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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... So quite by accident, our team had uncovered a vast undergound network of Illuminatti-ish folks. They had to break into a main bank branch for the records of who owned a saftey deposit box, and found a bank with *WAY* more security than one would expect. Finding out the name they were after, who appears to be Mister Big of the operation, decide to break into his house for more suspicous evidence - and they have to do it tonight because once the first break in was discovered, everything gets locked down. One of the team was protesting, of course. The response? "If we think about what we're doing, we'll stop!" The other winner: finaly finding the criminals that pulled the first unrelated bank heist and telling them that they are messing with things WAY beyond their kin: "See this?" -mimes round object - "this is a hornet's nest. See this?" -mimes hitting the nest - "this is you, hitting the hornet's nest with a REALLY big stick. Oh, look - here come the bees!"
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Mine last week was a show-stopper for the game. Discussing religion amonghst the character, Scarlet (who was a bonified gen-u-wine athiest until a greek goddess decided to pick her to dispense some justice) dropped this:
  3. Re: WWYCD (kind of): Advice Time for Scarlet! Thanks for all the responses (and the physical abuse) - that helped get my brain around this. The big selling point on not going public would be the "your parents are still controling you" button. That right there would probably make her rethink. Yeah, the poor kid has issues alright.
  4. This one will be of real help, because it's actually relevant my next weeks game - Scarlet will probably have opportunity to pick the brains of many prominent supers, so some "real life" responses is perfect. The setup: Scarlet Arrow's parents were - well, they weren't abusive or anything, but they were very dysfunctional. Dad was a star football quarterback in high school until be blew out his knee in the middle of The Big Game and never played again. Mom on the other hand was an almost-ran for Olympics, trying for years and coming close but was never actually able to make the cut. Intentionally or not, they decided to live vicariously through their children and got them playing team sports and pushing them as had as they could. If they were a bunch of washed up has-beens, they were damn well going to make sure their kids made something of themselves. And so Scarlet bounced around from sport to sport, before finding out that she's really damn good ar archery and landing a spot on the Olympic archery team - eventually even making team captain. And then her one lone superpower - the ability to barely fly (It's just one inch with like x10 end cost on it. She can't fly very fast and it knocks her out within seconds) was outed by a long time friend and teammate. Being the Olympics, rules were rules and the committee had to dismiss Scarlet from the team (giving her position to the friend who outed her). Instead of becoming all despondent, Scarlet threw her energies into something that could help folks - being a superhero. Just recently Scarlet and her team wound up, as these things tend to do, in the middle of a global crisis where they basically averted the crisis and saved the day. Suddenly this competent but B-list group of super heroes were thrust into A-list fame. Newspaper headlines, dinners from the president, medals and ticker tape parades, that sort of thing. So - one day, during a quiet moment Scarlet slips away and gets a chance to bend the ear of your hero (she catches up to them on patrol, finds a quiet corner at a reception, or whatever) and basically tells you her story, edited the best she can to avoid straight blowing her secret ID to you. "So I was thinking of giving up the secret ID and going public, right there in front of millions. Not so much for me, for the nay-sayers and finger pointers and doubters and my parents who have done nothing but rag on me for most of my life now, it a giant middle finger composed of red neon fifty stories tall, that will burn forever in the night." "But that's a really huge, life changing step just for the world biggest 'I Told You So'." And she straight up asks "what should I do? If you were in my shoes what you'd do."
  5. Re: WWYCD: Mindset You know, I cant think of a character that wouldnt be opposing her LONG before this point. As for working with her - on any level - completly out of the question. Undermining someones free will like that, even the free will to do evil, makes the good guys as bad as the guys we're stopping. Might as well just put a bullet in their heads. Quicker and easier that way.
  6. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Would I be a bad person for suggesting Fist of the Northstarblazers? You get hit by the Wave Motion Gun, your head swells up and explodes half an hour later. Or Speed 2 Racer - where the Mach 5 cant go under 50 miles an hour or Spridle and Chim-Chim get into the trunk
  7. Re: Google Images + Photoshop = Fake Covers for PCs Heh, thanks. Actually it was pretty easy putting those together. It was a bit more difficult coming up with the silver age "flavor text" for some of the action boxes, but I think I hit the spirit of the era on the head.
  8. Re: Google Images + Photoshop = Fake Covers for PCs Here's the other eight. Sadly the series was canceled after issue 18 (IE, I've not done any since then. It's a long story)
  9. Re: Google Images + Photoshop = Fake Covers for PCs Ok, so I made Imageshack do my bidding. So here for your enjoyment are the remainder of my comic covers:
  10. Re: Google Images + Photoshop = Fake Covers for PCs Hmmm, I might have to move these over to imageshack for you guys then. But I'll do that from home, later.
  11. Re: Google Images + Photoshop = Fake Covers for PCs It's not a random google image, but I'm kind of proud of my comic covers for GB: I got a TON more - but hell if I can figure out how to post thumbnail versions. So I'll save some bandwidth and just go with the two.
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