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  1. Happy to help with Layout. Probably can secure some royalty-free art. Also can pitch in some character write-ups, or offer some writing in general.
  2. @Hugh Neilson - Smashing job!! I stole yours and updated / modified;
  3. @Jason S.Walters - Can we make announcements of our Hall of Champions products on the forums? What forum can / should we post in? Thanks!
  4. So, being that I speak Adobe and being that I have some skillz (lulz), I would like to make an offer to ALL Hall of Champions participants. I am happy to help create high quality covers, previews and final products for upload. For free. I've seen a ton of shout outs on Facebook and the covers are blurry and terrible (I mean no offense...). I would like to level-up our social media presence and this will go a long way towards making it all look "more shiny". I can also create FB sized previews that fit better (also Instagram and Twitter), so you can ensure
  5. This may be most relevant to Hall of Heroes so posting here... Can we request and implement edition filters on DTRPG? It would be nice to focus search results on an edition you're looking for. Of course, the products will need to be updated to utilize that. Happy to volunteer a few hours to help with that as well...
  6. It totally is Zen. 🙂 It's theory wank, but designers and tinkerers love theory wank! GURPS is a hybrid of a "details matter" and "reason from effect" game. Equipment, the physics of actions and the world, the skills. Tons of details (differentiations). The "Powers" system of ads/disads, etc. starts with moderate details but allows you to customize with the "reason from effect" paradigm. You can take some power constructs and bend them to things you want to accomplish that don't necessarily fit the name of the power. GURPS seems more fiddly than it is because of the hybrid. Sometim
  7. Wonderful thing!! Thanks so much for these...
  8. I'm printing out equipment and it's not showing up. The equipment is from a character in Fantasy Complete and they appear to be instances of powers.
  9. For example, the following tags never print anything. Is there something that needs to be added or configured in HD to print these values? [<!--EQUIPMENT_RANGE--> | <!--EQUIPMENT_DMG-->]
  10. I'm having the hardest time making these work. Can someone help me with the structure? I'm trying to regex out the second part of the total as a number. Then I will <math> it to determine point cost. <!--REG_REPLACE--> <!--DEFSTRING--><!--ED--><!--ED_NONRESISTANT_TOTAL--><!--/ED--><!--/DEFSTRING--> <!--REGSTRING-->([0-9]{1,2})\/([0-9]{1,2})<!--/REGSTRING--> <!--REPSTRING-->\2<!--/REPSTRING--> <!--/REG_REPLACE-->
  11. Is there a repo or updated documentation on valid export template tags? I'm seeing various tags in other export formats that are not listed in the docs. Thanks!
  12. I think the article mentioned about 30 days. Get hopping! 🙂
  13. This is incredible news! I'm so excited! Kudos HERO Games. Here's to the HERO Renaissance!!! 😂😁
  14. You can also create real-time chat rooms which can be fun...
  15. The Hero Discord is doing well. Lot's of convos! I hope you have joined us?
  16. From the 10.000ft level, you buy into a skill and get a base value. Each additional rank nets you a +1 to the target number. There are 5 distinct skill cost structures as outlined on 6E1 Chapter 3 (buying skills) in the sidebar. Each skill can have a different base (commonly 9 + Stat/5) thereby making the total +3 higher than the base. You may consider a broad +3 all around skill level (listed as a skill...) for a total of 36 points (if the GM allows) vs. trying to up every skill. 😄
  17. I would say that the majority of people who prefer Story Games have seriously backed away from this stance. I also find these days that people are more likely to play both traditional and story games. I believe the worst of this superiority complex is behind us. I suggest forgiving the overly-enthusiast and focusing on what you like.
  18. I added the form fill character sheet! Also, removed the "embellishments" behind the logo. I thought they were distracting. Fixed a small type on sheet 3. Both files are updated and on v1.0.2.
  19. Version 1.0.2


    This sheet has form fields! The lined areas are multi-line text fields that allow for rich text formatting. The printed lines were removed to accommodate the text fields. This is a 3 page character sheet I whipped up for HERO 6th Edition. Here is a summary of the pages; Profile - characteristics, movement, senses, points, perks and talents and finally complications. All skills and powers / equipment. Combat profile - vitals tracking, to-hit chart, defenses, combat values, references and maneuvers. Design goals; I wanted a sheet that w
  20. Discord is super popular! When I went to look for a Discord server for HERO I found a small server focused on a superhero setting that discussed a bunch of RPGs. Not exactly HERO-related. Having a Twitter account doesn't mean I hate Facebook. I use a bunch of different social media platforms. I feel like the goal here is to meet people where they are at. It doesn't hurt to have a presence on every platform. Did you know there is a /r/Champions and /r/herosystem Reddit forums? A Facebook fangroup? To wit: when I upload something to the downloads here, I link to it in ot
  21. Not to rain too much on the parade here... Those last two posts are SUPER sexist. The easily parsed message from between those lines is a) wives should provide more snacks for their husbands and b) hot women are something to snack on. It's like everything you were afraid of seeing in the Man-Cave RPG Den on full display. Do we really want HERO Games (and this community... and the RPG...) construed as the misogynist haven of RPG-land? Here in the 21st century we also don't put naked pin-ups in the locker-room or slap our female co-workers on the hiney as a fo
  22. I have stood up a new Discord Server called Hero-Champions-RPG. You can join with this (permanent) link --> Hero-Champions-RPG Goals: A discord server focused on the HERO RPG and genre books; past, present and future. A place where folks can schedule and run online discord games. A place where HERO can announce new releases. A place where 3rd Party Publishers can announce new releases. A place where people can share or announce Kickstarter projects relevant to HERO gamers. A discord server that comes up in searches, focused on thi
  23. So, a couple people on this thread including the OP if I can find him would join us, I think we have a solid group of HEROphiles honestly. Just need to PM me for our Discord/Reddit info!!
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