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  1. Still wrong. Just a little more acceptable!
  2. What is it about VF-2 you dislike? I admit they are far less powerful, but this is the group you bring out to teach your PC's about tactics. They should be less powerful than the PC's but tight with combo attacks. Also who do you like in VF-2?
  3. I am curious how you stated this up?
  4. A) That sounds Cool that sounds like something I read about the old Atlas Unleashed module when describing how a hero grabbed the T-Port belt of the villain and found himself in the villain base with a bunch of blasters pointed at him!
  5. For a change of pace on my Conversion thread, I thought I would make a few original characters. And my first idea is the following: StarMaster and his StarFollowers are trying to take over much of the organized crime in the city. The problem is that they don't seem to have any base of operations. They show up, commit their operations and then seem to disappear. What is happening is StarMaster can open up a portal to a pocket dimension where he an the rest can lay up between jobs. In addition the StarFollowers can enter there on their own ( a reason none have been captured). So how do I model this? Just as an FYI StarMaster: Power Energy Blaster similar to Sunburst in concept (but without the over the top EB) StarLight and StarBright: Sisters with abilities similar to the boss but slightly weaker DwarfStar: three feet tall and incredibly strong (team Brick) StarSpeed: Team Speedster StarScream: Sound Blaster StarMaster will be bought at about 450 points, the rest at 300 points. Thanks for the help!
  6. The team's strong person So if Snow Leopard had little info, what I said above is basically the description given in the book. Basically she's a variation of the amnesiac NPC, not because she's lost her memories, but because there is nothing. So people, she's a blank slate. Add what you want. At this point the only things I can say is she's gullible (not borne out by the story), a descent scientist ( borne out by her list of skills), extremely beautiful. Okay! So I will go straight to power wise. She's a brick, and actually a descent one. She reminds me of Black Diamond from Hero's Grab team, and in this team fills the same role. She can dish it out and can take a hit. So stat wise, she's Okay. ,
  7. He's a cold, cold man What I wrote is about the extant that they describe him in the book. There is a decent character in here but ...... At best he's described as a venal womanizer. He's wealthy and after many years, still has no idea what he wants to do with his life. He does like his powers though. Hero has Grab, M&M has Larceny Inc. Even Heroes Unlimited had the Masters of Speed. A team of super thieves is a time honoured tradition, and I feel like Gurps dropped the ball here. He has less of a backstory than many villain from Champions 1 (remember the first descriptions of Eurostar, all one paragraph). Power wise he's a lot better. He's a classic Ice Controller/Blaster. Think Iceman from the X-men.
  8. She fast, really fast This is the only member who has a decent backstory. She's of Indian (like India) descent and wants to study biology, but father insists on something more money oriented, like engineering. So she plays a game with her father about her courses. Then she is sucked into the events with her professor. You get the feel that this really is an unwilling villain. but everyone seems to be making her decisions for her. So in the book they said overconfident and shy. I don't see those going together really, so I kept the Overconfident as the idea that she loves to use her powers type overconfidence. Not sure where the phobia comes from as it is never hinted, so if anyone has an idea, go ahead. Power wise, she's a speedster, in the more classical sense. She does move bys and move throughs. Her defenses mean she can afford to do a slam as she probably won't get hurt to badly. Otherwise, she grab items and weapons off opponents and leaves them unable to attack. Of the three she has the most depth. If the control over her was broken, I could see her using her abilities for some sort of public good, like emergency services. She really has the redeemable villain part cold!
  9. We come to the last offering in the book, a group of super thieves who call themselves the Pride. A bit about their backstory, they are all students at Univ. of Winnipeg in the biology department. Three students and their professor go out on a field trip and meet a ... spirit shaman, who blesses each with a totem animal. The Professor, having visions of grandeur tricks the others into misidentifying their totem, which gives him control over the other three. Using his influence, they relocate to Chicago and set up shop. Of the three only Chitrakaya was given any sort of back story, with Snow Leopard getting a paragraph, and Tigress a small blurb. So if they look undone, that is because they are. I think that the book was coming a few pages thin and they just needed something to pad the last few pages. To be honest I really don't like common origin teams in games. The problem comes when someone retires, or leaves, or in the case of villains are arrested or killed. Then the whole concept goes out the window. So in that light, I would change the origin so that the team could grow organically. The professor could be a sociology expert using a strange method of control, what ever. So I present to you.... the Pride!
