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  1. Isn't that a permanent issue with any low fantasy/swords and sorcery campaign? Limiting Active Points, insisting on long casting durations, extra END, automatic side effects, slow recovery etc or using something along the lines of Gandalf970's "corruption", or LT Endurance could reduce the usage by PCs.
  2. Not unreasonable at all. Here are the broad brushes: 1. The land is an island/group of islands and was once part of a large empire that fell about 500 years ago. Since then the land has been divided into a series of states that picked up the pieces and then bickered amongst themselves. 2. Parts of the land were never conquered by the large empire and so have a range of cultures (I'm still undecided if any of these should be non-human, although if they were, they would of the "retreated from interest in normal events" type). 3. In the last 100 years or so the land has been invaded by outsiders from beyond the old empire and these have taken over several kingdoms and are a continuing threat to the other states. This threat can wax and wane. 4. Contact with the neighbouring lands does happen but this is more social/trading rather than conflict. 5. The "epic" bit - one leader has the vision of uniting the land (at least that of the main culture) into a single state. 6. Religion is more about outlook and beliefs rather than magical power. The gods/god/divine spirits, despite calls from worshippers, don't seem to intervene in events. 7. The old, disappeared empire wasn't any particularly more magical than now but they were great makers and builders so weapons etc of those times are still valuable (think LotR special crafted items rather than "magic"). 8. There may be really old magic from a time even before that empire but it is very rare. 9. Magic, where present, appears more as great skill, ability to make specially effective tools etc. When it does appear I like Archer's suggestion of limited attack powers, boons and requiring lots of time to pull off. Also include seers and some low level cursing. Practitioners of such "true magic" or "sorcery" are rare. 10. PCs can end up being involved in the conflict between the states, the "epic" vision of one nation, dealing with the outsiders, exploration etc into the non-core culture realms. Thanks for that Lord L. I'm not sure I want the sort of summoning magic the review talks about. However, the idea of limiting characters in terms of skill limit levels etc to something looks interesting (I think there are suggestions on how to make these work elsewhere).
  3. Hi, I've recently spread my wings from Champions to Fantasy Hero and inspired by "The Last Kingdom", I feel inspired to do a low/semi-epic fantasy set in a divided land (although more later medieval rather than Saxon period). Most of the setting information I've seen available is for High Fantasy campaigns, not for low fantasy and I would welcome thoughts on creating one. I would particularly welcome thoughts on low power/subtle magic systems, which would mostly be employed by NPCs.
  4. An interesting study in what CCTV can and can't do, particularly when linked to police & intelligence databases has been the recent "reveal" of the Russian agents involved the Salisbury Novichok attack. I wouldn't be at all surprised that more information exists and is being withheld from the public but the ability to pick up and track known persons of interest is quite remarkable, even against trained intelligence agents. It would not take a government agency long to start collating evidence from each appearance of a super (and especially if they arrive by foot or other road vehicle) and, depending on the super's ability to confuse CCTV, disappear from databases or just being supernaturally good at skulking around, they could start narrowing down the number of common appearances fairly quickly if there was a desire to do so. This latter point is quite important from a countervailing perspective. How keen is government to pursue a particular individual and what resource should be used? I suspect that mass destruction supervillains would be prioritised over bank robbers and vengeful vigilantes over "code of hero" good guys.
  5. Version 1.1


    The Sentinels Legion team is the "reserve" superhero team of the UK. It has been constructed at 400 pts (75 pts complications) for 6th Edition, using Hero Designer 6. ​The files included are: Spectre - ex MI6 agent turned grim vigilante Paragon - artificial human mentalist Longbow - bow weapon specialist Amethyst - transforming big brick Quark - EM/radiation/magnetic blaster Galatea - density controlled android Starfist - wielder of ancient alien ring of power Sentinel Legionary team package Images of team members.
