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  1. Hi, in the section on crossbows in the Equipment Guide and Fantasy Hero it mentions that crossbows are built with a 0-point version of concentration where the character is only at 1/2 DCV for loading it, the limitation having been reduced by -1/4 from its original -1/4 for 1/2 DCV. My question is, what guidelines did the author follow to get to this 0-point version of concentration? The author seems to have applied a limitation to a limitation but I can't find anything on applying limitations to limitations in the core rules. To make things even more confusing the crossbow and other muscle-pow
  2. Doesn't one of the APGs have a rule or new power that covers something like this? I think they do but I can't quite remember which volume it was in.
  3. Well, it is only 2 points less per level than simply buying OCV. Thanks for the advice too, guys, you've been a real help.
  4. I've been thinking about starting a Hero game some time soon and I was planning on making it a Heroic-level game. I was thinking of using the optional '1/2 of BODY in damage kills you' rule in order to make the game more lethal but I was also planning on using hit locations with disabling and impairing wounds and I recently heard that this increases the lethality of the game significantly. Is this true and if it is do you think I should use the optional 1/2 BODY rule along with hit locations and impairing/disabling wounds?
  5. I believe this issue is actually covered in Advanced Players Guide, in the chapter on environmental effects. It uses a similar method to Nolgroth's which is to say that the fire is assigned a speed which affects how fast it spreads and deals damage. Also, fire starts off dealing very low killing damage and slowly ramps up that amount based on flammability tests. The section on fire is much longer and more detailed than what I've described here but I think it mostly follows similar lines to Nolgroth's way of handling fire which he describes in this thread.
  6. In the rules it states that characters who are prone are at half DCV regardless of whether they're defending against a ranged attack or a close attack. Being at half DCV for close attacks makes sense to me but why does the same penalty apply to ranged attacks? I was inspired to make this thread after seeing the thread below, searching through this subforum to see if a similar question had been asked and deciding to make my own thread after seeing that it hadn't. http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/95837-prone-dcv-with-ranged-weapons/
  7. I was just reading through Fantasy Hero for 6th edition when I came across the 'crippling blow' talent, and in the game information section for this talent it lists one of the advantages for it as Delayed Recovery Rate (character heals damage as though recovering BODY) at +2 and 3/4. As the description for this talent doesn't go into detail on how this works I assumed this version of the Delayed Return Rate is described in one of the other Hero books but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know where to find this version of DRR and if not and this version was made up solely for Fantasy Hero t
  8. I'd just make it an NND attack that triggers when someone drains a certain amount from you with the limitation that it can't be used until that amount has been drained. Seems like it would be a useful and justified power in a supers game where drains are common.
  9. Are you guys aware that this has already been addressed in Hero Fantasy, on page 330, which uses a similar solution to Lucius'? Of course, the new power in APG2 is still cheaper but at least there's an actual version of it in the base game.
  10. For example, if someone has 15m of running how do you represent that person using his maximum amount of movement on a hex map that uses a scale of 2m per hex? Also, how do you implement 1m and 3m reaches?
  11. Alright, I'm pretty new to the Hero System so forgive me if I get something wrong but what's stopping OP from buying telekinesis with area effect for the trip manoeuvre?
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