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  1. The big problem that I had wasn't really the technical end of what they can/can't use in each form, my players were looking to use Multiform as an excuse to min/max. For example. When they are out of hero ID, they wanted a 380cp (Billy Batson) and a additional 380cp Shazam vs a 400cp Superman/Clark Kent. I think the thought process was "I'll spend the 1/2 phase to change if I need a skill then change back to my uber form". When the one player brought that up, the other players wanted to work that into their character concepts just for the extra CP. That's when one of my players said "Is there a reason not to take Multiform if you have a secret ID?" I hope that made sense lol
  2. Thanks all for the replies! Since there is no such thing as a rule of X in 6th ed, I am going to cap Multiform pts to be no higher than the true form. I let one player have it and it made sense. The other guy buffed the heck out his "other form" and only used a few of his true form. I truly felt that it was a min/max scenario. His abuse was becoming contagious. Also, I am only going to allow one person to have that power at a time.
  3. Thanks all for your insight to assist this 6th ed. n00b. I think Grailknight's reply is bringing me closer to the answer that I am looking for. My question isn't really focused on the secret ID portion of it but the game mechanics of it. How we read Multiform was that for every 1 CP you get 5CP towards another separate form (on a different character sheet with different stats, skills and the like). So a 400 CP true form can buy another 400 CP form for 80 CP. From what I am reading, active points play a factor in this math. Which brings forth another question. According to the the cost description in the book, you can have a 350 CP hero and buy a 400 CP multiform. So there's no cap? aka a 120CP Character can buy a 400CP form for 80CP. I am so confused lol. I can't thank you guys enough for the replies!
  4. I believe that the way I phrased the question may have caused confusion. I am speaking more so on a game mechanics level. Lets pretend that he has a public ID and we use Shazam as an example. My players want to use Multi form to have a 400 CP true form and for 80pts have a 400 Hero form strictly for Powers and Perks. Aka a 400CP Billy Baston and a 400 CP Shazam vs a 400CP Superman with one form who is both Superman and Clark Kent. (I realize superman is way more than 400pts lol) Thanks!
  5. I am starting a 6th ed campaign and one of my players is making a Iceman type character. He want to be a normal person out of hero ID then have a ice form with powers. He asked if multiform would be the best route. I agreed and all was good. Once the other players discovered that you pretty can pretty much get double the Power Points using multiform, everyone wanted it. For example they want Clark Kent to have all high skills and perks and have Superman have all powers and just everyman skills. Min/Max To me it does not seem like it is how the power was intended to be used. Advice or thoughts?
  6. Hi all, I am rather new to 6th Edition Champions and I am curious of what Combat manager is used for. Does it keep track of phases? Can you add and remove buffs/debuffs on characters? I read the product info on the store page but I am not fully sure on what all it does. Is it worth getting for a inspiring Hero campaign GM? Thanks!
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