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  1. Enjoy this draft. Mingombe The Kingdom of Mingombe (“ubukumkani buka-Mingombe” in Xhosa) is a sovereign nation in the continent of Africa. It is a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, and the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The name Mingombe roughly translates to "people" (in Bentu). Mingombe has a population of about four million. Its capital and largest city is Mbazi. The two official languages in Mingombe are Xhosa and Bantu. Approximately 74 percent of Mingombeans speak Xhosa. The Kingdom of Mingombe is located in central sub-Saharan Africa, bordered to the north by the Republic of the Congo, to the southeast by Zambia, and to the southwest by Angola. The country lies between latitudes 6°N and 14°S, and longitudes 18°W and 28°E. It is just south of the Equator. The size of Mingombe, 240,000 square miles, is slightly greater than the area of France. The Mingombe government is a constitutional monarchy. The King of Mingombe, [To be named], holds formal authority and acts as a non-party political head of state under the constitution, with the government operating in the monarch's name. Mingombe has vast mineral and petroleum reserves, and its economy is among the fastest-growing in the world. The standard of living remains high for most of the population, however. Mingombe has a tropical climate, with high annual rainfall supporting several forest regions. As a result of the geology of the region, a huge amount of mineral wealth has been exposed (and is thus accessible to mining) throughout the country. Cobalt, cadmium, diamonds (both industrial and gem-quality), precious metals (gold, silver, copper, zinc, manganese, tin), as well as germanium, uranium, radium, bauxite, iron ore, and coal are all plentiful, particularly in the eastern part of the country. Rarer metals, such as vitaenium and dynamium are also available, here. In [Date TBD], a meteor landed in Mingombe, which contained a large deposit of edurium, the strongest metal known, making Mingombe the only source of the alien metal on Earth.
  2. Something from the San Angelo: City of Heroes update I'm working on. Enjoy! Reapers MC The Reapers Motorcycle Club has a chapter in San Angelo. The Reapers are a predominantly white club, though they don't have any actual club prohibitions against other races prospecting. The Reapers have been around since the 1960s. The mother chapter is in Stanislaus County, about an hour's ride away. The Reapers MC is involved in drug trafficking, weapons sales, prostitution, and the adult film business. They have a mutual respect with the Aztecs MC, with whom they've done business on a number of occasions. The Reapers clubhouse is located near Garrett's Landing in rural San Angelo county.
  3. Actually, there are two National Guard armories in the original SA:CoH book.
  4. Here's another update to the setting I thought you folks would like to see. Team Savior Boiz (TSB) A group of six full-powered meta-human teens has effective “leadership” of the Exiles gang, at least in terms of notoriety and popularity. The members' "stage names" include Dominace, Spyker, Razor (the leader), Mana, J-Hood, Arc, and Askari. They liken themselves to the equivalent of a meta-human K-Pop boy band. The group claims to commit acts “in solidarity with disenfranchised and underrepresented youth.” The reality is that they are teens drunk with their own power(s), who commit criminal and violent acts in the name of the Exiles. Most other members think TSB is “lit,” but a growing number disapprove of their behavior and the negative reputation that all Exiles are gaining as a result. Today, thanks to social media, TSB and the Exiles have both gained a lot of attention. They have a nearly cult status among disenfranchised teens. The Exiles have a following of about 25,000 so-called “normal” young people in San Angelo, and another 670,000 throughout the world. Each of the members of TSB have legions of female fans who follow them on social media. Members: Amir Bahar (aka Dominace) Brandon Weber (aka Spyker) Jae Lee (aka Razor) Jason Maivia (aka Mana) Kevin Lee (aka J-Hood) Ramesh Singh, (aka Arc) Stephon Thomas (aka Askari)
  5. Of course not. And any member of the Vipers MC will tell you that straight to your face.
  6. Every superhero game needs bad guys... even non-super ones. Here's some more eye candy for you fans, old and new! A few criminal motorcycle gangs are active in San Angelo. Outlaw bikers are known for their beloved motorcycles, often outlandish clothing and anarchic, violent behavior. Some motorcycle gangs are national organizations with chapters in various cities. A few travel the country, and others are purely local. Every outlaw biker gang has a set of “colors,” ragged jackets emblazoned with a patch, logo or other distinctive mark. Next to his motorcycle, his colors are an outlaw biker’s proudest possession. (Source: San Angelo: City of Heroes, 1998)
  7. The quotes from San Angelo citizens were a popular element of our books Here's one for the update. "Have you been to New Faith United? Oh my gosh, it is an amazing church! You walk and, like, instantly feel welcomed. The people and so friendly and nice to be around. We absolutely love the Pastor and his preaching style. The messages are just so powerful and informative. They are an affirming church, too. That's important, you know. Did you know that Corona got married there?" -- Emily Strathers, 24, LGBTQ Community Center volunteer
  8. Minor correction: "Gold Rush Games" is three words. And not to worry; we are in touch with Hero Games in regards to matters like these.
  9. Oh, dear. Well, San Angelo is a pretty big market... Got ya covered. KVSA 96.5 is the university station, plus there's also KXQD 92.7, the public radio station.
  10. I'm confident I will learn what I need to in discussions with the appropriate folks.
  11. Excellent questions and suggestions, Steve! Those are some of the very questions I'm planning to answer in the new edition. The biggest challenge is getting the right author(s) in on the vision and then to write those supplements. (Ahem)
  12. Thank you, Scott. My New Years Eve spindoctor.
  13. Here is my very direct and honest reply to the above, with the caveat that funding will dictate the outcome to some degree. With that said, however... I want damn fine city and area maps for SACoH2. I want maps that are large and detailed enough to print as a poster, because, well... I want to print some as posters! I want the maps designed as vector images to facilitate this. I also want maps that can be used as snazzy-looking, hyperlinked maps on our web site. Linked to what? To our disgustingly huge and detailed Wiki. "Wait, Wiki?" You read that right.
  14. Thank you for the heads up. At this point I simply am not familiar enough with the current edition of the rules to make an informed decision, so my inclination is to go with: 1) What the Hero Games license requires (if it requires one over the other) 2) The preference of the impeccable Steven Long. 3) Any overwhelming and obvious will of the fans 4) The preference of my 6E character writeup creator person. 5) My gut. ...in that order.
  15. Thank you very much. We create books for love of the game and love of the genre, but in the end, it's you, the fans, who keep us going.
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