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    Scott Ruggels got a reaction from Brian Eye in Blast from the past part. 1   
    So I have recently completed a move, to a place largr enough to not need storage. So I have bern unpacking many boxes of books. Along with finding all of my old gaming books, I found my character binder.  Inside was the original Hero flyer announcing Champions, and also the character handed to me by either Bruce or Ray, for a game GMed by Steve Peterson an that convention back in 1981. I present it to you in the interests of the historical record. 

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    Scott Ruggels reacted to Cygnia in And now, for your daily dose of cute...   
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to IndianaJoe3 in And now, for your daily dose of cute...   
    Moist owlettes
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to Panpiper in Looking for the original 4th edition Character sheet for Fantasy Heroes   
    My favorite RPG of all time was 4th Edition Fantasy Hero. Just saying.
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    Scott Ruggels got a reaction from Duke Bushido in Why NOT use a multipower for magic?   
    One of my favorite characters to play.  Sorry XD.  Explosive AOEs. Yaaay!
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to Gnome BODY (important!) in General Advice When Creating Champions/Hero System Characters   
    Good work!  Nice to see people focusing on the new folks. 
    >General Advice When Creating Champions/Hero System Characters
    No criticism, seems solid. 
    >How much, how big
    You are using numbers here, and if the reader is in a game with different benchmarks following your advice will cause them problems.  I strongly recommend removing the numbers. 
    For that matter, you haven't even talked about campaign benchmarks here. 
    I can't speak for all campaigns, but ED tends to be equal to PD at my table. 
    I'd mention that because defenses are subtraction and tend to be a significant % of a capped attack, losing even a couple dice really hurts your damage output. 
    >How to Win
    More numbers here.  I'd recommend switching to formulas. 
    You're missing a conversation on the topic of NNDs and how high your CON should be to not get Stunned by NNDs.  Also how to not chump to Coordinated Attacks. 
    If you're suggesting ranged characters hang back in range-penalty-land, you should also suggest range PSLs.
    >Reducing Costs
    I'd recommend waving newbies away from Activation Roll, RSR, and well anything that involves more dicing. 
    I'd also recommend recommending they keep the Limitations off their main attack and defense so they don't have to worry about sudden inability to function on the battlefield. 
    What I'd Like To See Added
    A section on Skills: Numbers, what everyone should have compared to what specialists should have, using Powers as super-Skills. 
    Talk about effect-first and how to go from description to effect to write-up. 
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to Brian Stanfield in Why NOT use a multipower for magic?   
    A similar conversation came up earlier this year, and I suggested a way to alleviate the perceived advantage of magic vs mundane items. The discussion can be found here. TLDR=make everyone buy everything as powers, just like in Champions. So spells, crazy maneuvers, rogue talents, barbaric rage, even armor and weapons, are all designed with powers. This may be a way to overcome the perceived imbalance. 
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to assault in Why NOT use a multipower for magic?   
    Why shouldn't the fighter have a magical Multipower as well?
    There are no character classes in HERO.
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to Old Man in Why NOT use a multipower for magic?   
    I always preferred ECs for magic.
    Just for grins, I dug up one of my more blatantly minimaxing Fantasy Hero multipowers:
    13 40pt. necromancy multipower (-0.5) requires a skill roll (-0.25) incantations (-0.25) gestures (-0.25) concentrate 1/2 DCV (-0.5) full phase to cast (-0.25) not on holy ground 1u 37 Weaken: 3d6 suppress str, continuous, 0 end 1u 37 Strike Blind: 5d6 flash, 1 hex area 1u 39 Poltergeist: 26 str. telekinesis, affects whole object 1u 40 Pain: 4d6 ego attack 1u 37 Theft of Life: 1.5d6 xfr body to end (25), usable at range (+1/2) 1u 40 Dispel Magic: 11d6 dispel vs. any magic (+1/4) 1u 30 Detect Magic: discriminatory, analyze, ranged, targeting 1u 38 Animate Dead: summon 1x 85-point zombie (17), expanded class: based on corpse (+1/4) slavishly loyal (+1) 1u 40 Unlife Regeneration: 4d6 simplified healing 1u 40 Summon: 4x 50-point demon, slavishly loyal (+1) 1u 40 Seance Future: clairsentience, precognitive, audible only (-1/4) 1u 40 Seance Past: clairsentience, retrocognitive, audible only (-1/4) 1u 37 Feeblemind: 5d6 suppress int, 0 end 1u 40 Unlife: 12/8 force field, ipe, 0 end, not vs. silver weapons 1u 37 Strength of the Damned: 5d6 succor str, 0 end 1u 5 Shadow Walk: teleport 1" (2) safe blind (+1/4) megascale 1" = 1000 km (+1) 1u 37 Glimpse of the Abyss: aid 3d6 to end, fade 1/turn 1u 37 Possession: 6d6 mind control, telepathic (+1/4) 1u 40 Spirit Form: desolid 1u 40 Foul Gust: 35" leaping, accurate (40)  
    The moral of the story is no ultra slots.
