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  1. Because they haven't been mentioned, I might also include at least a third of the characters from the movie "The Family Stone"
  2. I did! I think I watched i on repeat for at least 15 minutes and giggled like a school girl while clapping "Again, Again!"
  3. https://www.npr.org/2021/01/01/951171599/party-like-its-1925-on-public-domain-day-gatsby-and-dalloway-are-in One thing that cheers me is the liberation of works that should have been released much sooner than this!
  4. Some of my family and friends had a better year this year than they did in the years before, and I was in a better place mental health wise than I was a few years ago...which is I know the opposite of most folks. And I feel a bit guilty about that, and worried for a return to some bad things. So I'm hoping 2021 is better for MORE people, my friends, family, and self included. And, I really want certain political things to move on but that's for another thread
  5. I'm not sure I could limit it to just five an who I'd put in the top spots but given the holidays have passed but recently, I think I would definitely have Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life , that greedy conniving hateful old spider is said to be miserable, but the sheer amount of misery he caused people daily 'off panel' confirmed that he was a slum lord, fearmonger, and more who casually destroyed lives and expected you to tip your hat to him and kiss his ass or he would try to wreck you.
  6. While I might not use or will tweak if I do.. thank you for putting in your own ideas
  7. Christmas is a stressful time for me, but I'm trying to learn how to not diminish it for others. So hope everyone had a wonderful one
  8. Well, no. I didn't think the title would. i kind of thought the post you're (Partly) quoting would help those who might be curious. (Though there are and were also the tags of Campaign Prep, NPC ideas, and College Setting )
  9. Fortunately for me, I am in the eastern third of the state. But you can bet folks are talking about it. Crazy stuff. Last I saw, three injured but no one killed.
  10. Pr Miles Noren is the unfortunate guy who has precognition and may lose his marbles even as he might play plot device dropping ranting clues to the PCs. He may end up a full time ally, albeit one with limited use. Or he could see something in the future that will make him decide the mutants must fight among themselves to grow strong enough for a coming threat
  11. Some of you are probably wishing this had more context The other 90% of you haven't even looked at this thread or have and got bored I'm putting some details in spoilers in case my players get on.. which I don't think they will The Players will be playing three students caught up in this, and being PCs, they'll be a little less subject to the recruitment attempts. Without other heroes around, it falls on them to step up and learn fast as their fellow students either join the ranks of Mutant Supremicists or just wreck havoc on their own. So far, the P
  12. Edwin "Ed" Fullerton, 18 year old sophomore, is a redheaded stepchild. Really. His family life was pretty rough. Because of this, he's cautious by nature, bordering on distrustful, with new faces. That said, he's observant, analytical, and tries to stay emotionally detached. As might be guessed, he hasn't made many friends yet. The slender ginger is considered to be one who gives it to you straight and most of the other students admit he's probably acing his classes. A true bookworm. (If he develops a mutation) With "La Carmagnole" in the backdrop, I see Edwin's featur
  13. Michelle Blake, Junior, Age 23, a friendly outgoing woman who may laugh when it's not appropriate but is a likable kind of weird. Some think she dyes her normally dark brown hair a new color at least once a month, wears flamboyant colors in many contrasting layers. From her Happy Go lucky attitude, you'd never know she was fighting a battle with cancer hoping to graduate before it (or the treatment attempts) finish her off (If she develops a mutation) As the tune of Le Mer by Debusy builds up in my mind, I see Michelle Blake shedding illness in the waters of rebirth. She aband
  14. Alvin Brooker, Senior, Age 23, a strapping all American golden boy complete with hair to match, easy smile, and bittersweet about graduation as he'll be saying goodbye to his Frat brothers. He's one of those guys you kind of want to hate because he's just too close to perfect, but he's a noble jock type rather than a jerk meathead so it's hard not to like him. Sometimes he can be a bit clueless about introverts, thinking they just need a push to get over their 'shyness' but he means well. (If he develops a mutation) On the stage of what might be, I see Alvi
  15. Have. Great movie. Highly overlooked. But the situation here is a little different. That's a high school for future superheroes where almost everyone has powers and is in the know. This is a small to medium college where nothing exciting has ever happened. Only now it's remoteness makes it ideal for a villain's plot to trigger mutation and what may happen if that's set in motion. Still, yes, a great movie to take some archetypal personalities from *G*
  16. Renata Echeverría, Freshman, age 18 Cuban American girl whose own parents are proud that she's the first of their family to make it to a college. She's new to the area, and too much on her guard, in fact she's a bit over sensitive. She's tired of folks assuming she's of Mexican Heritage. The brown eyed girl glares if someone makes a comment about her height and don't call her 'Ren'. She's competitive, because she had to bust her hump to get a scholarship and knows that just getting by doesn't get you anywhere. With maturity her flaws may soften, but she's got a lot in her favor too; A hard
  17. Alexina "Alex" Finnmore , sophomore, age 19 about to turn 20, a trustfund sort whose parents are paying her way. While she observes some formalities and decorum that betray her old money upbringing, a part of her resents the expectations from her parents and this clashes a bit with her naturally loyal nature. The blue eyed brunette has discovered she rather likes being called Alex , partly because it would annoy her mother no end. Formality aside, she's a welcoming individual by nature and most folks like her. (If she develops a mutation) I see Alex taking a cup that says drin
  18. My name is Miles Noren, I am a college professor at Balding-Wheeler University where I teach music. And I believe I am going out of my damn mind. I am wide awake, and yet I am dreaming. Classical orchestrations, and Broadway tunes accompany visions both spectacular and nightmarish, mostly of my fellow staff, and students! But also of the ones behind it. I wipe the sweat from my brow, I have a fever. I see a savior, and butcher and liberator and tyrant looming over it all, Kinematik? Yes, that's his name. The 1812 Overture begins as he fills my mind, as he sows the see
  19. I tend to prefer Istvatha V'han but she certainly a far more benevolent tyrant compared to old Darkseid
  20. Welcome to the French DOMESTIC Legion Seriously though, props to France, this is great!
  21. Well, it's not like congress is there to serve and represent your average American citizen or anything
  22. More TN stuff https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/12/22/948908168/tennessee-hospitals-are-disturbingly-close-to-their-breaking-point
  23. I worry I'm wastrel peasant number 3, probably going to die in the first kobold raid. Avenge me, heroes.
  24. (At this rate, I'll finish in 2030 *facepalm*) "You're packing?" I gathered from the large suitcase he was shoving things into. Frankly, I didn't remember that suitcase when he got here, I'd found Hussar in his room, and I have to confess, I was surprised. I kind of imagined him as going to the training area and beating things up when he got frustrated. Then again, maybe I was projecting there. Many was the time that I had either hit the combat simulators when I had a good mad on and no place to direct it. If I set it on easy I got my mad out, if I set it on difficult, my ang
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