: Mystic Martial Arts (30 Active Points in eace power. Each slot has the Disadvantage No Range (-1/2)) Control Cost:15 1.) 6d6 "Kick" Affects Desolidified Objects" (+1/2). 3 0 Act. Pts. cost: 15 2.) 6d6 Destructive (+1/2) "Kick". 30 Act. Pts. Cost 15 pts. 3. )6d6 Area Affect "Spinning Kick" - (Single Hex)(+1/2) 30 Act. Pts. Cost 15 pts. Total cost= 15+15+15+15=60 Power Points. These are in addition to his normal martial arts moves. Eventually some other oves will be added on as he learns them.
  10. I will write something up and post it up here tomorrow.
  11. Okay thanks. That was an option I was tinkering with as well. I appreciate the response! Have a good day!
  12. I am making a Martial Artist wo specializes in kicks with a twist. He has come across some ancient scrolls that, of course, he can read. By studying them, he can learn arious effects to add to his kicks. An exaple of one is he can affect desolidified targets. Another ia adding a Destructive effect, another is Strike- Fire Blast..and so on. So I want to set up some kind of Framework for these "Mystic Kicks". He has +4d6 to Str and of course Martial Kicks do +6d6 Str damage. So, my question s, how do I payfor these advantages in a Powerframe per power basis? Each power would basically be one advantage per slot as he learns a new move. Do I pay the advantage based off the +4d6 str AND the +6d6 martial kick damage or just the +4d6str or the 6d6 martial kick damage? I appreciate any help given into this. Thanks in advance.
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