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to Old Man in Why NOT use a multipower for magic?   
    Exactly.  The problem with multipowers has usually been the swiss-army-knife effect that occurs when slots are too cheap.  This is magnified in fantasy when certain powers (flight, telekinesis, teleportation) are undercosted.  In combat, warrior vs. mage can be fair.  Out of combat, the guy with access to supernatural powers that 98% of the population doesn't even understand can be a problem for the GM.  It's the VPP problem, only a bit less bad.
    The good thing about multipowers is that they don't reward the mage whose only spell is 120 active point Tactical Nuke.
    To mitigate some of the problems with multipowers in fantasy:
    No ultra slots. Link active points to number of slots somehow.  Base them on INT, or force AP to be some multiple of slots (or vice versa). Require some minimum amount of common Limitations (usually -2). Consider requiring multiple multipowers for different special effects or groups of powers.
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to Grailknight in Swords and damage   
    Chalk this up to different experiences then. My players would build a Martial Arts school( from the lists of moves not from scratch) and attach names to the moves. They' then used those names in play. Taking away all the moves made things too generic for them, the one time another GM rotated in. So I'm used to " I evade your Cobra Fang using the Leap of the Mongoose" So maybe we reach the same point, we different starting places.
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to Duke Bushido in Swords and damage   
    Two things:
    First, I want to step up for N-B:
    He's not arguing.  He might bet a bit defensive when things are being pushed back more strongly than he pushed, but he's not arguing.  I can say this with some authority, because he and I _have_ argued over this very topic before: it looks way different when he's arguing.  
    For what it's worth, I'm not arguing, either:  I said all I have to say about when he and I argued last time-- well, when _the board_ and I argued last time.  I wasn't kidding; until this very thread, I'd have bet actually money than I was the only one who saw the whole thing as some silly fun flavor ideas that had somehow developed acolytes and disciples.  
    This is one of those times when I feel weird, because I find myself in agreement with GB(i).  To be fair, I rarely find myself completely at odds with him, but we disagree in a key way on almost every conversation in which we've both participated.  When we don't----   I feel like I must have read something wrong....    
    As to the idea that i've not shaken out newer and later editions:
    I have _several_ copies of BBB, hardback, paperback, brownback, and even that illegible re-issue, because I am always thinking "one more table copy" or "one more loner" couldn't hurt.
    Hell, I volunteered hours upon hours of my own limited free time and paid for related expense from my own pocket to ensure that _two_ different 4e books would not be lost to time . I think I gave it a fair shake, since I shook it enough to have fond memories of it.  I just didn't find it to be any better.
    5e may have been bullet proof, but enough use of it still results in dropped pages.  Trust me.   Sidekick and re-Sidekick get more use, as they are more portable and quicker to reference, but my 5e has taken such a beating from use  That I eventually had it rebound and spiraled (won't be doing that again; worst advice I ever heeded) and replaced.  My re-five...  I don't know what to tell you:  I can't find it significantly different from 5e to really get worked up about, and _certainly_ not different enough to warrant flipping through the extra pages!    
    Yeah; I've tried them; I've given them solid and fair shakes--  even New Millennium (which I will probably always prefer to 6e) got used off and on for a couple of _campaigns_.  Not sessions; not months, not even "a couple of years," but a couple of campaigns.  I think we "shook it out" for nearly six years, working that game into our rotation.  It was okay, but if you screwed around with it long enough, the missing bits and pieces became pretty apparent and annoying.
    Six E--
    well, six e can go hug a hairy one.  Yep; I've read it.  I rather _like_ Basic, actually; I don't want to dismiss that out of hat.  Seems a shame that two, maybe 4 more pages would have included everything yet it didn't get done.  Oh well.    But using a one-thousand, eight-hundred and twenty- page rules book?   Oh, Hell no.  I don't want to memorize it.  I don't even want to learn where to open it to get to what I need to look up. I don't want to teach it-- I don't even want to _present_ it to anyone for fear of them never wanting to think about role playing again.
