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  1. CHampions Genre


    AH, well that's a horse of a different color then.

    Like RDU Neil said, it depends on how experienced in the genre you and your group are. Even then it's got some nice short cuts. Personally, I found the write ups on the bases nice, and the random generator may have a few bugs, but it can stir the muse a little.

  2. Champions Universe?


    You need it

    Not getting it could lead to premature baldness.

    Not getting it could eventually incurr haltiosis.

    It might lead to gout.



    Well, then again, it might not, but why take chances? :)


    Seriously, it depends as others have said. Sounds like you wouldn't need it as you're making your own world, but it does have a few good tidbits to rip off.. uhm , incorporate for your own world.

  3. Nice


    Originally posted by Superskrull

    Then there are a few plans I had for reworking DEMON into more of a Tarot-based group. Seems like I'd find more use for that one though by working it over and feeding it to Agent X as partial background for my PC in his PBEM/summer extravaganza.

    Interesting concept, I've been tinkering with a TAROT themed organization myself.

  4. What, no Poll? :)


    1.Spider-Man (The everyman made extraordinary)

    2.Captain America (Patriotic Dreamer becomes our champion)

    3.Blue Devil (Decent guy becomes Weirdness Magnet)

    4.Machine Man (Some heroes really are made not born)

    5.Dr. Strange (Pride, fall, Redemption enightenment)

    6.Batman (a moment of grief, A life time of dedication)

    7 Hawkeye (reformed criminal)

    8. Rom, Space Knight (Matyr for the cause)

    9. Black Panther (Noblis Oblige)

    10. Green Lantern (Chosen... good call Mr Vimes) :)


    That's today anyways, tommorrow the list might shift on me. :)

  5. I play the game in a large part, for escapism, thus it doesn't come up much. However I'm not above adapting a current real world event to a comic book kind of story. I'd probably use a fictional country instead of a 'real' one for instance. Another thing to take into account, is the universe some play in may not have the same problems. I maybe wrong, but I don't think the CU mentions 9/11, and it seems as if that may not even have happened in it. However, Detroit is gone in an event caused by Doctor Destroyer. This horror lead as inspiration to James Harmon IV taking up super heroing.

  6. Brrrr


    Originally posted by MisterVimes

    And they are lead by Alex Trebec, who is just too smart for his own darned good.


    And their Police ARE the Army... it's a ninja-secret-police-state... and those darned mounties are sooooo friendly. WHATEVER could they be up to?

    Also, remember, from a Marvelesque P.O.V., there are 26 letters in the alphabet. We can have weapons A though Z... pardon me, Zed, pulling covert ops EVERYWHERE.

  7. Canada is a super power, they just hide it. They control a good chunk of the world's comedians and comedy writers. They've laced the US (Particularly the New York and L.A. areas) with them, and if we EVER make an agressive move against them....ZING.


    Ouch. Our ego will get such a drubbing from barbed wits we'll be forced to flee in terror!




    Hmmm... maybe that's a nother type of team... (No, not the comedy writing super heroes) , but patriotic ones who are not necessarily sponsored by the govt. More likely in the golden age, but it could still work.

  8. Insomnia, thou art my muse


    It really is amazing what strange forces you can use as inspiration. This was unearthed only recently.

    (Warning: Not for the faint of Heart) ;)


    Once, there was a mighty archmage known as Deeojay, and his spells were strange and arcane. Said to be a HERO among Magi, his spells called on strange gods of great power, but greater benevolence.


    40 "The Dreadful Dictates of Dewatts!"- Presence +40, Does Knockback (+1/4), Incantations ("Get to work! or somesuch; -1/4)

    A rebuke and motivation combined, the caster gains a terrible aspect, as if he held the very fates (or paychecks) of those about him in his hands!


    45 "The Subtle Shapings of S'Slong" 2d6 Major Transform, Improved Target group (Ideal version of old self;+1/4) Difficult to Dispel (+1/4)

    There is nothing the Subtle Shapings of S'Slong can not improve, or so some say. Floating from mystic's hands come odd symbols that look like hexes, and the number 5.


    44 "The Booting Bolt of BenEss!"- Extradimensional movement, 1 dimension (Known as 'Mundania' by some), Usable Against Other as Attack (+1), Ranged (+1/2),Trigger(When certain line is crossed +1/4)Gestures (Drawing a line;-1/4)

    This spell of banishment is frightening, but was rarely (some say never) invoked. A clear warning is given in the form of a mystic line drawn by the spell cast. Should that ward be breeched however, exile is the violator's reward. It maybe difficult for him to return to the sacred halls.



    Additional Note: There maybe more and darker spells still from Deeojay's librams, but somethings man was simply not meant to know.

  9. rats


    Well, we do have excuses.

    I mean, the darn boards situation took many hero gamer's minds off it? :)


    I voted for Kinetik myself (And loved your story, Ben), though I never got an automated response. *Gets paranoid*


    Oh well, let's suck it up, and be mature about this. Noble in the face of defeat etc.


