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  1. He's going to clean up the Meta Street WM: "Mr R. Where are my guns?" Me: "You didn't have any listed on your sheet!" WM: "But it says arsenal. Where is my stuff!" Me: "You didn't buy any with any points, so you get none." WM: " But sir, it is normal equipment that you can buy in a store. Are you saying I have to pay for everything! Even a simple flashlight?!" Me: "OHHH, FFS!!! Here go read this by Killer Shrike, then come back and talk to me. I'll wait! http://www.killershrike.com/GeneralHero/HEROEquipmentDebunk.aspx Girl from Ipanema plays, then Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland plays, then... WM: "OK I see your point. But still I have no equipment" Me: "Let me do the talking!" OK this is one of the failings of GURPS in the supers area. If it costs money I don't have to pay points for it. Sorry in a super's game, you pay. So if you want to get an equipment stash for him, An M-16 with extra clips in a MP with normal and rubber bullets, an underslung grenade launcher with smoke, flash and concussive loads, a few regular hand thrown grenades. Add a body armour suit and a modern HUD army helmet and you're talking about 100 pts extra. If you insist on his getting the stuff for free then may I make this suggestion, it is a house rule I read about. All normal stuff is got the real weapon and real armour limitation. In a supers game this means a little more. Real Weapon has in addition to all else a Reduced Penetration limitation. This means the attack is divided in two and each goes separately to the defenses. So 2d6 RKA is 2 X 1d6 RKA. But this only applies to super powers or equipment. Real Armour vs super powers or equipment is half effective. Basically all attacks get Armour Piercing for free. Now onto the NPC. He's a Punisher rip....err homage. He's what you bring out to show your players that they are getting too bloodthirsty or to much judge, jury, executioner. He's not bad, but not fantastic either!
  2. Soul Rippers more stable sister There are not many female villains here, but the ones that appear I on the whole like. Ventura is one I like. She does not really need to do this, but does it for fun. As a result there are some crimes she will not do and her Code will keep her from doing more deadly actions. Personality wise she's a thrill seeker. Girl just wants to have fun. Because she is such a powerful TK, and is competent and has no real crippling psych lims she is wanted whenever an ad hoc team is being made. She eventually wants to join a stable team, and probably would like to be in a group like GRAB or Larceny Inc. Super thieves. Power wise she has a nasty set of TK powers. She can place a shield around herself, hold one person in place and proceed to blast a second. All she is missing is flight. Also she has a powerful telepathy and people seldom realize she looking into their mind. This could allow her to be one step ahead of heroes as she has inside info. Side note: Soul Ripper and Ventura could be paired together but his superiority complex would certainly grate on Ventura. Side Side note: It is mentioned that Soul Ripper and Ventura are half siblings. This leaves open other potential half siblings scattered across the continent. Who is daddy and what are his plans? Also a potential PC who finds out his family is made up of a super thief and a meta human bigot.
  3. Another agency who want all your wonderful toys So a quick note, the equipment is either the blaster OR the Glue gun. So basically reduce the agents by 35 pts to account for this. This another contender in those great agency's who bedevil the heroes like HIVE, Hydra, AIM, Viper etc. Their schtict is that they steal from tech based metas to study their gear and make cheap knock offs. These people should be behind all sorts of legal and less than legal problems for your tech heroes. Power wise this is like the original Viper agents in the Champions boxed set from 1980's. They look wimpy, but you can take a page from Hero Games and make them seriously nasty. New weapons, jet packs, vehicles, robots. If you don't have an agency group to give your heroes problems, well here is a good place to start!
  4. Is the weather going strange Lisa is a victim of what I call the beauty of EVUL! This is where you think, because the bad guys have better lines and better looks, that it is superior. At its extreme it makes evul look more intelligent and far seeing to good. Lisa looks at the villains and thinks their lives are sooo coool and glamerous. Add her lack of impulse control and villainy looks even more viable. But she does have a code where she doesn't attack non metas, and tries not to kill. How long this will last with her mindset remains to be seen. Personality wise she is an immature teenager even if she approaches her 20s. What she needs is a mature role model. But right now it is best to treat her as a spoiled teenager. Power wise, she's a classic Weather controller. So a large change environments. Then a flight / FF combo and finally a MP of attacks. She generally relies on the thunder-flashes and the lightning bolts, especially the bolts as they are extremely accurate, which means she can stay at range.
