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  1. Maybe it's the typical notation that's throwing you off, BamBam - here's how I think about it: Advantages are listed as +x : the positive sign reminds you it is a real-cost increasing effect Limitations are listed as -x : the negative sing reminds you it is a real-cost decreasing effect. However, in their respective formulas, they're both treated as using their absolute value. (Look at many examples in the books to see this in action.) Yes, the formula is stated as Active Cost / (1 + total value of limitations). And all the individual limitations are listed w
  2. Thanks! Never heard of that. Huh. Well it may be gone but it left some footprints.
  3. Thing I like most about 6E books (Champions Universe stuff, anyway) is the updated/additional lore, the color art - the creative content stuff, not just the new stats. 5E and 6E are so close that they're easily interchangeable given my experience with the system, and I don't really sweat the cost differences - there's more to balancing encounters than points, after all. Sometimes the re-working of a characters' powers is a solid improvement, too. Still, the new lore & art are the highlights. But the creative content stuff is the expensive stuff - time from writers, artists,
  4. So, since .hdc files are stored as XML, I was examining a few with a text editor to get a little more under-the-hood insight. I noticed many element attributes directly related to controls & toggles in the software UI, but a few that stumped me. Particularly, seems like these two appear in every list item (characteristic, skill, perk, power, disadvantage, etc.) but don't seem to relate to any software interface or feature: GRAPHIC="Burst" COLOR="255 255 255". ...that suggest some kind of white burst... somewhere? I'm using a pretty dated version, Hero De
  5. In the various Champions villains books, villains who have martial arts with NND damage types will have a parenthetical notation in the maneuver notes - usually a (1) but sometimes other numbers. A great example is Eurostar leader Fiacho, since he has three of them - Choke Hold - Grab one limb, 4d6 NND (2) Low Blow - 4d6 NND (3) Vital Point Strike - 4d6 NND (1) Where are these parenthetical notations documented? Can't find'em anywhere. I presume they are meant to indicate the type of defense that is effective vs. the martial strike at issue, since I've seen (1) on va
  6. Ah, HERO rounding. Well I was afraid that’s what it was, since that’s what you’d want for other potential uses of MATH container. So...Javascript in my export, hmm? Hahaha who need 2 digit precision kgs on the items they’re *not* carrying anyway! Our players can just have rounded non-carried weight and they can LIKE it!
  7. One more, on a related topic - any way to control the number of decimal points displayed in the output of the <!--MATH--> container? Looks like when I use MATH to find TOTAL_WEIGHT minus TOTAL_CARRIED, the output is rounded to the nearest unit instead of carrying 2 decimal places like individual items have on their EQUIPMENT_WEIGHT or that either of the totals tags have on their own. I'm creating a table that lists all the Carried items first then shows a row with the total_carried, then lists all non-carried items and uses MATH to show that lists total weight, then finally
  8. Perfect, the IF_CARRIED container was exactly what I needed. I'd tried incorrect things like EQUIPMENT_IF_CARRIED, IF_EQUIPMENT_CARRED, etc. but hadn't stumbled on the correct form. It works. Thanks!
  9. I've run some forum searches but can't find an answer on this. I'm editing an export template for a Heroic campaign to include equipment weights. I've been able to add a column for the weight of each item of equipment, and add total rows for total carried weight and total of all equipment weight. But the one thing I can't figure out is how to include an indicator for each item of equipment showing whether it is carried or not. It seems like there would be some kind of export tag associated with the "carried" check-box for equipment, but I can't find it in the documentation
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