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    All was suddenly not so sunny for the Empire of the Rising Sun. Reports of a mysterious Allied Sub, of superior technology, rising from the Pacific, and unleashing a squad of warriors so powerful and so strange that there was little time to react. 


    Yet, the General did not seem concerned. He was strange too, no? His plans seemed to have ground to a halt of late. Rather than rushing to aid those areas facing attacks from the Allied supermen, he had had fortifications set up to a place of little value. At least, little they could see. And his focus was on one prisoner. An American woman he would not allow to be touched. Not that it mattered too much, there were comfort women to be had, but why was she so important?


    As if reading his mind, the General, who had been feeding that odd worm he kept on his desk spoke "She is the key to the whole plan, soldier."


    "But she is dangerous, General, what if she should awaken? It is said she turned men into trees, that she caused drawings to attack on her behalf," The soldier says "Forgive this one's questions and concerns, I do not intend insolence, but the men do not understand."


    "She will not awaken, I have means of keeping her in a hypnotic trance" The General said, merely mouthing the words his true master gave him, "She will not awaken until I need her to but you are right to be concerned. She caused drawings of an eagle to attack soldiers? Fah. She has no idea how much more she can do. Only this time, she will be used against the Allied powers."


    "For the glory of the Emperor" the soldier bowed.


    "Just so!" The General nodded.

    And the worm nearby chuckled No you fool, for the evil ambitions of I, Mr. Mind!



    And, in the prison lab nearby, in a hypnotically induced coma, lay a woman who had no idea of the full range of her power. She could transmute matter, but her lack of understanding of physics meant she didn't know the full ramifications of what that meant.

    After all? Few understood the science of splitting Atoms, how was Joan Dale, aka Miss America, to know she could?

    Unless, of course, someone directed her to?

    Someone like.. Mr. Mind!


    Patriot Pick: Miss America (The Quality Comics/DC Comics version) aka Joan Dale!




    That was Yesterday's pick as I was behind  in case it need be said

  2. 14 minutes ago, csyphrett said:

    The Monkey King is the most famous hero of the region. There have been thousands of hours of stuff devoted to him. Everybody knows Son Goku.


    I wished I had thought of the Monkey King.



    Thanks! China got rough treatment in WW2 (Which is, I know, an understatement of nightmarish proportions) so I wanted at least one Chinese superhero of sorts. though I was really tempted to choose the Green Turtle instead. However, I needed a shapechanger so the Monkey King seemed ideal for all qualifiers

  3. Namor was taking a well deserved rest in the Submarine after a couple of fights and a long hard shift. Rex blamed himself. One thing they didn't expect was two Nazi Uboats in Pacific waters.  The Blackhawk Sub was the superior tech, but two against one is not fun odds. While the Sub managed to get its torpedo off first, the other U boat launched it's own. They had seconds to act. Rex wondered if Mary summoning the lightning to change would kill them all or not? For that matter, could mandrake's illusions fool an already launched device? 


    He never had to make either call to find out!


    A golden carp of all things, almost as big as the U-Boat itself shot out from the side and seized the torpedo, shaking it then misdirecting it back at the U-boat that had fired it! Man, the Nazis inside must have been surprised, though not for long as they were blown to whatever ring of hell fascists go. 

    "Did we just get help from a Giant Fish?" Lt. Cloud asked stunned.

    "Yeah, now ask me how that makes sense? Did Namor summon it somehow or.." Mist poured in from the hatch, or maybe it was smoke. It shouldn't have been able to, but it did. Outside the giant Carp of gold was gone.


    The smoke coalesced, and there  before them was a hirsute Asian man in a chainmail shirt that looked to be made of pure gold, a feathered cap with a rather BRIGHT feather at that, and a staff that drew the eye and somehow seemed to make one think it might be as heavy as a mountain or light as a feather.


    "Crap, one of the Japanese just infiltrated us!" One sailor reached for a gun drew and fired. Rex gave him credit for speed, even if he were lacking in brains. The bullet missed as the man transformed into what appeared to be a hummingbird, weaved out of the way, and reformed behind the sailor and tapped him on the shoulder, in the form of a man once more.