  5. She's an animal This is a variation of the Lizard; Scientist discovers a new procedure and decides to abandon all his scientific training and despite the fact that it is untested and may have unforeseen side effects, goes ahead anyway and disaster results. Where are all these untrained ..... nevermind. By now it is a comic book staple. And this is why we have Talona. Personality... she has none. Really she's an animal as far as intelligence and instincts are concerned. There really isn't much to see here. Power wise she's The Lizard with wings. Seriously I wondered why they gave her the Science Skills when she is really incapable of using them. Like what, she's gonna start using a computer terminal like those gorillas. For a team of 200 to 250 pt heroes, she's scary. For a team of 300 pt heroes, she's a blip. The scariest thing is her getting a Count Neferia treatment, where she is exposed to a substance that increases her power by a lot (like 150 pts) and she is let loose. Stop her or me, you cant't do both. But I find this a weak entry in the book so far!
  6. Another gang lord trying to rise up the ranks He's similar to Mirage in that he is a gang lord with a set of powers. He's a a bit better though as he seems a lot more stable and agreeable to work for. But on the whole he's still a greedy user. Personality wise, he's what you would expect from a inner city gang lord. Get rich or die trying. He's 50 Cent well before 50 Cent was around. Power wise is what makes him cool. He has a suite of vibratory attacks that are dangerous but not totally deadly. But as a fight progresses, he absorbs the energy and uses it to boost those attacks, adding anywhere from 5d6 to 8d6 dice to his attacks. So an 8d6 AP cone, and a 13d6 Aff Des, and a 13d6 explosion at max power. This makes him a lot more deadly. If in a group they could even boost him before an encounter with the heroes. So a thumbs down for the personality, but a thumbs up for the powers!
  7. I live off the backs of the "little people" If your campaign has a meta human supremist group, then Soul Ripper is a perfect fit for them. Personality wise, he wants to get enough money to live easily without having to do any hard work. If that means taking stuff from the "little people" and making them do stuff for him, then that is what he will do. With his telepathy he can find those nice secrets to steal items easily or blackmail people. Played right he should be well hated by a host of NPC and need to be protected by some vengeful victims. Power wise he's a powerful telepath with a very subtle telekinesis. He can be very sneaky and on a team he should hide in a crowd and snipe. He can also be a info gatherer. With the last NPC Rictus I mentioned an old Hero villain group called PSI. He would fit right in.
  8. You will feel my anguish My life is a living hell I tell you. Yeah you live in a mansion and never want for any material needs. But my parents ignore.... Stop me if you have heard this one by now. It is almost cliche. But it does have an element of fact to it and so it works. Just add super powers to the mix and voila, bad rich girl with issues! Personality wise, she is deeply damaged. Her empathy made her realize just how little her parents care for her, and her rejection at the prom drove her further over the edge. At first she wanted acceptance, but now fear and respect will do nicely. Power wise, she's a one trick pony with quite a trick. Now I was unsure whether to just leave the desolid alone and make it so she could affect solid with her mental attacks. So I did my usual cludge of giving her damage reduction to represent her partial immaterial state. Either way, she'll be hard to take out as she can really attack when she wants. As a thief, her power set is perfect for someone who specializes in small, extremely valuable items. In a group she would best be used as a scout and wild card. PS Hero games had a module called Mind Games about an all mentalist villain group called PSI. She would be perfect for such a group.
  9. Can you give me a challenge? When I was making this NPC I kept thinking of Wolverine. Trained in the Orient! Long lived! Great agility! Healing factor! All he's missing is the claws! But then there are the major differences, like his boredom and lack of true blood thirstiness. So really is a BIT more interesting than our bundle of hair and claws!Personality wise, he comes across as a VERY bored person who wants anything to enliven his long life. BUT later in the book there is an immortal from 2000 years ago who seems have no problem keeping himself interested in living, so I think he is NOT trying hard enough! But that is a minor quibble over what is on the whole a pretty interesting NPC. He has hooks into the High Assassins. In reality he should have a LONG list of people who he has messed with, so he can justify almost any group.." The Cultist of Sobek? Yes I met up with them in 1935 Egypt... what do you want to know?" Also he can used on his own as an opponent, even as extra muscle.Power wise I did something to exceed my limits, I gave him a SPEED of 8 (eight). Yes I know that is higher than my limits. the book described him as having A LOT of actions, so I added them in. I also added a lot of Cramming to simulate forgotten or little used skills. Besides this he's a very scary Martial Artist. If he's part of the opposition, he should scare the &%$# out of the players as he mows in and seems to hit at will. And moves a lot and strikes multiple opponents! Also in Gurps, regular equipment cost no points, so he could have a small arsenal on him, just adjust the points accordingly!So on the whole he's usable, thumbs up!