    And for the amazing and incredible changes best described as "a couple new powers and no figured Characteristics?"
    Feh!  No thanks.
    HS 1, HS 2,  APG 1, APG 2, Skills, and of course Martial Arts.  (I defy anyone in this thread who isn't me or GB(i) to step up and say that HSMA _isn't_ important core rules      ).
    Or any of the others.  I've made the comment before about the size of the rules (Hey, I didn't mention the Bestiary or the Equipment Guide, but I don't think anyone will argue the idea that they aren't core rules), only to be told "It's just books 1 and 2!"
    Yet when someone asks a question that isn't addressed to their satisfaction in either HS1 or HS2, they are pointed to the other books.  They are not told "well whatever works for you should be fine, really."  They are pointed directly at the other books to look for the answer to their question.  When someone wants an "official" answer and solicits the author himself, if that question can be answered using one of those other books, it _is_ answered using one of those books.  At no point are those books called extraneous.  Such answers start with, if I may paraphrase, "As I wrote in Book X,  in this situation, you should...."
    So no matter what we like to pretend, those _are_ official rules, and there are nearly two thousand pages of them.
    Screw that; I play a game to have fun with friends.  If I'm going to invest that kind of reading time, I'm going to spend it in the encyclopedia for the full graduate-school course of study experience.
    Anyway, short version:
    I have given fair and solid trial to every edition of the rules save this last set.  I have run supers, fantasy, and sci-fi in every single one of them, and a few pulp and western adventures in most.
    The fact that I eventually end up closing them forever as anything more than reference material and going back to a set of rules from forty years ago says at least as much about the new versions as does all the cheering from people who read it and don't actually play.
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to Ninja-Bear in Swords and damage   
    Duke I ain’t either in the mood to argue. First is the martial arts system the best? Probably not but I’ve been looking now for years and well Hero system is still the best. Second I’m really over people overly analyzing certain things and say “ this is too efficient and this is not” . The pints are a guideline but doesn’t tell the whole story. Third since this is a generic system and you can (usually) buy things on your own and none of the game designers are omnipotent, someone somewhere can figure out how to game the system. That doesn’t mean it’s broke per se just means that you need to use restraint.  Fourth personally over the years some things that I didn’t like about Hero gave me fits but in the end either the work around was more of a PIA than it was worth or the rules ways wasn’t that bad.  (I’m still pretty much a rules follower).  I have no problem saying “hey caution cause this can be abused and here’s how”.  I just say ok how can it work for my game? 
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    Scott Ruggels got a reaction from Ninja-Bear in dark champions was...   
    Dark Champions suppliments were some of my first cover art, right after i did stuff for a Teenagers From Outer Space cover
    Hudson City Blues. Cover art, by me)

    (found it while putting  my Vast hero collection up on the shelf.

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    Scott Ruggels reacted to Gnome BODY (important!) in Why NOT use a multipower for magic?   
    FRED has a section on being an ***hole to players you didn't get involved by awarding XP differently, but the only advice on spending XP is "Not during an adventure, and look XP expenditure over the same way you would character creation because it's the same thing really". 
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to Cassandra in Breaking Universes   
    It's this sort of making the villain too powerful that causes players to quit Champions and make them start playing Injustice: Gods Among Us.
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to Brennall in Roleplaying in the Age of Covid-19   
    Depending on you and your groups finances .. I just released a free mod for Tabletop Simulator. .. you and your players would still need to purchase Tabletop simulator however.
    You can see various video's of it in action in my Youtube - 
    and the other videos in my channel.
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to Duke Bushido in Swords and damage   
    Those are all _great_ questions, and the answer is "yes."
    To all of them.
    No; I'm not trying to be funny-- hey!  My "return" key is working again!-- sorry.  Where was I?
    These are questions best addressed to your GM, because he may have specific guidelines he wants you to follow, and we are all going to do things differently from each other.  Just as an example, I'm the only person on this entire board who thinks that Aaron Allston's martial arts system was fun as campaign thing, but has absolutely _no_ place in the official rules, and am baffled as to how it has managed to remain in them generation after generation.    Does that make me right?  No; of course it doesn't, but it doesn't make me _wrong_, either.  The GM will do that.  