    "Dignity, always Dignity"-Singing in the Rain

  10. Originally posted by MisterVimes

    I've done that, but each issue did not necessarily resolve the storyline... it was just continued to next issue:D

    My group won't let me do what the comics would refer to as Cliffhangers...

    "Tattered, bruised and tired, you've over come these mysterious creatures, and appear to be finally at the center of their base. You open up the door to see who is the mastermind behind all this... and you see...."

    "And we'll pick up next week."


    Threats inevitably follow. *Gulp*

  11. What feel or flavor to most of your PC teams have? There are probably too many options and variations to list, but you know what I mean. Some have the "Best of the Best, Elite Protectors of all mankind" thing going on (Sort of J.L.). While others are hated and persecuted by those they would protect. A few are a business (heroes for hire, capes for cash?:)). Some are Family (In the cases of folks like the F.F, litterally). There are the protectors of a city, not as glorified, but beloved locally and perhaps closer to the people. That sort of thing. There's even the Teen hero hang out.



    Any particular "vibe" you end up with more often, and what sort do you like most? or hate most. I'm curious.

  12. I don't worry too much about it, but when 5th came up, my players and I shoved some of our 4th Edition adventures back a decade or so, historically, and suddenly we could play 5th edition descendents (if we wanted) of them. :) I keep it fairly fluid.


    Continuity can be fun if used in a humor/camp campaign. I recall the time in an old Marvel SH Game when my character defeated Dr Doom by showing him a comic of "The month before" where "the real Doom" had been sucked into an alternate universe. The current one we were facing, my character extrapolited, was either a robot... or could not exist. He poofed away in a puff of continity confusion. :) Of course, I wasn't able to bask in the glory as reality rewrote itself and we all ICly forgot anyways. Just can't win. :)

  13. You know what I mean, there's a big difference between say, the feel of a group like the X-men, and the Justice League, the Fantastic Four, and the Titans.


    What do you usually end up playing in or running?


    Forgive me if I miss any options


    The best of the best, the elite guardians of the Earth


    Government or "officially" sponsered and run. Have no fear, citizen.


    Hated, Hunted and feared by those they would protect...


    Heroes for Hire, Capes for Cash


    A group of reformed villains


    We're not just a team, we're family!


    Govt funding? World saving? We're friends, we protect our home town and own, and if you don't like it... get out of the clubhouse!


    We are the judge, jury, and if need be executioners; doing what the law can't... or won't.


    We're bound by destiny (or some other cosmic force) and don't seem to have a choice.


    Other, please explain

  14. Originally posted by MisterVimes


    Bile man?

    T-Shirt Man?

    The Human Griddle?


    Those might work.

    Bile Man, kind of like Mr Furious from Mystery Men?

    "Gorge, rising..."


    T-Shirt Man with an odd VPP with T-shirt focus limitation

    "Man, we are stumped... one moment, let me get my 'What would Batman Do?'' Tee on"


    The Human Griddle... hmm sounds too much like "The Waffler" who tried out for Mystery Men

    "Golden Crispy, bad guys are history!"

  15. Not bad


    I've certainly heard worse. :)


    The press or someone else may end up referring to them as just "The Avatars" but still, the full name sounds good for formal occasions.


    Also important, the initials of the group aren't anything embarrasing. :D

  16. Well, my group hasn't really been willing to give past FH attempts a shot. So, If I'm suggesting things already covered, forgive. Still, somethings I would want to see (Assuming I can peel them away from D&D ):


    A study on Mythological feel. I know this might take some research that isn't too much easier than historical, but it might be nice to be able to have a few guidelines on the difference between say, a Norse like feel, or a Grecian one. The same would go for constructing settings in those and other veins.


    Speaking of Mythos, don't neglect the dieties. I'll third the suggestions on including how to make a pantheon, and what degree a GM can allow divine influence, on his game world. In the magic section (And you may have already got this covered), find a way to suggest the differences between magic and miracles (if nothing else, the priest/cleric types should have certain do's and don'ts that a wizardly type wouldn't) . Most fantasy games describe only Monothesim or Polytheism as options-If you have room, mention some stuff that is in between. Make sure that we know Henotheism is not chickenworship :)


    In the races section, if you could show the variety in each 'stereotypical' race, I'd like it. I don't mean 'Dark Elf' 'Wood elf' , so much as the difference betwen say... Sidhe, Alfar, wolf riding savages, and little guys in a tree who make cookies: All could be technically called 'elves', and a many begining GMs think the only elves are ala Tolkien (Not that there is anything wrong with that). Similiar situations for the other races.


    I don't know how much "Urban" or Modern Fantasy will be covered, but both that, and a bit on 'cross worlds' fantasy might be nice. A few ponderences on the influence of technology in a Fantasy world (as well as of Fantasy in a Modern world) might be helpful.


    For that matter, a discussion of Tech levels (Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron age etc) might be good period.



    If I stated anything you have already covered here publically, my apologies. It's waayy too early in the morning. :)

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