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  1. Exactly. I don't disagree with any of that. So then what is the problem? With Slavish a 200 point hoverbike costs you 40 x (1+1) = 80 points via Summon. Same for a 200 point demon which is Slavishly Devoted. All I am asking is that (back to the original question), if you wish to Summon a Specific Being/Object with which you have had multiple contacts before, or maybe your personal hoverbike which you have tricked out with your custom paint job and decorations (saddle bags, leather handlebar grips with streamers, sissy bar removed, and so on), what y'all think of that variant on Spe
  2. Well, look at "Create Tower" or "Create Weapon" or 6E1 specifically stating that Summon is also Meant For Vehicles and Bases. I mean, you can Summon a 500 point demon to thrash your enemies without having paid for that demon separately. So what's the difference in summoning a 200 point hoverbike? I mean, even 6E created its own power (CP 220 - Object Creation) to do just this. As a GM, you may not like or allow this, and that's your prerogative. But the 'system' supports it. Plus, while it may be 'cheaper' by putting this in a VPP, the VPP is self-limiting by its Control Cost. A
  3. That was the point of the original question, asking about thoughts on a lesser advantage to Summon a person/object who/which is already very familiar to the 'summoner' with an advantage less than the full Summon Specific Being.
  4. Hmmm, interesting thoughts which I will have to incorporate. However, 6E1 288 says, "...a character can use Summon to “create” inanimate objects defined with Character Points (such as Vehicles and Bases)" and gives an example of Hoverbike. And examples of powers created in the Hero System books back that up. For example: Grimoire 128: Create Tower, and 286 Create Vehicle, and 287 Create Weapons. And even a 6E source says so, Champions Powers 220, Object Creation II? Which is why I even went down this path.
  5. Hmmm... I will have to look into Fantasy Hero for that. Does that still allow a character to call out to Summon a Specific creature, or even object? What happens if a character wants to summon his favorite vehicle?
  6. I hadn't thought about that. Sounds so simple, and I like simple! Plus, whatever object could be made UBO if others can use it, like a specific, favorite vehicle which another person could drive. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, I like that. Or, other dimension could be one which is just slightly out of phase with 'reality'. Can be seen, but needs an extradimensional power or portal to enter/leave/affect. But if I remember correctly, it would have to be usable as attack to place the house there. But that is easily done. Still, in my case, I have to build it in a way which fits into a VPP. So unless you have a better way, I would have to pay for it as a Summon within the VPP, but without a Focus it still wouldn't have to pay the Specific Being cost? Hmmmm...
  8. I understand why summoning a specific object is more expensive (Slavishly Devoted) since it already has to do everything the Summoner wants. But it can get prohibitively expensive to have it be a Specific 'Being' (another +1). I can see a Specific Being costing +1 because it is a sentient being who can resist on arrival (contest of wills). But if a character merely wants to summon his Sword of Smiting Evil (his main focus for the bulk of his powers), forsaking summoning any other sword, should it cost so much to be able to summon it? I know, the argument might be that a simple Cosm
  9. I want to know what y'all think of this possible variation of Summon Specific Being. "Specific Being: Partial Summon +1/2 (Probably needs a better name - Maybe: Lesser Summon Specific Being?) This advantage calls out to a specific being with whom the summoner has significant previous interaction or previously summoned. The Summon only calls to this specific being, opening a portal to them as an invitation. The summoned being may choose to accept or refuse the Summon (like a Mage calls to his demon master, or a Priest to his God). The Summoned being also has the option of sendi
  10. Believe me, I love the concept of not over complicating things. But in this case, it isn't specifically communications I am trying to protect. The character is a bit paranoid, and is Hunted (Watched) by both the government and a couple of smaller groups. They know the Base is there (if nothing else, so does the whole town, as too many weird, mystical things happen around there). She rather wants to prevent spying on the inner workings(or at least try to). I mean, she has built traps around the place and the like (see, paranoid, lol).
  11. You know, its funny. This character I am building can Easily take down a Jet at 30,000 feet with the blink of an eye and wave of her hand. But she can't put a Barrier around her house/base even with 0 pts in all defenses, lol.
  12. That's true...however, a 100m Barrier (25m per side of the Base) is more than my little (lol) VPP can manage.
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