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  1. @Lucius, i really don't want the AoE to be with target selection. So that goes like that : POWERS Cost Power END 15 Naked Advantage: Area Of Effect (16m Radius Explosion; +1/4) for up to 60 Active Points of Mood Feeding and Depress Spirit (15 Active Points) 1 70 Σ² : Multipower, 60-point reserve, (60 Active Points) Notes: (x4 number of items) 2f 1) Mood feeding (Single Target): Mind Control (fixed effect - Apathetic)
  2. Ooops ! Uh ? Never used the Naked Advantages ... so i am not sure to know what's best. Damn you are right, at first i thought i wanted to go for simultaneous powers so they couldn't be in a same Multipower. Now they can.
  3. ok, so the new version POWERS Cost Power END 40 Σ² Feeding: Multipower, 35-point reserve, (35 Active Points) Notes: (x2 number of items) 1f 1) Depress Spirits (AoE): Drain PRE, EGO 1d6, Area Of Effect (8m Radius Explosion; +1/4), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Expanded Effect (x2 Characteristics or Powers simultaneously) (PRE, EGO; +1/2) (22 Active Points); Extra Time (5 Minutes, -2), Damage Over Time, Target's defenses only apply once, Lock out (c
  4. The powers in it can't be used simultaneously and that cost less than not being in one.
  5. For the Mind Control, I wanted a no targetting on the area of effect, so everybody is food and there is no exception... the AoE is enough for that ? You removed the unifled power, any reason ?
  6. So, my Mood vampire will also have the ability to step aside in an other dimension but only for 5 minutes at the beginning of the campaign, the players will be able to buy a much longer and even a no time limit version of the power later on. And yes there are living creatures in that other dimension. There my first try : POWERS Cost Power END 27 Σ² Feeding Mood PRE: Multipower, 22-point reserve, (22 Active Points) Notes: (x2 number of items)
  7. @Mister E : thanks for that point that will be a Life Support.
  8. @dsatow : interesting... How do you put in game system a bad vibe ? A malus in social test for a given time ?
  9. thanks for the answers @DasBroot : i love the idea of the Addiction/Dependence, maybe a good way to do so @Lonewolf: good question... damn how to manage a shrink in good mood... I did too much Fate rpg, i think aspect... I have to find an other way here... I like the idea of a drain of EGO and maybe, maybe give a badluck time for those who were drained ? I really dunno... I just have to figure out more the logic in Hero System to find a way...
  10. Hello, I need to find a way to ceate a kind of vampire that feed on ambiant and personal good mood. I have 2 troubles : I need to manage the hunger and i really don't know what power to use for the feeding. Any ideas ?
  11. Hello, I know that we would be many to back for a reprint of HERO System 6th Edition Core Books 1 & 2 (modified to include the errata). Why not do a project like that with maybe the Basic Rules and other books as bonus if the crowd-funding sky rockets ? No ?
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