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  1. My top three": 1) Wrath of the Seven Horsemen- large, powerful villain group- many possible hooks- a final scene that can nasty and heroic 2) Target :Hero - as long as the GM was given advice on how to incorporate this into his campaign, this can work 3) Challenges for Champions - a bunch of small one or two shot adventures that could be spun off into many more as well as a ton of NPC villains
  2. I am basing this one from an NPC in Aaron Allston's "the Blood" book. To power her down, basically get rid of the MA and gadgets To power her up either improve the Clairsetiance OR add to the gadgets and skills. (I personally would go for the latter) As it is she's almost like your resident detective, great in findout out what is happening, but terrible in any confrontation
  3. And her Servant. So to weaken him decrease his Str to 40 and flight to 10" To power him up Add more skills, reduce end on his Str, maybe a few brick tricks, bring his pd/ed to 25 and resistant. Remember though he is the Princess's Servant. He is a willing one for sure, but she should be the star of the series.
  4. The first of my Steampunk supers The first is a young lady and her Genie? servant. Yes the names are lame, but deal with it. Yes she is a bit of a one trick pony, so trying to get her out of the stereotype is the challenge. To weaken her..... really? cmon! To power her up, she needs more skills. Languages, KS skills, maybe a few science type skills. And some siple equipement can't hurt. She's not a fighter, but as a Bleep disturber while her Prince is causing mayhem, she would be ideal. Maybe some demolitions?
  5. I have my first pair and will start posting my finished product on my "My Conversions" Thread here: As always constructive criticisms welcome and appreciated!
  6. After all this I have a few ideas A proper young lady and her spirit/genie friend A young clairvoyant who must meddle in what she sees A young man who can summon fire A mysterious master of HTH fighting
  7. Over in RPGnet a Superseed column proposed an idea of supers in a steampunk world. I'd like to make a few examples of this but I would like a few ideas to prime my creative pump to get started . I am thinking to using Mr. Bennie's Gestalt to get a few ideas. Also what power level would you suggest (I am thinking 40 AP with up to 1/4 advantages for attacks, 15/15 defenses OCV/DCV 7 w/ up to +2 skill and spd 4 for average)
  8. This. In her old series, she faced off against the Enchantress. Now Enchantress is nowhere near Supergirl's physical abilities, but her use of magic meant fighting her had to be indirect as a the enchantress could use her magic to confuse her, tie her up, mess with her senses, etc!
  9. Called Awakening Book one of The Evolved Ones Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/52039930-the-evolved-ones A very low powered Xmen vibe but with likable (mostly) heroes and villains who you hope become road pizza!
  10. Well certainly I adjusted for some granularity. So str 0 was not str 0 I found it best when the stats were 2 and above
  11. I found the following worked Str= Str x 5 (so Str 12 = Str 60) Con = Sta x 2.5 ( Sta 10 = Con 25) Dex = (Agil+ Dex+ Fgt )/ 3 Int and ego Map similarly as does Pre PD and ED is base stat double ( con 20 means ED 4 x 2 =8) Spd you will have to eyeball but most will be 4-5 with some getting to 6 and a few getting to 7 depending in their Speed stat. Not they have no endurance stat so decide how you will handle that. Also there is no distinction between KA and normal attacks, do either all attacks are normal or everyone will have Resistant Defenses As a default. The other big adjustment is M&M will get you to the PL and then start adding the advantages. So it is possible to have a PL 10 with TK Damaging, Presice, Perception, Subtle ( TK str 50 with fine manipulation, line of sight, invisible a 212 pt power)
  12. Another tragedians dream. A villain in spite ofhimself, with his own special demons causing his slide... Any story with him should have darker undertones. This is TM as truly villain, taking a person's problem and exaserbating it and using it for personal gain. To power him up, place the EB in a MP and add more slots like explosion, extra range and more damage. To power him down, get rid of the AE windstorm around him.
  13. For Mirage I could have gone with an illusionist or someone with invisibility. Instead I went with an Idea I saw, I think, on Kreuzritter's thread (on RPGNET), about a lady with duplication. And so the thief called Mirage was born. To power her up. more skills, a spd of 5 and basically better stats. I would not go with more duplicates as then it gets overwhelming doing all her actions. To weaken her make it one duplicate. As it is she's should be a person who gives the players coniptions as she races around taking things.
  14. So this is your classic high fly blaster. But with an ... interesting origin. This is Snake Eyes flying cousin. He has good defenses, a lot of manuverability and a decent powered blast so that he can't be ignored! Powering up is easy. Add some NCM to the flight, add 1-2 d6 to the blast. Also a few skill levels in the blast would make him nasty. And a point of SPD. Powering down is also easy. PD ED of 20 and a 10 d6 blast should do it!
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