    "I believe our visitor is Chinese actually, or, at least  part Chinese" Mandrake had arrived.


    The figure gave a laugh, but it was a bitter one, "Everyone wants me to be with them when there is trouble, other times, I provide the trouble. But it is for China I come. You seek to stop the rising sun? yes? "


    Rex stepped forward "That's right. SO you're some kind of shape changer, obviously. Why are you here?" He might look like a man, but the scent reminded him of other primates.


    "The fight between brothers is no longer amusing me," The strange fellow said "so, I have journeyed to the west to gain your aid in putting the Rising Sun out.. pooof, like a candle. I have many forms, at least 72 of them, and even more names, each of them glorious but you may call me  Sun Wukong. I am a King! And I love to fight!" A grin on the face. And yes, Rex saw it, this guy had a monkey tail.


    Mandrake noticed too, and it clearly meant something to the Magician as he gave a soft nod to Rex. Whoever this Sun Wukong guy was, they wanted him on their side.

    Rex still had to ask, "If you're a monarch, and you love a fight, why are you helping a bunch of folks mostly from a democracy end a huge war as soon as we possibly can? Except for Namor, we're not exactly monarchists ourselves."


    Sun Wokong's smile faded, "It was all a joke I thought, all not so different, yet all men fight. How silly." He swallowed "Then I saw Nanking but a few moons ago. " A beat and a tear rolled down the not quite human features of the shape shifter, "It's not funny anymore."


    Shapeshifter Pick: Sun Wukong aka The Monkey King


    Who has appeared in comic books and was old enough to see WW2


  4. You know, when he started getting known in the late 80s early nineties, I actually listened to some of his rants and kind of nodded.

    I was.. an idiot then.

    In a year or two after that he got too full of BS for even younger version of me.


    And now I see the damage he did to the country...


    I'll say condolences for his loved ones and leave it at that.

  5. 9 hours ago, Tom said:

    I hate dealing with people who are apparently unaware the rest of us are occupying the same reality. 

    We’re looking at starting late at work due to a snow storm and this guy is telling me he’s going to have dig his car out of the snow - as I’m staring at the cars buried in my driveway. 

    Does this guy think he’s the only one who got snowed on?  Seriously?


    Okay. I admit to a lack of perception skills and sometimes I have the empathy of a pet rock, but geez o pete. This makes me feel down right in tune with the cosmos by comparison. 



  6. The heroes had the might, but the numbers favored the enemies side. The idea was to get as many prisoners of war to safety as possible, but with hundreds of Japanese soldiers converging even a handful of heroes proved to be hard pressed.  Namor snarled and smashed, sending the imperial forces scattering, but they reformed and began throwing grenades. Namor might scoff at that sort of thing, but Rex cursed.


    "Shrapnel's getting too close for comfort to the prisoners we're trying to save, and I might want to have some pups myself one day," Then he found what he was looking for "We got a way to get them to safety. Namor, keep them busy..."

    "What do you think I'm doing?" The Sub Mariner snorted "I don't need some surface mongrel to tell me how to fight!"

    I'd give up a day of chow if I could just bite one of those arrogant brows off  Rex the Wonder Dog thought for a second then decided to use Namor's pride as a motivator "At least this All American K-9 doesn't let the enemy out flank him on the left. You want to act like you got this? Talk is cheap, show us by buying time for the others to do their thing"

    "Imperious Rex!" Namor bellowed and redoubled his efforts. 

    "I can be, yes," the Dog said, knowing it wasn't about him but would egg the wing heeled hero more.

    "But I've got the left flank," the flying girl said "Gee whilkers I don't want to leave Namor to do all the fighting"

    "You're the one with the speed of Zephyr," Rex pointed out "use it to grab all the prisoners and get them to this old barge. Afraid after you put them on there, you're also going to double as an engine. Get it in range of the black hawk sub so it can provide cover and help"

    "Roger dodger, Sarge!" And she .. moved, like the wind, becoming a blur and yanking the beaten and down trodden prisoners of war from the battle sight and in a blur getting them to the only half intact ship that would become their transport.

