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  1. I will be putting together a new group to meet in the Renton East Highlands area soon. I'm looking at GMing some Savage Worlds. Open to playing other systems. I'll PM you my contact info. Not sure if the Doctor found a group yet... I decided that Hero was a little more crunch than I want to deal with so I'm focusing on SWADE for now.
  2. I cannot recount the last time I fired up my HERO brain and counted body... since the 5er days... Father, it's been 15 years since my last HERO session... Tonight I introduced my regular Sunday group to HERO 6e! We are starting with the Fantasy Complete for a handful of sessions (using the pre-gens and adventure/setting from FHC). After a few sessions we will create new characters and adventure for a few more sessions! Eventually, we are shifting to a sci-fi setting of my own creation for (what I intend/hope) will be a long-term campaign. I wanted us to get familiar before we jumped right in. I was touching up the characters to give them some equipment using Hero Designer, and I wanted the Elf Bard to have some Elven Chainmail. I grabbed the regular chain in the prefabs, changed the weight from 'full mass' to 'half mass' and viola! Magic armor. In a couple clicks. I like the Half-Elf Warrior Mage build! That is an ugly contender. I picked out my favorite 8 characters that I want to use for some convention games this year. I decided the Lizard-Folk Shaman knows how to turn into a giant snake (of several varieties) or a velociraptor (as a revered animal of his clan! - yes, he has a skull from one...). I just copied out the pages from the Bestiary for quick reference. This group didn't pick the shaman... . They went with Human Barbarian, Elf Bard, Sprite Druid, the Half-Elf Warrior-Mage, and I tossed in the Human archer as an NPC. I'm a little rusty... but it was fun and I'm certain this group will pick it up fast. I missed the speed chart. Seriously, I love how speed works. I also missed all the cool maneuvers and the in-play flexibility. One of the crew was looking through the book and exclaimed "you can use another character as a weapon"! I think he's sold. A couple of the GURPS people are still on the fence, but I'll win 'em over. .
  3. I am very interested in starting a new group around the HERO system. I'm interested in 6e. I have also GM'ed for 35+ years, so rotating duties would be superb! I live in Renton (East Highlands). Do you have a preference for location? I'm allergic to cats, so my options tend to be limited. I have a nice little area on my 2nd floor, but it can get warm in the summer. I would prefer a SAT game day, and I usually like to have more than 4 hours (maybe 6?). I have recently been playing some GURPS 4e, but I'm burned out on it. I like crunch, just want it in different areas. :-D I played and GM'ed a bunch of 5ER back in the day, but my HERO-fu has atrophied a tad. I have a pile of 6e books on digits, all the software, and a handful of print books. So, I am ramping back up quickly...
  4. Hello, my name is Trentin and it's been WAY too long since I've played Hero... :-D I played the heck out of 5er, been a fan for a long time. Revisiting the 6th edition and really liking what I'm seeing. I'm hoping to create some digital tools for the game, and some adventure frameworks for "pick up and play". First I need to immerse myself in the game again and start GMing it. Looking forward to more discussions with the fans!
  5. The color is in YOUR MIND!! Sorry, couldn't let that one go... Also, awesome news!
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