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  1. I really like the naked AP advantage. I guess I'd have to think about what constituted surprise or hidden; just rolling stealth again after you gank someone in the kidney is totally not going to get you off their radar. I don't think I'd like them to be able to backstab at will, although as noted by Christopher and Gnome it's pretty situational and tough to arrange if anyone's aware. Maybe once per fight; must be from stealth, and first attack of the combat?
  2. Good stuff. I like that after the first stab the victim would no longer be unsuspecting. Lucius' build would allow further strikes as long as you could remain behind/flanking and succeed at stealth. Hrm. I was just thinking that anyone used to D&D would want to see that available, and wanted to try to build it.
  3. How would you build a backstabbing power? Traditionally in either OSR or many modern variations, the thief, if undetected, can do lots of damage on an undetected strike with a melee weapons. Obviously the first notion is hit locations, and perhaps buy some penalty skill levels to hit vital stuff, but that doesn't require stealth. Maybe extra DC's, requires a weapon, only from stealth? Any thoughts? I don't see anything in Fantasy Hero and a quick search of the forums got me not much.
  4. Well, maybe, but if it's used in a crowd of people, with invisible power effects, it shouldn't be too obvious. out of curiosity, I worked over a severe transform, using extra body to add powers; at a 200 point budget, you could get a 275 point superhero, or thereabouts. This is just for my mental fun; i wouldn't try to play it, and I'd probably refuse to GM it unless the player was really good. But it seemed like really interesting concept. Don't think I've seen it done before, although obviously Duke has.
  5. Well, I worked on a Severe Transform, but that'd be hugely expensive, or create a very subpar hero. Which might be ok, really; flying bricks are cheap.
  6. I was thinking always the same, yep. Captain Hero, here in the nick of time! Summon does seem like the best option. I'm not sure I'd ever play this (I'd try, but you're right, it'd be a challenge) but the build sounded fun to me.
  7. Hi folks. I had a thought today, and wanted to build an innocent bystander, a kid who has the power to transform a nearby adult into a superhero. I see this as invisible power effects, end cost from the kid, and no control over the subject. The subject would have to have relevant Psy comps to make them act like a hero (protect innocents, code vs killing, etc) and of course superpowers. My first thought was a severe transform, but what other ideas would you have? Maybe a summon (need innocent bystander)? I like the idea of the herophile kid cheering on their hero, yelling at the villains, and generally being a nuisance, while the "hero" fought valiantly. Interesting drama/danger could be achieved by the kid running low on End, or the Hero being harmed/killed, and reverting to a normal human, and the kid summoning/transforming another one. The questions could also be interesting; where does this Hero come from? Why does s/he seem so confused yet so focussed on justice?
  8. Ah, I see, I found the rule. 1 hit per 2 points of success on the attack roll, but a very minimal bonus to hit, so at even OCV/DCV, you'd hit with maybe 1-2 projectiles per burst. Good balancer. Even with a dozen skill levels in Autofire, you'd still only hit a half a dozen times.
  9. I was thinking today about Penetrating. Not too expensive an advantage, although GM Flagged to avoid the smelly cheese I'm about to slice. RKA, 1 point, Autofire (160 shots, +3), Penetrating (+1/2). 22 points, 2 End. Am I right in thinking this would cause 160 minimum damage by RAW? Even if you had to upgrade to 1d6 it's still only 67 points. Not planning on spreading this gooey stinky cheese anywhere but sometimes I like to look at things I'll never consume.
  10. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? Stelknecht was the first Mud character I made, on Medievia, about 20 years ago. I adopted it as an online handle, and (to my delight) have rarely found others using it. Often enough to be annoying, but not frequent. Never used it as a P&P character name, though. What was the first tabletop RPG you played? Red Box D&D, of course, which I just realized, almost exactly date checks every one of us who admits that. What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? Same as above. What are you currently playing/GMing? A D20 Modern game based on Dies the Fire, by SM Stirling, and previously, a few pathfinder oneshots. I'm trying not to scare this new group before I gently try to introduce them to point buy systems, like Hero or GURPS, both of which I prefer vastly to D20 in any ramification (I just don't like the die). Hopefully a Hero system is a good intro; super heros are fun. Played a TON of champions back in the early 80's; was my go to for almost any genre.
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