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  1. 56 minutes ago, TrickstaPriest said:

    Don't agree with this guy on a lot of things, but he's directly talking about what I am.  Literally minimizing a literal coup (obviously warier of the latter half)



    It turns out that Officer Goodman, the cop he was speaking of didn't just run to save his own life (understandable) but cunningly lead the seditionists away from areas where the congress members were. The officer deserves props for that . Hell, he deserves a medal.


    I don't agree with Sam Harris on all his points but he does have me thinking on a few 

  2. Well, I can't afford to burn bridges but i may have just done that. One of my relatives put up a long eloquent piece by Mike Rowe, and I ..tore into it.


    I have been SO good at trying not to rile family or friends who have supported Trump. The Coup was the last straw for me I fear. I hope this doesn't bite me in the ass, but I just can't stand the BS any longer.





  3. It's amazing to me how many of the mob seem SURPRISED they can break into a federal building, the capitol no less, break laws, make threats (Implied at least) and end up *Gasp* On No Fly lists, or even just flat out get arrested.  

    There are stories and reports of various mob members freaking out because they're discovering the law actually applies to them.




  4. 3 hours ago, archer said:



    The whole era was a flusterfubar. The government banned further immigration in 1830 then reinstated immigration after 1833 in response to requests from colonist petitions.


    The government banned slavery in 1829 except among immigrants from the US who were continued to be allowed to use slaves.


    General Santa Anna in Mexico led a successful rebellion against the government of Mexico with support of Texans. He had their support because he claimed to be in favor of greater autonomy for states...right up until he wasn't.



    Their politics almost makes current US politics look reasonable and tidy.


    It's actually a fascinating period all around. IIRC, The Texas area was not the only Mexican State that was rebelling  In addition to the Republic of Texas, there was also the Republic of the Rio Grande and the Republic of Yucatán. I maybe muddling the dates of those events but it was close I think. Texas just happened to succeed where others didn't and largely because the United States was ready to back it up and later take it in.

  5. 2 hours ago, Tjack said:

       The man behind the desk began shouting as soon as his Agent walked into the room.  Coulson, what are you doing to me?  I send you and your partner out to do a simple background check for one recruit and you bring me three!  On top of that an expense report in the tens of thousands and an after-action report that reads like a Stephen King novel.

       The mild looking Agent had a pained expression as he said, It’s like this boss, we went to Sunnydale to do the background on Ms. Rosenberg so as a matter of course we attended her High School Graduation. Where all Hell broke loose...literally. That’s where I first noticed Alexander Harris. I only had him listed as Rosenberg’s best friend,but I saw this kid take charge of his classmates fighting things out of a nightmare like an experienced line officer.  Not only that but when it broke down into hand to hand he was impressive.  Raw, but with a lot of potential. I thought he’d be an asset and offering the deal to both he and Rosenberg made the pitch much easier.

       Fury resisted the urge to rub underneath his eyepatch.  “Fine, send Garrett in here. What was the name of his recruit?   Mears, Sir, Warren Mears.  John thinks he’ll be a great help to the L.M.D. Project.


          HERO:  Xander Harris — Buffy the Vampire Slayer  (TV)


    Given Xander's Eye Patch days in later seasons, I think this is great :)



  6. 20 minutes ago, Tjack said:

     I’m ready and waiting, do we just say the place or do we need to do some writing about it?  I’m set either way.

    Some put fan fic or drawings up with the names, some just pick daily until they feel they've got a solid enough start to do that and add stuff later (or not at all). Only the picks are required :)

    4 minutes ago, Tjack said:

    S.H.I.E.L.D Academy.



    And just like that, you're our first player to choose

    (And thank you for that, it tends to encourage others to jump on in)





  7. 12 minutes ago, Lord Liaden said:

    Not gonna bust your chops any more, Hermit. Your bottom line is to try to be fair to everyone, and I have to respect that.  :yes:



    I never saw it as busting chops . It can be.. vexing, of course, to feel like I'm right and why can't people see that ;) but then there are nights, horrible horrible nights, when I look into my heart of hearts, and have the sudden irrational fear that I may not know everything after all.





  8. 1 hour ago, Ragitsu said:


    Seeing twenty to thirty year old men carrying and waving the Red Scare torch (wailing about "communists") any time a conversation is even vaguely left-leaning is equal parts sad and pathetic.


    Universal healthcare? Communist.

    Publicly funded college (or college-equivalent) education for all? Communist.

    Green New Deal/green energy? Communist.

    Scaling back the military? Communist.

    Pro-Choice? Communist.

    Accepting/tolerant of minorities? Communist.


    Some will say "Marxist" or "Socialist", but they're all the same damn thing. We need to shift the Overton Window A.S.A.P.


    What gets me is that if policies like Universal Healthcare , affordable college and the like ARE socialist, and socialist can never be democratic...

    well, NATO's got a LOT of Commie tyrannies! Le Gasp. In fact, I think we lost most of Europe!



  9. 1 hour ago, Lord Liaden said:


     In the general populace they were apparently willing to tolerate the abuses by Trump and Trumpists in exchange for token nods to conservative policies.



    Pardon me narrowing down to just this quote. Let's just say that I am PISSED at 90% of the GOP in Congress and leave it at that as far as the actual republican leadership goes and I agree it's on the Republican politicians to show they are truly acting in good faith.  They should reach out first, and offer something up first. 

