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    creator of creatures using salvaged machinery, metal und plastics. transhumanist in the general sense, sarcastic bastard, cognitive dissonance orchestrator
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    Artisan/sculpture fabrication

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  1. i'd imagine that most people would also want to make it 0 END and Persistent.. i'd tend to disallow buying it with Always On, as the circumstances that would make being unable to be affected by fire a limitation would be uncommon at best. OTOH, if the invulnerability is a mystic or psychic ability that you have to focus on, having it cost END makes sense. As would limitations like Concentration or Gestures. (To ward off or part the fire.) -m[arcuS]
  2. Though it's not in production yet, Plustech has developed a multilegged walking forestry mech for low-impact logging operations or use on steep terrain. There's even some videos of it in action at http://www.plustech.fi/Walking1.html . Shouldn't be too hard to write it up as a vehicle. With another 19 centuries or so of development i can readily imagine a top speed that's greater than a few miles an hour. -m[arcuS]
  3. Re: Re: Re: Secret old fart club That would be interesting, though i think i still have the original sheets in my Champions box set. The box is mostly made of duct tape at this point, but the sheets are still in fairly good condition. Still, it will save me the work of scanning 'em myself. (Not to mention locating the box.)
  4. i'd require that the light saber be penetrating before allowing it to slice through a bulkhead any more readily than an equivalently lethal katana. How many times in movies and video games have you seen katanas and the like shear through foot-thick trees and stone columns? As far as stealthy use of powers though, i like the -1 per 5 active points system for visible powers. i'd probably modify this penalty somewhat based on special effect as well.
  5. It's rare that a science fiction setting assumes that technology less effective than in the real world. That, or the medical community has been hiding the side-effects of current implant technology from us. After all, there are (conservatively speaking) tens of thousands of people out there with pacemakers, artificial joints, cochlinear implants, skeletal reinforcements/repairs, and other assorted types of implanted technology who are overdue for some nasty cancers by now. A number of them are friends or relatives of friends of mine, so it's going to be hard to break the news to them. i tend to go with the presumption that most advanced cybernetics are nearly imperceptible to casual scrutiny and are only employed when certain types of augmentation are desired that can't be achieved using less maintenance intensive organics. Man-machine interfaces, certain types of sensory agmentation and similar enhancements would be likely candidates. Of course it's not hard to imagine that installation/maintenance costs and social pressures would discourage obvious or excessive cybernetics. On a related note, wired.com recently had some interesting articles on recent advances in the area of vision replacement/prosthesis. -m[arcuS]
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