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  1. I agree with Hugh, this may be a different set of ground rules and it may work. But as people who have run and played in Supers type games before, what happens in comics and what happens in the game are VERY different. Cyclops can sit there and not be hit by all the agents with normal weapons. Why? Writers Invulnerability. In a regular game, Cyclops is road pizza. Spidey manages to dodge ALL the bullets. A friend made a PC with the same idea, but gave him a bit of armour. Yep that one in 10 shot hit, three times in a row. barely survived. So do not be surprised if at the end of your first session it is you being rushed to the hospital due to major trauma. If it happens again and again, then you will get frustrated and want to quit. WE do not want that. WE are trying to make it so you will have a positive experience. That is all.
  2. A lightning field that interferes with an attack OR A point defense ability where she shoots a target to stop it OR An electrically re-enforced skin OR This is super heroes, anything can make sense.
  3. I love the concept. Now I am going to look at it from a GM PoV. Stats OK Perks: Why the vehicle? She can fly. If this is something for her Normal ID then let her have it at no points. Even if it is to get fast from Point A to Point B, then you don't need that many points. Powers: I like the MP and the other ones. To save points use the Unified limitation (-1/4). This means when one gets drained, they all get drained. Then use the points to get some Resistant Defenses like a force field or something. Right now her defenses are 7 PD and 9 ED. A flame blast of 12 d6 (equal to her main attack ) will do average 12 body and 42 stun. Subtract 9 ED and we get 3 body / 33 stun. She is now con stunned, flat footed and if hit again is in GMs discretion land for recovery. Sorry NOPE! Get some extra PD and ED at least 10/10. A good line to follow is OCV/DCV 7 (+3), Spd 5, attacks-Active points before advantages 50 (62 with) and 25/25 defense. So you have OCV/DCV 6 (+3) A little below. Spd 4, a little below. Attacks AP 60. a little above. Defenses 4/6 and the special. The special is again GMs perview (how often is she going to get attacked by an electrical villain) so the rest is way too low. Complications: I like the LGBT+ take. there is some real good Role playing opportunities here. As a GM I'd love to explore this. Maybe even her coming out as a public lesbian. How would that be perceived? Accepted? Villified? So with the provisos I have mentioned, I'd take her in!
  4. Mr. R

    A Fragile World

    My next campaign I am doing this!
  5. Don Sorning was a capable FBI agent investigating a drug ring making some new exotic drug that was becoming popular. During a routine raid, he got knocked into one of the many vats of chemicals. Somehow it reacted badly with his body chemistry and he was taken to a high tech hospital. Weeks later he came out of his coma revenously hungry and wondering why everything look SO big. Turns out he had shrunk and his metabolism had become super charged. His movement speed and reaction time are now superhuman, but he is stuck at 25 cm tall and has a massive appetite for his size to fuel his abilities. Some AD&D nut gave him the code name Quickling. He actually asked to be posted to America's Best. He figures it needs an experienced investigator (which he is), with some connections in law enforcement (ditto) and he will escape the stares he gets from his collegues. Basically he's a 25 cm superfast MIB. (Yes he wears a suit as his costume)!
  6. Gestalt had a variation on Luck Points. You roll your dice, total them up. This a number of points you can use to modify roll for combat, skills and damage. Then there were the luck limitations like "only to be used after losing in a combat" So first fight, no points. Second fight, you get points. This might work for you!
  7. So next up I am going to take the Code Names from GI Joe and coming up with a build for them. Note I am NOT making a character, but someone who just happens to have the name. List Snake Eyes Scarlett Road Block Stalker Barbecue Tunnel Rat SciFi Jinx Storm Shadow Hit & Run Snow Job Dusty - Body of sand Shockwave Thunder Starduster Mirage Airborne
  8. Left nostril or right So this is the type who uses old fashioned weapons and are experts in their use. In addition the OP talked about adding trick arrows if he could figure how to do it in HU. Well in Champions that is easy. Power wise this is your basic archer super hero. An arrow for every occasion. Add in some decent HTH skills and weapons and you have a pretty competent NPC. And the progression should be very easy.. MORE Arrows. Nastier Arrows. In Champions this build also gave me a chance to use the Ranged Martial Arts skills, and she can certainly get more of those and more damage classes. Personality wise, this is almost exactly like Devilfist earlier, but westernized. Its a classic!
  9. Can't you see the connection? Are you that blind? OHHHHHH! his is another OCC in HU where it gives major bonuses to the mental skills. And to skill in general. The term is Skill Monkey, the person who seems to know every skill available. These are the people SO smart they have Multiple Degrees and are top flight martial artist and champion surfers and expert skiers and..... Hard to pull off in any game as skills costs. So here we get the class that really gets it all.Personality wise she's much like Reciprocitor, the world is too slow for her thinking. She needs a challenge. So she looks around for some mystery, starts investigating, gathers info, makes connections, then causes events that cause it to all come apart in what looks like bad coincidences! The only thing is this sounds a lot like Inquest! The only difference is some esoteric mind over body abilities that really make this a bit better that the Super Sleuth! In a low powered campaign though, it would shine.Power wise, like I said above, this is really for a low powered game. If I was playing this, I would almost never get into a fight. Why, when I am really a normal with a lot of skills. GMs would have to work hard to make sure this is played up, not always well suited to a Supers game!