  6. Version 1.1


    ​The Sentinels Team is the main superhero team of the UK. It has been constructed at 450 pts (75 pts complications) for 6th Edition, using Hero Designer 6. ​The files included are: Silver Paladin - power armour with variable configurations (multiform) and a computer follower Mighty Girl - brick with living hair Valkyrie - immortal sword weapon specialist British Lion - super soldier patriot with SF skills and special weapons Storm Front - weather controller mutant Mercury - speedster Nebula - alien energy blaster Hornet - mutant growing and shrinking metamorph Persinette - mystic Knight Tower - their base Phoenix - their plane ATHINA - base AI Sentinel team package deal Images of team members.
  7. One more boost before I put them in the download area. PaladinAg
  8. Look! Squirrel! (Well it beats "Bump") PaladinAg
  9. I think you would need to consider this is bit like a hydra or similar. This uses duplication for the secondary heads and reduces the movement down to zero. Here is an alternative example http://surbrook.devermore.net/original/creatures/grandfather.html PaladinAg
  10. I think it is quite simple. The helicarrier is just a flying carrier and a carrier is a vehicle. Does it move? Yes. How does it move? By moving x m every phase it is permitted to do so. How do you determine which phase it moves in? By its SPD characteristic Does a base have SPD? No So can a base move? No Having just checked Champions Complete it says on page 163 that bases have no movement ability. I would point up as a size 20 vehicle and then treat its hull and operation like a building. Damage puts holes in the vehicle. Operation of the sensors and weapons would be driven by the operator SPD, OCV, etc. It would move as a normal vehicle. PaladinAg
  11. OK. Here is the revised Silver Paladin. I kept the multi-form version as the vehicle version I was creating got OTT very quickly and would dominate any group excessively. In the end the changes for this character were a lot less than i orginally expected. The number of CPs associated with the characteristic unfied powers were actually a lot less than i thought they would be. Interestingly, I had to up the firepower of the character as the CV/SPD combination is quite low. I kept the character/unified power combination for the Dragonslayer mode (not, repeat, not, my version of Hulk Buster!) as this sort of ties in with this configuration being quite an extreme one and the weakness to drain that Crusher Bob picked up means that it would be used infrequently, i.e. against the big targets it was intended for. I'm still looking for comments. Otherwise I will put them up in the download area by the end of the month. PaladinAg Silver Paladin 450 (Mode 4) v0.2.HTML Silver Paladin 450 (Mode 1) v0.2.HTML NIKE 450.HTML Silver Paladin 450 (Mode 3) v0.2.HTML Silver Paladin (Primary) 450 v0.2.HTML Silver Paladin 450 (Mode 2) v0.2.HTML
  12. In terms of balancing I use a modified form of Crusher Bob's methodology. Character balance score should be a net 0 or +1 : Sentinel Prime Team 450 with 75 complications Characteristics 10-50 Active Points no power more than 85 DC SPD CV DEF MenDef -2 8 4 4 20 10 -1 10 5 6 25 13 0 12 6 8 30 15 +1 14 7 10 35 18 +2 16 8 12 40 20 Sentinel Legion Team 400 with 75 complications Characteristics 10-40 Active Points no power more than 85 DC SPD CV DEF MenDef -2 7 3 3 18 9 -1 9 4 5 23 12 0 11 5 7 28 14 +1 13 6 9 33 17 +2 15 7 11 38 19 CVs and DCs are based on the most regularly used attack power (including DCs from MA) and with CV levels on OCV. The CV levels are averaged. I rounded down to get the delta score. I counted 25% Damage Resistance as equivalent to DEF +5. PaladinAg
  13. Paragon and Starfist ended up with VPP, making the later a lot closer to Hyperman's GL . Spectre only needed a little tweaking to get the character balance right PaladinAg Spectre 400 v0.2.HTML Starfist 400 V0.2.HTML Paragon 400 v0.2.HTML
  14. ​Galatea and Quark did not need must adjustment after all. PaladinAg Quark 400 v0.2.HTML Galatea 400 V0.2.HTML
  15. Whilst I'm thinking about how to do Silver Paladin (and waiting for the plumber to come out and fix our boiler!) I've done the Sentinel Legion as well. Amethyst had a fair amount of adjusting because of the amount of characteristics with unified power. The main issue for Longbow was getting the balance right between offence and defence. PaladinAg Longbow 400 V0.2.HTML Amethyst 400 V0.2.HTML
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