    And even then I wouldn't blame the Democrats in Congress for not wanting to chance it but would hope they'd try.


    But as for the general populace, some of the right leaners I know felt and feel they weren't getting ANY Nods from Democrat Politicos (Beyond Coal Miners being told to go learn Code as if were easy.) And they resented the old mainstream GOP gave them those tokens instead of real effort. Hence, at least a few tell me, that's why they turned to Trump in 2016


    Of course, we know Trump told them what they wanted to hear, fed them hateful excuses to explain WHY things were going bad, and lied through his teeth ... the guy's a skilled con man if nothing else. But we're going to need to address those issues of lost manufacturing job, health care that's friendly to small businessmen among other things. Or they'll either be apathetic or worse, be vulnerable to the next Trump 2.0.


    30% of folks who voted for Trump in 2016 voted for Obama in 2008 . And even if it was closer than it should have been imo, Biden did win in 2020 on what was (also in my opinion) a 'Stop Trump' ticket.


    That gives me SOME hope


    but I confess, I share a lot of concerns with others about how to deprogram a cult this large :(





    1 hour ago, Ragitsu said:


    Seeing twenty to thirty year old men carrying the Red Scare torch (wailing about "communists") is equal parts sad and pathetic.


    *Sigh* It's certainly disheartening. Clearly a lot of people don't know what socialism is.

  10. Speaking of conservatives who have been FIGHTING for democracy...

    Props to the Lincoln Project




    January 6, 2021 - “Today’s violence and insurrection in Washington and in state capitols is the direct responsibility of Donald Trump. This shameful culmination of four years of lies, propaganda, dog whistles, gaslighting, and conspiracy theories at the hands of a dangerous, unstable president has now put our Constitutional system of government at risk. While our democracy has been under attack since Donald Trump was elected in 2016, today’s domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol highlights just how much Trump and his enablers have entirely abandoned the principles of the Constitution and the Republic.

    This is no longer simply about Donald Trump’s charade. It is an armed, violent, and planned insurrection against the United States of America. It is a moment where the tenets of Trumpism replaced the tenets of American democracy with the inevitable, violent results.

    “Make no mistake, this is sedition and insurrection,” said Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson, “People have long asked why the Lincoln Project has targeted Trump’s Republican allies, and today they have their answer. Those Republicans who have endorsed and encouraged Trump’s lawless coup attempt in the House and Senate deserve to be prosecuted, not seated in the halls of government.”

    “The House should immediately impeach Donald Trump for directing and provoking this attack. The United States Senate should immediately vote to convict and remove him from office. Any Member of Congress who refuses to do so should be considered a co-conspirator.”



  11. 24 minutes ago, Chris Goodwin said:


    Anti-Trump conservatives need to be more bold in their criticism, and have needed to for the past four years.  


    For that matter, so do Democrats.  Passive aggressive, Twitter-sniping, media-litigating "resistance" hasn't done anything but given Trump more attention and allowed him to cast himself as the persecuted victim.


    I tend to agree with you, but I'm still for putting our broadest brushes down

  12. 48 minutes ago, Dr. MID-Nite said:


    With respect, I don't think "we don't want minorities or gays in America" is a "legitimate concern"...as but one example. Treating them as such leads to "appeasement" and we all know how that turns out. The progressive elements in this country bend over backwards to try to come to an understanding with the conservative elements and they just take advantage of that kindness while being as inflexible as ever. They haven't thrown out even a single olive branch while the progressive side has offered up entire damn forests. As a progressive, I feel like I'm talking to people in a soundproof room. How can we talk about legitimate concerns when conservatives aren't even willing to sit down at the table? And the implication is that it is somehow progressives' fault for Trump because we're "not listening"? Nonsense. The conservative oligarchy that runs America created Trump. That same oligarchy that cares only about wealth and power and manipulates Americans into fighting against their own best interests. Americans ate up Trump's rhetoric because the nation is at heart still living in the 18th century.


    First, can we define who "THEY" is? Because, maybe I misread Cancer, but I thought he meant Americans with a conservative bent and often rural background. Others seem to be defining THEY to those who stormed the white house in a seditious act, and it's a mistake to assume all of the former are the same mindset as the latter. 


    That said, yes, as a guy who voted for Bernie in the primaries I totally feel the frustration of being told that ideas I think are just  common sense and common decency are too big and unrealistic over and over. Be it from more moderate democrats or those voting republican.  I'm sure they're frustrated with me being so fussy about such.


    You can want border security while recognizing that families being separated is wrong and without discouraging increased means for LEGAL immigration. 

    You can be pro right to bear arms or even LIKE guns without being against waiting periods or background checks.

    You can be against Free Trade set ups that seem to cost jobs at home without being xenophobic.


    Some folks are treating ANYONE with a conservative leaning as if they're cheering Trump on, and that is delusional and destructive in a time when we're already loaded up on destructive delusion in this country and we don't need more.


  13. Because someone inquired...


    You can certainly use folks from the same universe/source as the insitution/organization you have chosen if you wish. It might cost you some votes if folks think you're not really changing it up enough but it's possible. Mind you, if I were playing and saw someone picking  (For example) "The Round Table" and then started drafting "King Arthur" then Lancelot  I might try to steal a knight like Sir Gawain just to keep them from getting a full set, but I'm jerk like that ;)


    But then that might work against me when your next knight applicant was Speed Racer and it turned out you never wanted Gawain anyway

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