  10. He sounds sane, but..... The Last Member of the Deadly Dozen and the one most likely to lead to the destruction of the team. Personality wise, this guy is scary. Over his long life he has come to the conclusion that "WAR is GOOD". Technology moves ahead when war happens. Yes massive death, suffering and emotional anguish, but that is a small price to pay for the things like rockets and microchips. So Voltmaster is looking for a way to start a war. Electra is holding back on his more dangerous ideas, but he's patient. Okay, I can't help seeing a variation of the Deathstroke Module from way back, where the villains are arguing about how far they'll go, and Voltmaster says "People. Enough of this arguing!" Pushes a button that freezes everyone in place, goes to a back room to get into some power armour, and comes out ranting about the glorious future mankind will have as he prepares to usher in WW3. And now heroes and villains have to get together and stop him! Power wise, he's a combo Martial Artis/Gadgeteer/Skill Monkey. He costs a lot, but that is mostly for the long list of skill he has, which cost about a third of his points. Mostly he's a reason for the Deadly Dozen to have certain toys and access to certain materials. Otherwise he's really not that powerful. Yes the lightning touch is scary, if only with the MA. but he's just average. Note: in his write up it says he could build his own power suit, so the scenario described above is not so far fetched. I you want to do that, take the Dominator and Red Tempest Suits above and add elements of each. As a base I'd suggest Str to 60, Con to 30, A point of Spd, 25" of flight, 25/25 armour, some life support and a MP with electrical attacks!
  11. He's a good ole boy.... A while ago I did conversions from Century Station, and noted that some of the villains were almost working class in their attitude. Its a job. A well paying job, with some nice benefits, but still just a job. That is almost my feeling with Telefist here. He comes across as a blue collar guy, whose job is to occasionally rob, cheat, blow up, beat up people. Power wise, he's a classic brick, but with a cool extra. His extendable arms gives him more tactical flexibility, and allow for some combat moves not available to regular bricks. But mainly he's the other HTH guy along with Red Tempest. He gets stuck in and starts swinging. One thing you'll note is a SPD of six (6). There is a reason. In his write up, it is explained that Full Coordination ability gives him two actions per round. I figured this meant he has a greater number of attacks, some I upped the SPD. This should come as a surprise to opponents who are figuring on a slow, standard brick. Personality wise, he's has a cool backstory with some possible hooks. Who is Dr. Perino, and are there other metas out there who are indebted to him? Does Telefist have any implants that he's not aware of? Another hook is his soft spot for paraplegics. Who is that mysterious man who donates time and money to the hospital? Otherwise he's your impulsive, likes to fight operative. Seriously looking at this list of members, Electra may be avoiding infighting, but when in the field, controlling them must be a pain. I can only speculate that they are successful because they have not met serious opposition yet!
  12. He's a jerk with a suit... Battlesuit heroes tend to be very powerful due to the point break on the equipment. And Red Tempest is no exception. Add the fact that he was built on 750 pts rather than 500 pts in GURPS and you get a very powerful character. Red Tempest is basically the reason that the team is so hard to take down. He can overpower just about anyone on the opposition. Personality wise, he's a self centered thrill seeking jerk. As long as he's satisfied, things are OK. He commits crimes because being a villain is easier than being a hero. Those pesky ethics and morals. Also blasting things and committing general mayhem and having people run in fear. If heroes ever learn his back story, some will want to destroy him on general principle.Power wise, he's beast. The extra points in GURPS, translate similarly to Hero. He's strong, has good defenses, including mental defense, a powerful ranged attack, good HTH skills and movement! He's the guy who gets stuck in and takes the alpha strikes and dishes out the same.
  13. He's a Russian operative threatening USA Democracy I find it a bit ironic to find a super villain who is mirroring the current political unrest in the USA. But it fits. Russia would send a meta operative to destabilize the USA and so we get Professor Possessor. One thing I like about him is it is mentioned he got a mind wipe that went wrong and took out the wrong memories. But did they? That is just what they told him and apparently no one has decided to go in and find if it is really so. This makes for a perfect amnesiac NPC scenario. Maybe they even implanted certain commands to go off at certain times. Or even better, he's been given mental blocks to make him weaker than he really is. Then at a command he's let loose (complete with TK and Pyro powers) and the Deadly Dozen needs to call heroes to stop him. The options are endless. For powers as written he's a straight up mentalist. His most dangerous ability is the AE Sleep (AE mind control), then his Illusions and straight Mind Control. Note his DCV bonus is him making illusions of himself nearby so people miss him. I find this villain more compelling than Electra, as, if his memories are true, he has more justified reasons to dislike USA than Electra.
  14. I'd go with either #2 or #3. I love the idea BTW!
  15. The queen bee of the Deadly Dozen I mentioned that the female villains in this book are on the whole satisfactory, .... except this one. I like the idea of a woman leading a villain team, and that she has an over arcing plan and that she keep a check on her team to keep them from going mad dog. But her motivations are ..... silly. She does not have a disagreement with the patriarchal powers that be, or the demeaning treatment that all woman face, or that she was a victim of a plot to keep her in her place. Nope. She committed a crime, tried to hush it up, committed another crime, refused to testify on her own behalf and so..... the entire USA political system must be brought down. Talk about a whiny.... what ever! And her disadvantages don't seem to match her story. I mean no vengeful? So the personality part I amended a bit. I kept the cold, methodical part and her code of honour, (but really does she have one?) and added a few. Power wise, she ok. A classic flying blaster with a few attack options. Where she shines is that force wall. A well placed wall can protect team mates long enough to be able to counter attack. So with those provisos, an acceptable villain!
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