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  1. I love Uncle Sam . Some writers have used him with surprising depth. He's guilt tripped Superman , roused the young ones, and waxed philosophical about being a living embodiment that ranks up there with the best efforts some robotic or clone characters get! Nice pick. And yes, he was in my top three choices for Patriot , so you could call this a half snipe
  2. And since at least one of you is wondering, the answer to the question is... Rex uses a litter box, like a damn cat unless they can find a nice island. Lowest man in ranking tends to disposal. War is hell!
  3. "How's it going, sailor?" came a gruff voice behind one of the submarine personnel. The sailor turned around and swallowed. It was hard to get used to all the weirdness around here, "Well sir, we lifted up to let Namor out..." "Feeling a bit stir crazy, was he." it wasn't a question really, merely a courtesy. This hero was a born detective, he had tracked down criminals, solved crimes, and more, "Yeah, The Sub-Mariner's from a warrior culture, Seaman, and he's got a pretty hot head about it. Waiting in this tin can for the next battle doesn't sit well with him."
  4. When a yankee boy Graced a ride along With his father to Africa He got bit by a cobra long Saved by mongoose blood was he And developed superspeed! This talented youth would fight so we could be free When the Axis thorns pierced our democracies so sweet Along came our Whizzer Our hero so fleet! Tip your hat to your WhizzerO' fans be not so pickyO' fans be not so picky, ohTip your hat to your WhizzerO' fans be not so picky! He too saved the world And fought the Axis Horde His name might be silly but with Miss America
  5. Might be of interest.. remember Al Franken? The guy who found his suitability challenged and resigned with grace ? Ironic that Trump's actions are getting a pass from the GOP Congress
  6. Ah, I should have gone with Speedster Oh well. I have someone for that (Crosses fingers against snipping) As for the Avatar, Thanks! I was feeling patriotic in a tongue in cheek way And Magneto as a kid recruit? Great Pathos
  7. "Sir, we're still under water.. if you open that hatch, water will flow in?" "And this is a problem HOW?" The bare chested man asked "We'll all drown because unlike you we can't breathe under water?" "Sounds like a surface world problem, I am the Avenging son, I wish to get to avenging!" The wing footed prince then sighed "Fine, get me to the surface, I'll leap out from there. Be quick about it." "Yes, sir be a few minutes sir" The pointy eared man strode off while the sub prepared to find a safe place to lift. Sure they could have
  8. You want Hulk Hitler? Because this is how you get Hulk Hitler!!
  9. To fight the Axis in the Pacific, we will need to be mobile, global, and hostile! We shall break the back of Imperial Japan Island by Island, we cannot afford to stay put if we hope to liberate the Ocean and bring the war to the shores of the Land of the Rising Sun! They started this fight, but we shall finish the war! Home Base: The Hawksub! (From Blackhawk comics) https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Hawksub?file=Hawksub_001.JPG
  10. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/02/04/gop-stimulus-minimum-wage-immigration-465981 Thank goodness for Georgia (And as a Tennessean I don't say that often)
  11. Department Over Global Dynamics and Bio Terrorism Response
  12. With FIFTEEN votes come in, which is no small thing compared to some past drafts I've run, we close the polls and declare our winners! First though, let me thank everyone who voted! A draft can live and die on interest, and speaking as someone who has participated in the past with my own entries, it can be very disheartening to find a lack of interest. But you guys took the time to take a peek, and give a good solid 'atta boy/gal' aka votes to your favs! So thanks! Another great sign is that every person who took part of the draft got at least one vote! That's not to z
  13. We need a break from Housemate's mother. *Sigh* That's putting it mildly.
  14. Well, we now have ten votes, so thanks folks! Perhaps more will vote but at least we have participation in both sides of the process evening!
  15. I have hated SO many vegetables Yet to my surprise, I learned that, properly cooked, I actually LIKE Asparagus . I mean, like two years ago, I finally tried some (or maybe I had blanked out my early tries) and found I liked it. Brussel Sprouts really are little Grinch testicles though
  16. I have a better chance of understanding Klingon than I do stocks. And I don't speak Klingon. that said, what I'm seeing about this in the other threads has tickled me. Apparently though there's been a lock down, possibly an illegal one, preventing further purchases? Bonkers.
  17. Of course it is, and always has been... *Edits like mad* Yes, but Lacey and the gang were wonderful!
  18. But you'll have that warm glow of knowing you helped out a fellow human being with an act of kindness and appreciation for their own efforts, and isn't that the REAL winning?
  19. I believe there was a great space cowboy philosopher who once said "It's my estimation that... every man ever got a statue made of him was one kind of sumbitch or another. "
  20. It's why I said 'this sort of thing'. Though we do have School Board elections over here with folks touting their party in East TN (almost always proudly declaring themselves proud conservatives at least) so perhaps I am jumping to conclusions that the San Fran School board has likewise folks doing this in the name of progressive values etc. And yeah, the Dem PARTY might want to stress that, because in a country where optics are used as weapons like they are the US, you can bet Fox news will be talking about 'the democrats want to erase history' and some will eat it up.
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