    "You, top hat, I need a distraction," He looked at the magician who was menacing a squad of soldiers with an illusion of a giant snake, "A big one. I got an idea"

    "I'll always accept request from my audience," The pencil thin mustache hovered over a smug smile. 

    "This island has an old Volcano on right? If the Imperials were to think it was going active again say RIGHT NOW..."

    The master of magics, spells and illusion, laughed, and said "Well ahead of you. This maybe my GREATEST Performance"

    To the Japanese soldiers view, it was if the volcano a century dead had woken with a vengeance, spewing and roaring as lava seemed to race towards them at a brisk, but TOO quick to run away from, clip. They could even feel the head of it. They abandoned the prisoners and this fight as fast as their legs would carry them buying more time for the others to get onto the barge to help the prisoners.

    "Where is that foolish girl?" Namor said, a bit upset he hadn't gotten a chance to demolish yet more of the enemy now that they were retreating.

    "She's getting the brave soldier who radioed in the call for help!" Rex said, but secretly he agreed that she needed to get back with him fast.


    Well, that wish was granted, as the maid of might landed carrying a gentleman with copper hued skin and a soldier uniform gasped glad to be rescued.


    "Hey, the guy who called in for help and saved us is an Indian!" One of the former prisoners of war was stunned "But... we saw you in that plane, you took out three zeroes before you got taken down."


    "Off day," the man replied, "And I'm a Navajo if you care, Lt. Johnny Cloud and... before now, I thought you had to fly WITH a plane" He looked to the girl who had rescued him and dropped him off safe and sound.


    "Mary Marvel, Lt," She blushed a bit "And.. you may not have powers but you're a hero. Oh, and this is Mandrake the Magician.. he made the illusion of the volcano explode and that's Rex... and that's Namor and.."


    "Not the time, Mary. I need you pushing us to the sub's range.. NOW" The Dog barked.

    "Rex is always looking after us, whose a good leader? you are.. " she scratched Rex behind the ear.

    His traitorous leg thumped and his tail wagged, "Darn it Mary... not in front of the men!"

    Mary saluted and flew off to do just that.

    "Sweet girl," Cloud replied.

    "She's a charming thing," Mandrake said.

    Rex eyed Cloud then said "These other fellows will be on the way back to the states I think, Cloud, but if you're looking for a rather unorthodox way to stay in the mission, a code talker combo pilot could sure be useful."

    "Unorthodox huh? Huh... heck, after you guys bailed us out, I'd sign up even if you were all a bunch of Losers" Cloud assured


    Pick Speedster: Mary Marvel (From Fawcett comics)

    Pick Magician/Mentalist: Mandrake the Magician (Kings feature syndicate)

    Option: Johnny Cloud aka Flying Cloud (The Losers, WW2 version)





  7. 1 hour ago, csyphrett said:

    I will put one out tonight when I get home. A group is okay as long as they are era specific. Individual members are subject to being drafted. Anyone can pick the monster society, but Hermit has already drafted the founder Mister Mind.



    Yup. FIgured while others were dashing for Speedsters I'd snipe proof my golden age villain. He LOOKS goofy (At least in period era art work) but he's one dangerous little wriggler

  8. The Admiral was a miracle, everyone in Imperial Japan was talking about him. Originally considered to be too timid to serve the Empire well, a bureaucrat in warrior's uniform, over the last few months he had brought new sciences, new ferocity, and new unity to the soldiers of the Rising Sun. True, it was rumored he relied on the help of monsters as much as men, but Island by Island, his leadership was bringing Imperial Japan victory after victory. 


    If he had odd companions, and odd habits, what did it matter? Only victory mattered.


    That little worm he kept as a good luck charm sure was creepy though.






    Mastermind Villain: Mister Mind, Leader of the Monster Society of EVIL!







  9. 25 minutes ago, Logan.1179 said:

    My PATRIOT, Uncle Sam!




    I love Uncle Sam . Some writers have used him with surprising depth. He's guilt tripped Superman , roused the young ones, and waxed philosophical about being a living embodiment that ranks up there with the best efforts some robotic or clone characters get!  Nice pick. And yes, he was in my top three choices for Patriot , so you could call this a half snipe :)

  10. "How's it going, sailor?" came a gruff voice behind one of the submarine personnel.


