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  1. Now, I HAVE THE POWER! I gave Ben another power circle, but really he doesn't need it. He'll have up to three Major summoned and five Minor at any one time. Even if you get rid of the Majors, he's like a minion master PC from any number of computer games sending in his chittering horde. He makes for a great bulwark type. If you can get the enemy to come to you, he's lethal.If there was another Power Circle I'd let him have it would be T-port. In fact this is another one I can see governments having saved up to use in emergencies or when they need to get someone somewhere FAST! A group of linked T-port circles (NAW who would buy that idea?)Like I said before, this class can either be totally wimpy or will totally overshadow the party. There is not much info on how to handle this, and I saw both versions. Again as with the Diaboloist, there is a great idea here, ......
  2. My first Power Circle Bwahahahahaha!Wait, its what? I figure by level five he would have at least ONE power circle. And I figured that this circle would be one that local governments would have in their inventory to teach to Diabolist and Summoners who would then create it when needed. with its area of effect and duration with proper set up, you could bring an entire army unit back to full in a day. For an adventuring party, it could be set up ahead of time then retreated to for recuperation.
  3. About these Circles..... A couple of design considerations here.I made all the protection circles as one build with a variable limitation in that it only works against the indicated creature. So a Prot. from Demons will do nothing vs a Devil.Summoning Circles are just a special effect for the followers. A follower can be summoned for an indeterminate length of time. The only real limitation is that every month / three months (depending on Major / Minor minions) they get a chance to break free of control. That is a lot different than the Summon from Hero, but describes a Follower. So I built them as such.Like the Diabolist, he is very front loaded. Also, the fact that he gets a 500 pt follower right off the bat can be overpowering. ( I was in a game where the player basically bamboozeled the GM and had a Major Demon follower at level 1 and suffered almost no problems with it. Of course the rest of us were all overshadowed by the Summoner and the game quickly devolved into him choosing what to do and the rest of us following. The GM never figured out why the game fell apart) Sorry for the rant, but unless the GM makes summoning a Major PITA, then the Summoner will dominate too easily at all levels.This can go the other way as well, with the GM being too nasty and the Summoner being almost useless. Again in the long term game I was in, Summoner was usually used as a second class for extra skills and HP (but honestly the Diabolist had more utility in practice)
  4. A frustrated Deidre Why is she frustrated? Because she has nothing new. That huge advantage of having all her abilities at first level is now being overshadowed by the the progression of the other classes to get new abilities to meet new challenges. I am sure in game the idea was for Diabolist to get Summoner circles, especially the Protection and Summoning ones. But this is mainly up to the GM and how much he is willing to help the PC. In the games I was in Diabolist was taken til about level 5, usually as a second class to gain extra HPs and skills ( at Wizard 6 going Diabolist for 5 levels was still cheaper than going to Wizard 7) Don't get me wrong, I love the idea and concept.
  5. A look at level 5 At level 5 Deidre has become more powerful in all her wards. She can set more and the all have greater effect and durations. But unlike the Wizard or the Warlock, there is little to look forward to. Unless the GM is generous and allows them to get a circle OR has set up a system of greater wards (poison, healing, earth, water, etc) that they unlock at higher levels, then the remain pretty static!
  6. Now on to a more planning oriented class A diaboloist is VERY front loaded. They know all their magics at level one and really get no new abilities. All they get is more powerful abilities.So to give you an idea of how these abilities are listed, the first ability is the Inflict: the ability to affect the target directly. Second is Area of Effect Infliction. Third is the Protection by infliction: Placed on an item that when touched will fire off the ability. Finally is the Protection from: this is the ability to in some cases to resist the effects.Also I am not sure, I was a bit rushed, but all should have a -1 limitation that a con roll will completely negate the effect. At level 5 this will be a -1/2 limitation of con roll at -2 due to the greater power the diaboloist can bring to bear.SO don't expect much new at level 5 and level 9 because, well this is all there is.PS I may have missed an ability or two, but just figure they will cost the same as one already listed.
  7. So general views Air: Decent versatility Earth: Great defense hampered by a real lack of good general purpose offense. Has some of the best movement powers in the game though Fire: Great offense Water: Decent versatility There was a reason the highest level Warlock was a duo Air/Water!
  8. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Well, not really When I was playing it was acknowledged in the group that Water Warlocks were very versatile. It may not look it though at first. But offense :Hail, Cloud of Steam, Shards of Ice, Toxic Mist. Defense: Wall of Ice, Ice Sheet, Fog of Fear, Encase in Ice. Movement: Ride the Waves, Part Water, Breath Under Water. It took a bit of time to get nasty, but when they got to the good stuff... the started to rock.
  9. Can I interest you in some propane? Some propane accessories? If Earth was mostly defense, then Fire is almost all offense. Fireball, Mini Fireball and Blue Flame are all offence. Then you get River of Lava, Wheel of Flame, and Screaming Wall of Fire which basically all do the same thing. When all you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail!
  10. A collection of Earth Spells for your enjoyment Offensively Earth is a bit lacking in any direct damage single shot spells. But for BIG effects and defense, they have it down. Dig and the two Tunnel spells give great movement potential. Animate Plant is decent, but limited (try using it in the far north tundra). The Wall spells can limit opponent movement, and Sculpt/Animate Clay gives him a follower basically for the next 54 HOURS! You might be wondering why no Golem. Well Golem is a bit of a trap in my mind. If you are a Sedentary Warlock, who seldom goes about, OR you are the Villain Warlock for a group of heroes, then a Golem is decent. You lose 6 hp for a nasty servant. But seriously, it is not something you take with you adventuring. Also you lose 6 hp. That is a lot especially at Level 7 and above. It is equal to about two levels of hp on average. And because the PFRPG rules as written make it so anything after level 5 takes FOREVER (6th to 7th will take about a year Real life if you game once per week and get 300 exp per session), but one use of this spell bring your hp back to 5th. NO thank you!
  11. As a followup to the Warlock I will post just the spells chosen from the lists for Earth, Fire and Water. I feel that the skill lists will be very similar and the big differences be the spells. Also I will just post the Level 9 lists as you can figure which spells are which levels!
  12. He is now deep into the mysteries of his Element Big choices here are Electromagnetism, Atmosphere Control, and Hurricane as these allows him to control the weather around him. Also Breath of Life is a nice last ditch save to bring someone back from death!
  13. More POWER!!!! Well now we get to some decent power. Unlike the Wizard, the Warlock has a much more limited, but also focused set of choices. For movement we have Levitation and Walk the Wind. Miasma, Invisible Wall and Whirlwind can act as disrupters and close off certain avenues of movement. And for offence we have Phantom Footman (a very weak but functional elemental), Ball Lightning and Call Lightning. So we are getting pretty scary!
  14. Warlock time. Because each element can result in a different build, I will post Air Warlocks here, then in the near future I will post the spell lists Earth, Fire and Water! Now Onto the Air manipulator! He plays a lot like a Wizard at this point as he has grabbed the same go to spell. Yes he can summon elementals, but his success rate is so low as to make if an exercise in frustration. Like a Wizard he starts at such a weak point, that he really needs the warriors to protect him. But that will change fast!
  15. I can do that! New great finds are Blinding Flash, Magic Net, Magic Pigeon, and especially Fly as the Eagle and Force Wall. Sharn is truly a force to be feared. If you think this is overcosted please let me know.
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