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  1. Thanks for the reccomendation... uhm *notes maniacal laughter* I think. Yeah, Dick is an interesting character, though I found some portrayals of him very young as annoying. I think I first started liking him in an old Teen Titans book I only half way remember. Details are foggy, but essentially Batman teamed up with the Teen Titans. Batman started treating them all like sidekicks, giving orders, and expecting to be obeyed. Dick pulls Bruce aside, and informs him that while he loves him like a father never do that again. He straightened Batman out on who was better at "playing with
  2. Heh Agreed, it's almost as if they are embarrassed to have gotten caught. In the realms of fantasy novels, Lord of the Rings gets similar deference. "How can you read that make believe #$#$?" "I thought you enjoyed Lord of the Rings, the movies so far, and the trilogy?" "Uhm.. that's social commentary..."
  3. I think this maybe how we lost Seeker...
  4. Side Note: I've been hearing particularly good things about the Nightwing comic book series. I don't collect (not any more) but is it worth snatching from the shelves from time to time? Or have I just run into some die hard fans who'd buy anything with him on it?
  5. Yeah, I lost a lot of respect for my fellow man when the 'mainstream' sneered at my comic books for being unrealistic, then ran off to watch Soap Operas (then later Jerry Springer, and now "reality TV"). I mean really, how many freaking evil twin brothers do some of those Soap characters have?
  6. I have to agree with the 'JLA more powerful' 'Avengers better-led' statements. Somedays I SWEAR Captain America has combat skill levels usable by others... And yeah, the FF is often under rated, but the Foursome I remember was down right formidible. Reed would look at the JLA, run calculations through his head , and deduce the nature and weaknesses of his opponents faster than you could say "Holy Deux Ex Machina!" "Johny, attune your flames to the red scale, they should help negate that faux human fellow's invulnerability." And if Marvel was writing this, that would work...
  7. Hmm, I have Characters of my own? Oh wait, I do. Most of the campaigns get played in frequently, at least the FTF ones, but... Lone Star- A growing flying patriot (Texan style) brick with X-ray vision. Most as like he'd pluck that little fellow up fast as he could and get him outta there. Reckon if the x-rays could tell him what part of that bomb was bad, he'd remove it. Slammer- Slammer is a brick, albeit with a forcefield and double knockback punches instead of the more typical set up. This would startle him, and he's a glory hound so he might panic and do something flashy. He
  8. I'm going to have to start saving pennies (as I'm a bit strapped) and actually get some DH issues, dog gone it. Lost Worlds... mmmm nice.
  9. Rats Don't get me wrong. This is good news. It's just that when I saw the title of the thread, I thought... "A Nightwing Movie? Hopefully withOUT O'Donnel? Or maybe a TV series... ALRIGHT!" I mean, being able to say his name is nice, but you can understand my disapointment
  10. I made the Unholy Trinity for one campain Consisting of Defiler : A demon in a human host who corrupts all around him. Dementia : A mentalist who projects his many insanities onto others. Wrath: A female Brick who is as angry as her name sake. This way I've got body, mind, and spirit covered
  11. Re: Um... Heck, I thought he was downright depressed.
  12. Hermit

    For FREEDOM!

    Liberty Lad just grated on my nerves for some reason. Must be the old fogey in me, that young punk just was asking for a trip to the wood shed.
  13. Hermit

    For FREEDOM!

    Custom Characters Actually, it was that voice I used when I tinkered with character creation. I picked Minute Man as a basic template, choose the red color for his costume, altered a few powers (especially their names), put Iron Ox's voice for him... and behold, REDCOAT was born! "Can't let those damn colonials show us up, eh wot?"
  14. How to lure Have some sort of tape player rewind and run a woman's scream every hour or so. Watch the would be saviors of the 'Damsel in Distress' kick the door down *EG* Or, should your heroes be less galant, marking the door "Ming's Harem Chamber" can also lure them in.
  15. Re: Terran Empire Thank you for the heads up on that Peregrine, I'm sure it's just a part of the DoJ's insidious plot to get me to buy other genre products even for my Champs games.
  16. Mmmph. Clearly I need to reread my CU, but it did seem like there weren't that many among the still living. Keep the posts coming though. Interesting to see how others work it.
  17. Wow, there's a blast from the past... really takes me back. wait.. too far back, I wasn't even a devious gleam in daddy's eye then... must hit chronal brakes... *Sounds of paradox*
  18. Hermit

    For FREEDOM!

    Oh, what the heck By the way, just curious, and NOT putting up a poll (Must make... ego check)... but for those of you that know the game... What is your favorite character? I'd have to go with "The Ant" myself. I hate ants, but this little Spiderman inspired fella is great. Versitile powers, and I even like his personality.
  19. This has been brought up before in the old boards, but hey, that was some time ago. Speaking for myself, I don't have Star Hero, yet. It maybe sometime before I can get it. I have Champions Universe, and it does seem to have only 4 or 5 alien races in the Milky Way. I know some folks hate aliens, but I like them. It does feel though, that 'officially' it's being discouraged. I maybe totally misreading that. Yes, we have Ironclad and Firewing, etc. However, in the comic books, you see litterally dozens of alien races of varying tech levels throughout the local galaxy. Here we have ...what
  20. In one of my first "Lords of Justice" campaigns, I was running my friends. While not total newbies, they sometimes forgot things... so Poltergeist ends up encased in an ice block. Later, Jamerson Lord (NPC patron of the team and former super hero) asks, "Why didn't you simply walk through the ice?" The player had forgot her character had desolidifcation. She groaned, both OOC and IC. We teased her a bit, but assured her everyone had those moments. Naturally, I'll not tell MY moment without sizable reward or threat.
  21. Hermit

    For FREEDOM!

    Rats. I hope Ben can find the old info. And I don't know. I surely hope so.
  22. Have you peeked at E-bay? I don't know if they have one NOW, but it's a place to start.
  23. Re: Damsel In Distress 101 mmmm.. 1) It depends, can normals 'haymaker' or push in your campaign? If they can, breaking that rope might be pretty easy for them. 2) Hmmm.. the ideas mentioned so far are good. Transform is another posiblity, with a limitation that as soon as the gag is gone, so is the transform? 3) Not sure. A "death trap" VPP seems pretty original, and I like the sound of it. Maybe with a limitation to reflect time needed or using materials about?
  24. I wish you luck... and I'll pray for their PCs *EG*
  25. An excellent series. If anyone ever starts a Fantasy HERO PBEM on this, I would not be surprised if it got more takers than it could handle.
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