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  1. Happy to help with Layout. Probably can secure some royalty-free art. Also can pitch in some character write-ups, or offer some writing in general.
  2. @Hugh Neilson - Smashing job!! I stole yours and updated / modified;
  3. @Jason S.Walters - Can we make announcements of our Hall of Champions products on the forums? What forum can / should we post in? Thanks!
  4. I am actually planning on writing a book for Mecha Warrior for Hero 6.0. When I get it done I will send you a copy if you would be willing to let me know what you think about it.

    1. Trechriron10


      I would be happy to! Not familiar with the IP. Is that an existing RPG or setting? Are you planning on releasing it under the Hall of Champions?

    2. Gauntlet


      I am planning on releasing it under the Hall of Champions. While there has been books that state how to create Mecha, there hasn't been any Campaign Worlds created for it. I am planning on creating a Campaign world.

  5. So, being that I speak Adobe and being that I have some skillz (lulz), I would like to make an offer to ALL Hall of Champions participants. I am happy to help create high quality covers, previews and final products for upload. For free. I've seen a ton of shout outs on Facebook and the covers are blurry and terrible (I mean no offense...). I would like to level-up our social media presence and this will go a long way towards making it all look "more shiny". I can also create FB sized previews that fit better (also Instagram and Twitter), so you can ensure your product puts its best foot forward (we can forward these to Jason if he's cool with that...). Hit me via DM or email me directly at trechriron (with at) gmail (dot commage) (My final goal would be to create some templates and scripts to help auto generate this in the future.)
  6. This may be most relevant to Hall of Heroes so posting here... Can we request and implement edition filters on DTRPG? It would be nice to focus search results on an edition you're looking for. Of course, the products will need to be updated to utilize that. Happy to volunteer a few hours to help with that as well...
  7. It totally is Zen. 🙂 It's theory wank, but designers and tinkerers love theory wank! GURPS is a hybrid of a "details matter" and "reason from effect" game. Equipment, the physics of actions and the world, the skills. Tons of details (differentiations). The "Powers" system of ads/disads, etc. starts with moderate details but allows you to customize with the "reason from effect" paradigm. You can take some power constructs and bend them to things you want to accomplish that don't necessarily fit the name of the power. GURPS seems more fiddly than it is because of the hybrid. Sometimes you are constructing a power that obviously the power you want. Other times you end up in a fog trying to file the rough edges of something where the details are not helping. HERO is mostly all "reason from effect". It's about creating a generic framework of system bits that then cover the majority of "things you can do, things you are made of, things that can happen to you". It forgoes lots of the differentiation of similar things for flexibility. All these powers are basically building blocks you use to construct "all the things". There is a consistency then to those things. Sometimes however, these things can get "weird". So, a gun being set up as a "beam"... I'm like "that's not a beam! it's a projectile!" and HERO is like "dude, relax, it's just a mechanic. Describe it how you want to." 😄 The truth is they are both great games with savvy design and TONS of thought put into them. I own tons of GURPS 4e and GM'd it for a long time (and played/GM'd a ton of HERO 5er before that!). I've moved back towards HERO because it focuses on the details I want. I love magic, powers and the like. I want the ability to customize those the most. I don't care so much for equipment lists, skill lists, or even physics emulators. HERO leans more "story-based" in this regard. In my opinion it has less calculations or laser-specific rules that just fits how I GM. It comes down to preferences. Each person is going to find the parts in one of these systems they prefer over the over; and then likely choose it because it fits them. The rest of the debate is just theory, highly subjective and difficult to measure. Just my two cents...
  8. Wonderful thing!! Thanks so much for these...
  9. I'm printing out equipment and it's not showing up. The equipment is from a character in Fantasy Complete and they appear to be instances of powers.
  10. For example, the following tags never print anything. Is there something that needs to be added or configured in HD to print these values? [<!--EQUIPMENT_RANGE--> | <!--EQUIPMENT_DMG-->]
  11. I'm having the hardest time making these work. Can someone help me with the structure? I'm trying to regex out the second part of the total as a number. Then I will <math> it to determine point cost. <!--REG_REPLACE--> <!--DEFSTRING--><!--ED--><!--ED_NONRESISTANT_TOTAL--><!--/ED--><!--/DEFSTRING--> <!--REGSTRING-->([0-9]{1,2})\/([0-9]{1,2})<!--/REGSTRING--> <!--REPSTRING-->\2<!--/REPSTRING--> <!--/REG_REPLACE-->
  12. Is there a repo or updated documentation on valid export template tags? I'm seeing various tags in other export formats that are not listed in the docs. Thanks!
  13. I think the article mentioned about 30 days. Get hopping! 🙂
  14. This is incredible news! I'm so excited! Kudos HERO Games. Here's to the HERO Renaissance!!! 😂😁
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