  10. My mind is playing tricks on you He's a gang lord who is aspiring to bigger and better thing. But he's so nasty that most won't want to work with him. History wise I had to change a bit. The book had him fighting in Vietnam and that would put him in his 70s by now. So I made him a child of that age, with a chip on his shoulder. He's Scarface, but from Asia. Personality wise, there is very little to admire here. He's all the dark parts of crime with some super powers. He's petty, sadistic, feels no remorse, has loyalty only to himself (but uses the loyalty of others freely and often). He's a street level thug with powers. He knows he can be bigger and wants to set up his own team. I think if he did, he'd soon be blasted by a team member. Power wise he's expensive because though his powers complement each other, they do not follow a theme (like fire powers, or TK, or dream powers) So I couldn't think of any way to get an EC for them. And a multipower doesn't fit the description where he uses the powers all at once and at full power. He's basically a one trick pony, but it is one big trick. His power set also goes to why he'd be a bad leader. To be effective he needs to be invisible. But a leader needs presence. There could be a way to make him work, but it would take effort by the GM. As it is he'd be an example of trying for the big time and getting smacked. He really is better suited for a street level game.
  11. He's unstoppable When I think of this character I think of that Johnny Quest episode with the mummy that keeps on coming. Mastabah is like that. He just keeps coming and coming. Personality, he's got a great hook into any mystic / sorcerous type PC's. He may even become a hunted. And what he is looking for is left pretty open ended. How big is it? Has it been disassembled? Does it even look like an Egyptian artifact anymore? And why does Khufu want it? Also the other skeletons hint at other questors. Any history there? Add the fact that in his more lucid moments, he can bargain. So he can show up as muscle in exchange for information. Power wise, he's a card carrying brick. He has some subtlety, but generally he uses his strength. The disintigration touch is left as a method of getting into areas where brute strength would be a liability. The only thing I'd add is KB resistance. It would just make even more obvious his unstoppable nature.
  12. I tried it with having some allies demonstrate some tactics while fighting superior opponents, but the campaign went on long term (still) hiatus. But some were coming around to the idea.
  13. He's a team all on his own This is a case where I had to change parts of the power set and not the story. As written his duplication only worked when hit with a physical attack, he had claws (for which he didn't pay points for) and a psi blocker that could not duplicate, but the claws could! I cleaned up the duplication, got rid of the claws (in HERO he already does decent damage) and removed the psi blocker. All told he comes in at about 350 pts. A few things to remember is that the duplication takes up 100 pts alone. So essentially you have 4 * 250 agent types. This is one where you play up some team tactics. Martial throws to reduce DCV for another to attack or blocking with one while another attacks should be the norm. If part of a team, he'll swarm his opponent. He prefers other Martial Artist or Bricks. And he hates fighting mentalists! (note I may have given him too much SPD. If you think this is so lower it to 4 or 5. His schtick is swarming HTH, not fighting the MA to a standstill) Personality wise, he's certainly a damaged soul who could be redeemed, if you work hard enough. But also it may be a case that he is a lost cause. But there is an element of tragedy in his background. One thing they mention is his desire to own a ranch and go riding like cowboys of old. He even practices rope work for that possible day. If that doesn't tug at you a bit.....
  14. Aaron Allston had an article in Adventurer's Club that talked about this. He even gave examples using villains from The Great Supervillain Contest. Ex. Place a field of Darkness and have an ally with IR vision teleport in and cause havoc. OR a speedster (spd) and his shrinking and invisible GF (spd 4) . She holds on to his neck and when he does a move through she targets the same person. And if he gets knocked out, she can grab him (str 10 and 20 flight) and pull him out of battle. And of course a ranged entangle guy hitting a target and everyone taking a shot at him. One way to get players to use tactics is to use an enemy team who are weaker than yours, but use tactics. And have them trounce our players.
  15. So today the operatives of a big bad organization They're ninjas. "No, they are from China not Japan!" but they are sneaky! "YES!" and take contracts to attack people "YES!" and try to swarm their opponents with black clad operatives who use ancient Martial Arts weapons and tactics "YES!" So they are NINJAS! "NOOOOOOOO!" Seriously it isn't bad. It gives a more global reach for a shadowy organization that likes to prove themselves in combat! Need a cities defenders kept busy with some guaranteed fighting. Check! Want a group you have to stop because they took a contract on someone! Check! Are you a Martial Arts type player who needs a group trying to make his life miserable. Check! They don't see themselves as just assassins so there is more potential. Add the possibility of super-powered members and you can ramp up the threat pretty easily. Also some of those weird MA abilities (like Yengtao Temple) could ramp them up as well! In fact a whole story arc can be made of finally breaking the organization.
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