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  1. Metahuman News The dive into the Rippers continues this week with a look at the middle management: Junk Dogs, Astro Kiddies, and the Docs. We also include a preview of one of their favorite toys the Thunderdome. http://housedok.com/the-rippers-part-3-junk-doctors/ Stay Up to date with out Twitter Feed. https://twitter.com/HouseDokPro Want to learn more about Metahumans Rising? Check us out at: http://housedok.com/ Get the core book: https://studio2publishing.com/products/metahumans-rising?_pos=2&_sid=145b3fa95&_ss=r\ Pick up the PDF: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/
  2. https://www.patreon.com/posts/free-art-for-rpg-33626866
  3. JML Bath Towels 2 Pack, Oversized Microfiber Bath Towels(30" x 60"), Soft and Super Absorption Multipurpose Towels for Bath, Beach, Pool, Sport - Grey Floral Pattern
  4. Metahuman News This week we return to our preview of the Rippers with details on their entry level members, the Gutter Scraps, Benders, Tough Nuts, and Gunners. What it takes to earn a jacket in the gang, and just what a Ripper’s jacket means, hint, bad news. http://housedok.com/the-rippers-part-2-trash-collectors/ Stay Up to date with out Twitter Feed. https://twitter.com/HouseDokPro Want to learn more about Metahumans Rising? Check us out at: http://housedok.com/ Get the core book: https://studio2publishing.com/products/metahumans-rising?_pos=2&_sid=145b3fa95&_ss=r\
  5. Metahuman News Let's start the new year off right. No, seriously, something is wrong with the new year, it just will not kick over. Now it's up to our heroes to figure out what's wrong in this free adventure seed, The New Year's Loop. This Adventure Seed allows you to pick from one of six different options for why the world just won't keep spinning, with everything from mad science, to cosmic threats. Hope you enjoy. http://housedok.com/new-years-loop/
  6. Going to use this thread to post updates whenever there is a new Adventure Seed or one page story released for Metahumans Rising.
  7. Metahuman News Welcome to the new year, and a strange milestone in my life. The year was 1990, I was a free range tween living on the isle of Manhattan cast adrift with fresh babysitting cash and a desire for something new. This led to a mall, towering as they are in the city, where I found a glossy image calling from the shelves of, what I want to say was a KB Toy Store. The image, a yellow eyed solo smart gun in hand, wires plugged into their spine, rocking jacket, and a car with driver waiting. This was not another Dungeons & Dragons module, this was Cyberpunk. That was nearly thirty ye
  8. Obligatory.. Also, does anyone else feel like they should be running or playing in a one shot of this today?
  9. https://poll.fm/10482787?s=twitter
  10. That's great to hear, or read as it were. Nice to see everyone had a good time. There are some translation issues I can envision, namely around group successes, and the rolls around brainwashing. I'd be interested to see what needed to change for you guys, and how things went down. While Hero system is your go to for supers, or was in this instance, if you're ever interested in giving Metahumans Rising a try I'm happy to answer questions. Granted, you should probably find me on MeWe, or other less rules devoted boards for that (RPG.new, or RPG Pub).
  11. http://housedok.com/stille-nacht-the-iron-santa-initiative/
  12. Stille Nacht – The Iron Santa Initiative (A free, more than, one page adventure for Metahumans Rising)
  13. Yes the post is taken from our social medial, but we wanted to spread the word on our free Christmas Adventure. We’re closing out the year with a final one page adventure. Well, not so much one page adventure as a short adventure. What started out as a simple short evolved into a full rescue scenario. Before we get to the adventure, a bit of background. Metahumans Rising has a full setting developed for it. Unfortunately, a lot of the content moved to stretch goals help keep our Kickstarter goals manageable. Now, don’t think that just because we missed those screen shots the origi
  14. Follow Up at 2:00 PM Friday December 20, 2019
  15. https://thehardtimes.net/harddrive/stephen-king-bangs-out-winds-of-winter-on-a-tuesday-for-shits-and-giggles/
  16. https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/how-often-if-at-all-do-you-check-the-glamorous-unrestrained-hype-machine.855906/
  17. Metahuman News Thanksgiving may be over, but that doesn't mean we have to stop having fun with the holiday. It's time to revisit an old friend, Gobbler! Genetically engineered to be the prefect turkey, this giant bird triggered a rampage years ago. This year, having healed it's wounds, Gobbler falls on the city with an army of giant wild turkeys! The article includes a short set up, Gobbler's army, and a stat block for the burning butter breathing turkey or terror themselves. Enjoy! http://housedok.com/gobbler-ii-the-tide-of-turkey/ Want to learn more about Metahumans Rising? C
  18. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse.php?filters=0_2810_0_0_0
  19. Metahuman News This week we are closing out our Deadhead preview with the Mystic and Husk, and then taking a deep dive into the Serendipity Talent. The Mystic marks a major turning points for the Deadheads. These are not wannabe goth kids playing pretend, but blood mages, far removed from the streets they once called home. Husks on the other hand, represent all those who tried and failed, paying the ultimate price, their soul. Deadhead, Mystic (Low Powered Enforcers + 5 Templates) Those initiates that show an aptitude for ritual are given rites that allow them to transfer the pain the
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