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  1. Wich books would you get if you wanned to adapt Fallout ( computer RPG ) for Hero? Thank´s Eduardo
  2. Ok... here we go... hope you understand me ) I´m going to buy Hero 5th ed, and i´m going to buy one of this two books also: The Ultimate Martial Artist or The Ultimate Vehicle So I have a question: I already have GURPS Martial Arts, do I need TUMA or with a litle efford I can convert the martial maneuvers of Gurps martial arts to Hero? If the answer is Yes, I can convert the maneuvers, then I´m going to buy TUV. One more... If I only buy the core rulebook, am I going to be able to do lot´s and lot´s of stuff? or do I really need a especic book to do somethings? Thank´s Eduardo
  3. Thank´s for the answers, that enough. Just one more question: Does The Ultimate MArtial Artist worth it? or I should get Champions or Champions Universe. I wanna know if the ultimate martial artist really have new rules and possibilities in combat, that complement the core book? Thanks
  4. I wanna know if Hero can handle realistic settings? something like a WW II game, where players can die with one shot... nothing HEROIC... just plain simple realism!! I´m asking this cause I read that HERO cant handle that situation, and as I´m thinking of buying HERO to be my Core system I wish to know!! I also wanna know if I can make a big battle, like, 2 machine guns, a tank, 6 soldiers againt the PC´s....and make it a coherent fight and not take too much time. Hope you understand my english, I´m a brazilian...) Thank´s
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