    One helpful thing would be to know what genre this character is intended for. If it's a super-serious non-supers game, then the GM will probably want you to build a weapon appropriate to the setting (or chose one from a list), and at least buy Skill Levels or such appropriate to give the end results you are looking for.
    If it's supers, then all you _really_ have to do, at the very bare bones of the thing, is buy an appropriate hand-to-hand attack (Killing or otherwise:  remember that it is suggested that Killing Damage represents guns and swords and pointy things shoved into your entrails, but it is not _mandated_ that guns and swords and pointy things be built with Killing Damage, so you really either need to get with your GM to find out his expectations or, if you have carte blanche, make that decision for yourself.) and declare that this attack a sword / tonfa / sharpened stick with splinters / boat anchor with a razor's edge-- whatever.
    Remember that there are pros and cons to whatever you _do_ chose:  if you don't take the Focus limitation, your weapon will always be available.  That may not be appropriate for the game your GM has in mind, so again-- check with him.
    If you _do_ take the focus limitation, the weapon /  attack costs you less, but be prepared to not have ready access to it whenever you want it, either.
    The list goes on and on, but I see GB(i) has pre lied, so let me stop there before I duplicate anything he might have already said.
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to Ternaugh in Champions 4th Edition Hard Cover   
    I never used HeroMaker, I used Creation Workshop (Hero-specific version was called Hero Creator) , which will run under Windows 10 with some update files found here: https://www.alteregosoftware.com/update/index.php#creator
    They also have a 4e template for Metacreator, but I don't have that software, and the template works with the latest update to the Metacreator product.
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    Scott Ruggels got a reaction from ScottishFox in Champions 4th Edition Hard Cover   
    Correct. Heromaker.exe was what came with 4e. It produced the most beautiful 3 column character sheets. I worked on it, but it’s mostly Nicky Robinson’s work. 
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to ScottishFox in Champions 4th Edition Hard Cover   
    In an effort to support the local gaming store this week I popped in a bought a dusty old 4th edition hard cover Champions book.
    Man, I have missed 4th edition.
    I've had fond, nostalgic feelings about 4th edition for decades, but now that I'm thumbing through this dusty old yellow-paged tome - I still love it!
    It's not like re-watching some movie from childhood and wondering how you ever liked such garbage.  4th edition stands the test of time.
    Anyone know if there's a dusty old HERO Designer that supports 4th edition characters?
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    Scott Ruggels reacted to DShomshak in The Plan of the World   
    If you haven't seen it already, you (and anyone else interested in geologically plausible worlds) may be interested in the Paleomap Project of geologist Chris Scotese. Reconstructed geographies of Earth going back hundreds of millions of years -- and a few speculations about plausible future positions of the continents. Add a Savage Earth-style tilt and you could get some highly realistic, yet nigh-unrecognizalle, unearthly Earths.
    My "Magozoic" D&D settng uses Pangea Ultima, the Earth of 250 million years in the future.
    Dean Shomshak
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    Scott Ruggels got a reaction from Steve in dark champions was...   
    Dark Champions suppliments were some of my first cover art, right after i did stuff for a Teenagers From Outer Space cover
    Hudson City Blues. Cover art, by me)

    (found it while putting  my Vast hero collection up on the shelf.

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    Scott Ruggels reacted to MrAgdesh in Moon Druid (broken 5E D&D malarkey)   
    In a D&D campaign I'm in, one of the players is playing a Moon Druid - he gets to 'Wild Shape' (assume different animal forms) which are effectively different combat suits he wears with a free set of hit points each. If the form dies he just has to wait a while (rest) before he rinse-repeats.
    Our group has been chatting on how you would approximate this in Hero terms. Multiform is balanced in Hero in that any damage taken is proportioned to the form you assume, but this D&D monstrosity doesn't work like that (only if damage carries over past the form's hit points is it a problem to the Druid's main form hit points).
    I've said that essentially under Hero this build is something that transfers its consciousness between several, summonable, essentially indestructible repairable robot bodies, but I'm having a mental block as to how best to set this up (although actually, there is probably something in The Book of the Machine that covers this, thinking about it).
    This is purely from a design perspective in creating the above.  - not meant as a legit way to create a broken template. I say 'broken' because in our experience the Druid in question totally outshines all fighting types in our group. 
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    Scott Ruggels got a reaction from dougmacd in Swords in science fiction -- why?   
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