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  1. So she's a bit sneakier and filled out! So she is a lot more filled out (surprise, surprise) and capable.
  2. A ranged attack specialist So we have the beginnings of a sneaky sniper here. We will see if she continues to live up to her promise!
  3. Same here. Unless I am at home, I can't read .hdc files. Please post WP or RTF instead I can give you some feedback!
  4. Lovely level 9 By this time John Goldberg is a tested and competent combatant. How he is different from the Mercenary above is a matter of wording, but mechanically Identical. I could place this Background on the Mercenary and It would not make a difference. But if your goal is to play an uncomplicated PC with a very simple play style either the Soldier or Merc would work.
  5. Now to Level 5 (Or as we see beginning competency level) Still uncomplicated, but we are again seeing a broader and more robust PC!
  6. Continuing with my conversions, we have a level 1 Soldier. How is he different from a Mercenary? To be honest, he's not that different from a Mercenary. Any differences are things that I added like favours, contact and reputation. Also I went with a bit of a back story just to make him more interesting! Next Level 5!
  7. Our intrepid Mercenary has made it to the big leagues, Level 9. What dose he get? So finally I can see a decent pc. A mercenary leader who speaks three languages, can read and write and do math, can recognize forgeries. knows about basic disguises. He's a decent tracker and can be sneaky when he needs to. Also he's learned to ride. In combat if he gets his Critical Strike in, the fight may be over. Add a few flavour skills like cooking, tailor and carpentry and you have the beginning of something more than just a simple merc. The only downside is that his stats are the same. I could see Str going to 15, Dex to 12 or 13, and Presence to 15 maybe even 18. Mind you this is not counting his equipment or magic item, but as I said before, this could vary from campaign to campaign.
  8. After many missions and adventure our Mercenary has made it to the hallowed level 5. What improvements have been made? Well he is a bit more fleshed out. The skill list is still small, but some additions and the fact that the skills are reaching base Champion/Hero levels are helping. This is a MUCH more competent PC that before . There is a reason that when I played PFRPG years ago the default starting level was five. Players were just tired of playing PCs where in many cases a skill of 25% was considered GOOD! Or as one friend put it, "I don't mind zero to hero, but we are starting at negative five. We have to work to get to Zero!"
  9. We begin with a Mercenary at Level 1 So this beginning build is actually overpowered and overpriced. Because PFRPG starts their skills at such a low level, most in Champions/Hero format would have the skills at 8-. This is at best familarity level and rather than do the math and stuff, I just left it as is and will raise them if and when they get to 60% and above which is about 12- in hero.I regards to this build, this is a bare bones build really. He is barely competent in hero terms, unless you are running a very gritty realistic type campaign. (Note: why is it that the Men At Arms that have to be realistic in a Fantasy Game?)Next up Level 5 and almost hero starting point (about 150 pts)
  10. So for a change of pace I am doing something different. Inspired by a Let's Read of Palladium FRPG by Spikey [Let's Read] The Palladium Roleplaying Game, AKA Palladium Fantasy First Edition Inspired by Jhary-a-Conel's excellent let's read thread of the second edition, I'm going to read through the original Palladium Roleplaying Game. Not quite Palladium Books' first complete game but possibly the closest to Kevin Siembieda's original campaign that seems to have informed most of his... forum.rpg.net I decided to make some characters in Hero format to compare the various classes at various levels.Each will be done at level 1, level 5, and level 9. I will just doing skills and adding a few perks/talents and maybe a disadvantage/complication or two. I will list no equipment or magic items as these can vary from campaign to campaign!
  11. I am reading a series by Jennifer Estep and she has an interesting magic system. People are born with their powers and can seem to shift in different generations. Magiers are the most powerful. They control a force like electricity, fire, weather and such. Big effects are their stock in trade. Morph can shift into a second more powerful shape. They are known by a living tattoo that manifest on their necks or arm. This tattoo will wink and gesture to others and is always an indication of their forms. So far she has Ogre and Dragon forms. Masters are like Magiers, but work on physical materials. Examples she has are gemstones, rock, metal, bone (healers), thread (yes clothing). Finally Mutts seem like the weakest, but can surprise you. They have a physical ability that is far greater than normal people. So Strength, Speed, Healing Ability, Sense of Smell, Etc. I think this would be a cool system for a game. What do you guys think? Any extrapolations you can think of!
  12. Mr. R

    GM advice

    One Champions module starts with a Bank robbery, but instead of one it is three (or four?). And they happen all at the same time. The idea was that at least one will succeed as the heroes will be busy elsewhere.
  13. Still wrong. Just a little more acceptable!
  14. What is it about VF-2 you dislike? I admit they are far less powerful, but this is the group you bring out to teach your PC's about tactics. They should be less powerful than the PC's but tight with combo attacks. Also who do you like in VF-2?
  15. I am curious how you stated this up?
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