    The sailor turned around and swallowed. It was hard to get used to all the weirdness around here, "Well sir, we lifted up to let Namor out..." 


    "Feeling a bit stir crazy, was he." it wasn't a question really, merely a courtesy. This hero was a born detective, he had tracked down criminals, solved crimes, and more, "Yeah, The Sub-Mariner's from a warrior culture, Seaman, and he's got a pretty hot head about it. Waiting in this tin can for the next battle doesn't sit well with him."


    "No, Sir. I mean, yes sir," The Sailor said, all the 'heroes' were honorary officers if not actual ones and to be treated as such. And arguably, this hero had at least been with a unit before all this. The one of a kind result of a super soldier formula, rumored to have abilities far beyond his kind, and adventures one could scarcely believe.


    "Heh, but he's not alone is he?" The hero said, eying the sailor "Life on the line, strangeness abounding, folks with the power to rip the metal hull with their bare hands IN this thing with us, I can see why you've been under stress."


    The Sailor swallowed, suddenly realizing this wasn't about Namor at all, "It's.... very taxing, sir. I try to cope."


    A low growl escaped the hero, "Yeah, it's how you cope that worries me, Sailor. This is the third time I've smelled the booze on your breath, while you were on duty! " The hero looked at him with a dogged glare "You want a little nip now and then when off duty, well, I'm no angel, I've got my vices. But you're endangering the crew. We're a part of a pack, Seaman," The hero barked "I smell that on you again when you're on your shift, I'll report you. Do it too many times, I'll launch you from the torpedo bay and tell Namor to go fetch and he won't be gentle! We clear?"


    "Yes, yes yes sir" The sailor saluted!


    "Good," The hero took a breath and his hackles went down "I know it's hard. Wish I could say it won't get harder, but if you have a little faith, a lot of hope, and keep your head and heart focused, we'll take a bite out of the Empire together."


    "Yes sir," the Sailor said, wanting a drink more than ever, but with the senses and detective skills of his superior, he knew his drinking on duty days were over.

    You couldn't hide from a detective, you sure couldn't escape that sniffer. On top of it, he was a super soldier who could rip you apart in a fight.


    And the Sailor would rather go clean, than tangle with....

    Rex, the Wonder Dog


    Detective Pick: Rex the Wonder Dog



  11. 1 hour ago, Christopher R Taylor said:

    And with that name does the Whizzer even count?

    When a yankee boy
    Graced a ride along
    With his father to Africa

    He got bit by a cobra long

    Saved by mongoose blood was he
    And developed superspeed!

    This talented youth
    would fight so we could be free

    When the Axis thorns
    pierced our democracies so sweet
    Along came our Whizzer

    Our hero so fleet!


    Tip your hat to your Whizzer
    O' fans be not so picky
    O' fans be not so picky, oh
    Tip your hat to your Whizzer
    O' fans be not so picky!


    He too saved the world

    And fought the Axis Horde

    His name might be silly

    but with Miss America he scored!


    He once saved Budapest

    Paris and all the rest

    He stood up for humanity

    and damn gave it his best!


    His is an epic tale

    So what if he had mediocre sales?

    He defeated the villains!

    Gee whiz, he was swell!


    Tip your hat to your Whizzer
    O' fans be not so picky
    O' fans be not so picky, oh
    Tip your hat to your Whizzer!

    A mighty speedster was he!


    Tip your hat to your Whizzer
    O' fans be not so picky
    O' fans be not so picky, oh
    Tip your hat to your Whizzer!

    A mighty speedster was he...eeee eee!



  12. 13 minutes ago, Pariah said:


    I had given serious consideration to using him as my (aquatic) speedster pick. Alas.


    Also, I LOVE the new avatar.


    Ah, I should have gone with Speedster ;) Oh well. I have someone for that (Crosses fingers against snipping)


    As for the Avatar, Thanks! I was feeling patriotic  in a tongue in cheek way




    And Magneto as a kid recruit? Great Pathos

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