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  1. Anyone have a working link to Galactic Champions PDF in the Store? When I google it, I am coming up with nothing but 'this page no longer exists' and other such nonsense.
  2. The description for Constant Powers (6E 127) Explicitly states that constant powers end with loss of LOS. Trigger description does not explicitly undo this, but implies it: Arkelos and his magic traps when Leaving the area, (6E1 351) when it speaks of land mines. Don't even have to be on the same plane for the mines to go off. Warding Spell (6E1 352). So I am assuming that the LOS is based on the location of the triggered item (A triggered explosion, such as when a trip wire is activated, for example.
  3. I cannot disagree with you. If you purposely put all your eggs in one basket, that is dumb, and on you. At least Iron Man got it right. Everything is in one basket. But he was smart enough to buy Summon (arrives under its own power) on his suit, lol. I only meant Fragile, as in one way to 'lose your focus'.
  4. I think I am seeing a consensus beginning to form. Foci can be lost, stolen, given away, etc. If so, those points can come back in some form (regaining the item Eventually such as a story to recapture or rebuild it), transferred to another item (Thor from Hammer to Axe), and the like. The penalty for stupidity (or pissing off tooo many bad guys with this ultra-powerful item is they target getting that item away from you) is not having it for an Appropriate Time (whatever that may be under the circumstances). Foci can be gone Forever if we get a bonus (less cost) for buying the item as Fragile, Unique, or the like. But without buying those limitations, those points do come back in some manner (hopefully via a good story).
  5. Good points all. Advantage is currently to slower characters. Or should i say Adantages. It affects not only END, but also Charges, etc. So slower characters get an advantage for using constant powers. Especially if they use constant powers which do not use END or Charges or the like every phase but rather only on their phases, like AE or Damage Shield. Or is it a Disad to the Speedy character? Or both? So it is advantageous for Speedy characters to stay away from these kind of powers. So I see your point about, if we decouple Constant powers from costs per active phase, maybe the cost of SPD should go up. Hmmm...
  6. Lol, true, and not a bad idea.
  7. Ok, so Time Limit is supposed to be a Limitation for long lasting effects, "Limitation for powers that ordinarily last for long periods of time. Primarily this means inherently Persistent Powers such as Mental Defense or Enhanced Senses), but it can also apply to Instant Powers that create objects or effects which linger indefinitely (such as Barrier, Entangle, or Telepathy). (6E1 346). I want an 'all or nothing' healing of the transform to be a hard limit of time (as opposed to healing back body). Easy enough to do when creating a character on paper. However, when trying to apply Time Limit in Hero Designer it Only offers me Time Limit as an advantage. Has anyone run into that before? Found a fix? Maybe I should calculate the proper limitation fraction and just add that into Designer as a Limitation, and re-type the limitations title as Time Limit?
  8. GM Fiat, but I like it. Or base it on the Average speed of the group or the typical Joe (if Average SPD is 2, pay END on Activation and 6 phases later).
  9. I like it. Personal focus has no power, it just is (as mentioned somewhere above) a crutch, helping the owner have the ability to use a power. But then a Universal Focus actually holds the power. For example, a pistol can be either. If it has in its grip a DNA Detector limiting use to the owner (yes, DNA can be copied - anything can happen for the sake of the story - but would either be a rare occurrence or a plot line). Whereas a store-bought off the rack pistol would be a Universal Focus. Great examples! Not only are we looking to keep game balance, but also, at least in Champions, we are looking to create stories that actually fit Comic Book paradigm. And to fit the paradigm, it would be great of the GM to create some epic story arc involving the return of the item (Thor being able to call his hammer after breaking through some mystical barrier), or replacement thereof (getting materials so S.H.I.E.L.D. can build another shield (pun intended) for Cap, or the changing of powers (Thor creating an axe instead of getting the hammer back). Thanks!
  10. The -only- thing I don't like about the Hero System is how SPD affect END. I swear I can't think of a better way to do it though. But it bugs me that Constant powers cost more END just because one Can take more actions. No biggie for some powers, like Potion of Giant Strength (+20 STR). Don't use it and you don't pay extra END just because you are faster. But create an AE Smoke Screen (without continuing charges or Red. END or the like), and just because you Can take actions 6 times per Turn (an expensive purchase extra SPD is), you pay 3x the END of someone who can only take actions 2 times per Turn, even though they are the exact same power, built the same way. Anyone have any thoughts on how to get around that, and restore the balance, besides GM Fiat?
  11. Actually it did help. It may not help me create a power that I can then, if I ever find a group, lol, just drop on an average GM and have expectations of automatic acceptance. But it does help me understand the Concept of Focus vs UOO better.
  12. Thank you Hugh for answering my questions. The thread kind of devolved a bit into separate parts (LOS vs Consciousness vs UBO vs Focus, etc., which made it hard for this dork to keep up. But all your answers make sense. And thank you Bolo for summarizing all of the loss of consciousness parts so this addled brain of mine could put the whole picture together. And thank you everyone else for the parts you answered as well.
  13. Even if she is stunned, knocked out, or sleeps?
  14. Grantee: Makes logical sense to me. But only if you have time and know where, might you point me to that rule? It can take forever looking through the many books available. Again, only if reasonable for you to do so. And, I am assuming this is speaking of a UBO, not a Universal Focus. These all make sense. But what if that Ring of Flying is a Universal Focus instead of UBO. Does the loss of consciousness (or sleeping) of Either of them cause the power to end? Thanks again!
  15. Thank you for the info. But if you read above, some have said that if instead the Ring of Flight were handed to another character for a one-shot use (fly back to the base and get some equipment), others have said that if the character Giving away the ring were to lose consciousness, the power would not end. I am not saying you (or they) are wrong. I am just confused.
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