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  1. Thanks, And I DO sympathize, I've been there myself once so if you want to switch him to another pick spot later just let me know either by PM or here
  2. Yeah. I saw that quote. It's just it doesn't help much for finding a spot for him in your picks so you see why I had to ask.
  3. Yes, we are drafting through the weekend. Sorry to those that have Real Lives, but I've found that sometimes my own life (or family) hits me with surprises that whammy out of nowhere and can break up a good draft. So in hopes of reducing the odds, I'm shooting this through And by the way, you guys are getting some amazingly inventive and fun stuff up. I wanted to do this fancy 'judges make commentary stuff' like Log-Man and others have done so well in the past, but heck with it. I'll just say I'm impressed!
  4. The House has voted to impeach. But the Senate will likely drag its feet and even when it does come up.. not likely to pass with 2/3rds required
  5. I'm peeking in on the impeachment process on NPR life. It's a roller coaster of 'you tell em' and 'oh geez are you an idiot or just bought off?' for me
  6. It turns out that Officer Goodman, the cop he was speaking of didn't just run to save his own life (understandable) but cunningly lead the seditionists away from areas where the congress members were. The officer deserves props for that . Hell, he deserves a medal. I don't agree with Sam Harris on all his points but he does have me thinking on a few
  7. Well, I can't afford to burn bridges but i may have just done that. One of my relatives put up a long eloquent piece by Mike Rowe, and I ..tore into it. I have been SO good at trying not to rile family or friends who have supported Trump. The Coup was the last straw for me I fear. I hope this doesn't bite me in the ass, but I just can't stand the BS any longer.
  8. It's amazing to me how many of the mob seem SURPRISED they can break into a federal building, the capitol no less, break laws, make threats (Implied at least) and end up *Gasp* On No Fly lists, or even just flat out get arrested. There are stories and reports of various mob members freaking out because they're discovering the law actually applies to them.
  9. It's actually a fascinating period all around. IIRC, The Texas area was not the only Mexican State that was rebelling In addition to the Republic of Texas, there was also the Republic of the Rio Grande and the Republic of Yucatán. I maybe muddling the dates of those events but it was close I think. Texas just happened to succeed where others didn't and largely because the United States was ready to back it up and later take it in.
  10. An article about Trump's very slow, and very dangerous, Coup attempt
  11. Given Xander's Eye Patch days in later seasons, I think this is great
  12. Not familiar with Lucky Elliot, which is fine, as there's a lot of things I don't know, but what's the source please?
  13. From which source? Wonder Woman comics, Classic Greek mythology, Xena TV shows or what?
  14. Then I am both delighted at your inspiration... and perhaps a bit alarmed
  15. Folks, a reminder- Discuss the topic, not the poster.
  16. So far three folks have made their first picks! Thanks to all three of them, and I hope more come in.
  17. Some put fan fic or drawings up with the names, some just pick daily until they feel they've got a solid enough start to do that and add stuff later (or not at all). Only the picks are required And just like that, you're our first player to choose (And thank you for that, it tends to encourage others to jump on in)
  18. That's a shame, Cancer! If the muse strikes you a few days in feel free to jump in after all
  19. In roughly an hour five minutes as of this post, the first picks (organization/institution) will begin
  20. https://www.theroot.com/surprise-surprise-off-duty-cops-from-all-over-the-cou-1846029959
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