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  1. The Cup-bearers A secret society with members from hermetic magic, freemasons, renegade Illuminati, and several cultists. They are after the Holy Grail - and their strategy is simple: They rob, steal, or dig up every vessel somehow said to be magic or super-natural. Hoping to pile up enough wealth and informations in the way to finally find the real thing. They are a bunch of humorless fanatics, everyone of them having his diverging worldview, magic concept, and explanation for everything that happens. So they always are quarrelling, even while robbing museums and crypts. "See? I told you!" "You paracelsian buffon, once again you ignore the karmatic relevance of ..." "Silent, you two polytheistic amateurs, yonder comes another guard." And of course they react rather humorless to any references to the Chalice from the Palace and the Vessel with the Pestle ...
  2. The basis for a fastness for whom? A player character team? A villain? A social club? Because that will need different ideas.
  3. Prometheus: anarchistic inventor. Believes in information's right to be free. Steals inventions, especially from MegaCorps and Super Villains, and spreads them via Internet leaks. Irrigator: African water summoner obsessed with the idea of re-fertilizing Sahara and Kalahari.
  4. Was that reference to the Rabbit Punch a pun on Rapid Punch , a misspelling, or just a coincidence due to an actual reference to the maneuver (which is 1 hit, not 2)? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbit_punch
  5. Remember that the rules state that UAA when applied to movement powers demands a defense to be defined - just like NND. I had a similar power for a demon sending you for a short trip to hell, including lesser demons attacking you there, and the defense of defeating them and that way ending the trip. I like the EDM approach with a side effect "Gadgeteer has to go there, too". That way we have 1. a reasonable chance of defense for the victim 2. a classic combination of death trap and showdown with lots of narrative potential 3. an expensive limitation making the power affordable. (The gadgeteer wouldn't use this on the arch villain built to fight the whole team.)
  6. Yes, an ENTANGLE with limited duration (= instant) is my first choice, too. Works on knockbacked characters, too. If we just want to STOP people. Hurting them needs another approach, I suppose.
  7. Invisible Extra Limbs is original. I think I haven't heard that in 25 years of playing CHAMPIONS.
  8. Bump - to keep Christopher's introduction thread active and detectable for usual senses.
  9. How about we buy DUPLICATION twice? The base character has it to create 1. Generation Duplicates, those have it to create 2. Generation, and possibly so on. Of course that way they would degrade in power. My clone's clone's clone's clone's clone's clones wouldn't be much more than a shadow of my self. But that would be rather fitting for the way most cases of "me populating the universe" are depicted, anyhow. We all have the impression that individuality watered down somehow makes you less, don't we?
  10. Or are we all missing GCMorris' point: Is it not ME having more time, but the victim having less time? What do you mean by stopping or slowing time? Do I have more time or less when it slows in my area?
  11. Or +SPD for a phase only you can act on. (With the usual problems of SPD change builds.)
  12. We'll need several non-lethal attacks, convincingly in-character, funny, effective, but charming: Pie-throwing battle BLAST, only STUN, linked with a nice cream in your eyes FLASH. An original Slapstick OAF: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slapstick Spud Gun OAF: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spud_gun Confetti cannon OAF. Itching powder and sneezing powder. Lots of banana peels. A liquid to make the floor slippery. 6 little yellow mechanic walking ducks that manage to fill the room with tripwires within a few seconds. An umbrella OAF for blocking and force-walling. A surprisingly effective mirror OAF against energy attacks. And as escape vehicle a pogo stick. Or a grey riding ass whom Pooky fed only beans for the last three days so when you follow him he will fart in your face and then, if you shake that off, give you a two-hoofed HtH Attack with double knockback.
  13. You even could watch Shakespeare and sigh: "Oh, seems the actor and the director did not get the real joke. Hell, they ruined the best part." Or read Don Quijote and laugh: "Oh, that one is SO fresh. *urm* Looses a little bit since they abolished knights." (And if no one understands what you are talking about: Even better role-playing.)
  14. And one dramaturgic idea: I will not describe them as clean linen, but as old and tattered and rancid (just for flavor) and covered with hieroglyphs. That way the non-fighters and academics will have an incentive and a chance to find out about the bandages spells, orders, command words, and story. Either during the fight (could be very thrilling with the fighters keeping the bandages off distance or holding them while the professor tries to read them) or afterwards (just for atmosphere).
  15. Ah, that's one idea I really can work into my campaign. Although it will be at least 18 months until my heroes find that supervillains lair beneath the Great Sphinx. Some comments: Countless Writhing Bandages: Extra Time, Inherent (+¼) - I do not understand this. No power, no Char? Probably EXTRA LIMBS? Eternal Slumber: Do you really think Life Support should be bought as an attack? After all it is "offered" as an advantage. Wouldn't Usable By Others (or the 5E equivalent) be sufficient? I do not understand Desolidification: If you cannot walk through objects AND does not protect you from damage, what does it do for you? Just for passing through cracks and crevasses? The Clinging-Build is creative and effective for one of the player's most obvious reactions. Something about tactics: This thing can attack you with simple STR 10 strikes. Will it? Will it try to grab and disarm opponents, especially those with torches, lamps, or UV devices? What does the Machine Intelligence decide in those cases? If I calculate right this thing still will have only one attack per round.To make it more interesting for a whole group: Shouldn't we give it Autofire or Area effects on his STR so it can keep all players busy? (Not on the ENTANGLE of course; that one should be it's horrifying finishing move.) Or at least +4 OCV with Sweep. And we need Indirect, because if THIS attacks are not, which one will be? We even could give it a smaller ENTANGLE, Damage Shield so everyone grabbing it, torching it, or hitting it really is busy afterwards. (That first ENTANGLE can be followed by the Mummy Wrap, so we have more steps of escalative threat.) I'd buy back Smell, Taste, Touch and Voice - or give the equivalent Physical Limitation. No vulnerability by fire? (This is the traditional mummy weakness, considering the bandages are linen soaked with oil.) I try to avoid one-weak-spot-enemies because players often just don't find that one vulnerability. I think this one deserves DISTINCTIVE FEATURES.
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