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  1. In the various Champions villains books, villains who have martial arts with NND damage types will have a parenthetical notation in the maneuver notes - usually a (1) but sometimes other numbers. A great example is Eurostar leader Fiacho, since he has three of them - Choke Hold - Grab one limb, 4d6 NND (2) Low Blow - 4d6 NND (3) Vital Point Strike - 4d6 NND (1) Where are these parenthetical notations documented? Can't find'em anywhere. I presume they are meant to indicate the type of defense that is effective vs. the martial strike at issue, since I've seen (1) on various forms of Nerve Strike and (2) on various forms of Choke Hold. Not sure on Fiacho's "Low Blow" which appears to also be a nerve strike. Were these ever listed anywhere?
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