  10. Mad science for the win! Gramercy Island had a villain called Firefly whose armour mimiced effects from the super powers table, like wings, energy expulsion etc. So it is no surprise that in Power Unlimited we get a section on the Mad scientist hero. These people create devices that uses Rube Golberg tech that mimics powers rolled on the powers table. It comes complete with a costs, time to create a new one, (if at all) and as with the magical items, the item is locked to a certain level as far as power goes. It is NOT perfect, but for those who want to do a more Tony Stark type armoured PC, well it seems to work. So we get Gabriella, a genius so high even other geniuses have trouble following her. In fact only Car Mage is close. And of course rather than making money with her devices, she becomes a superhero. Personality wise, she's the Mad Thinker again. She wants to be challenged, physically and mentally. She's actually bored and needs a challenge. Even more so she is Shiri from Black Panther. Power wise, she's the person who comes up with cool toys. The bracelets that allows flight, force field and force blasts. The belt the grants invisibility. In Hero she can go nuts. Regrettably in HU she's locked into ONE gadget and it never changes or improves.
  11. The called me mad, but I will show them! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Cough, cough... hack.... hairball! For some reason HU has a fascination with .... Crazy Heroes. So naturally in Powers Unlimited there is a section for Crazy Heroes. Again it is not so much a power source as an archtype. In this case we have a person who creates a potion that grants him super powers as well as a major personality shift sort of like the Nutty Professor (Jerry Lewis version) So we have a man who is normal most of the time, but when he drinks his potion, well...... Power wise he's actually kinda weak. Note I should have given him damage Resistance 10/10 Only in Hero ID, but it still is a bit lackluster. He is another HTH guy in a sea of HTH. With all the Powers from HU and PU that he could get. I know that the OP was looking to make HTH because apparently HU favours HTH combat. Personality wise we have Deadpool. But without the guns. He's the guy who charges a Villain like Coppertop (Mega villain with str 60, Body of metal, and Electrical Powers), gets beaten to a pulp and shows up 10 minutes later, all healed and ready to go. A Leroy Jenkins who cannot die. Whether you want such a NPC in your game is up to you. But gauge your players correctly as to how much they can take!
  12. Powers of light, transform this weak form.... Seraph is actually from Powers Unlimited and uses one of the new Archetypes inside. This is the person with a who transforms into a super powered form. It is much like the Mystical Transformation type (See Storm Eagle) but without the magic. And also this person specifically has an impairment that affects them physically, like blindness, or paralysis. But then they transform, here we get anything from super guy to incredible bulk. So here we get a lady partially paralyzed (legs) who witnesses greatness. So Barbra Gordon becomes Superwoman! Power wise a FISS. I seriously would not allow her strength to get much higher. Move-bys already do 12d6 and a move-through tops out at 18d6. She is nasty enough in HTH. Instead some skill levels, more skills and maybe some extra senses. Personality wise, she's the forgotten person who now has a voice. Lets face it, people with disabilities are ignored and treated as less capable. Now she is very capable. So we could get her becoming an advocate or spokesperson for various charities. And reminding the heroes about those invisible people the make up the city they are in.
  13. Of course the sisters have a sweet ride (tie in to Car Mage maybe)
  14. Perdition's nicer sister... relatively nicer Super agent types are a staple in comics. And HU is no exception. It is slightly better than super sleuth or bounty hunter, but only because they actually get better toys. Personality wise she's a 007 type with more high tech goodies. And is more inclined to do her research, so her and Perdition should always be in a position to attack where and when it would do the most harm! Power wise she has all those special gadgets and could have a VPP of special gadgets "just for a certain emergency"
  15. She's a hunter This is the Bounty Hunter type that like the Super Sleuth, looks great on paper, but is under powered in practice. This is the Punisher wanna be, and in a low powered game would work. In the original HU, PCs get one (1) power, so this archetype worked. But when HU went up in power, this archetype was not improved. Personality wise, this is the Punisher with a dose of Helsing. So if you have some villains who could legitamitely have a bounty on him, then she and her sister (coming up after) could show up. Also if you think the players need more help, here is a reason for them to be there! Power wise, she's just short of a super agent. Gadgets and guns are her stock in trade! So for improvements, just more stuff!
  16. You just have to ask the right QUESTION! So a HU Super Sleuth. I have done this before, and what I noted then still applies. They are woefully under powered. Great selection of skills, but that is about it. Now this is great as an idea, but in practice it doesn't work. If the game is centered around him, then the rest are bored as he's getting all the attention. If it is something that can challenge the rest, he is totally overpowered and can at best, cower in the corner and wonder if he wore the brown pants that day! Personality wise, he's the Question from the DC Universe. Just watch Justice League Unlimited to get an idea! Go nuts with every strange connection you can tie into his story, it is bound to work sooner or later! Power wise..... well he needed upgrades. Better martial arts, a few gadgets and some better stats. Later improvement can be... well more skills, more toys, etc! Eventually he will be the Question mixed with a large dose of Batman!
  17. And his touch will carry death..... Here we have a HU Martial Artist that used N&SS to bring something new to the character. Now the MAs in N&SS are ... interesting. And some are very over the top, so perfect for a supers type setting. And this is no different. Touch Mastery is essentially small on physical damage and long on those KEWL MA abilities. Personality wise... like I said he's Shang-Chi (go check it out, it was a VERY cool comic with a very conflicted main character). His life was built on a lie, he's a child soldier who has since escaped his masters. A whole redemption arc can be built around him! Power wise.... well lets see. Special Chi powers like channeling his internal energies for death touch, increased force, greater awareness, protective abilities and even augment his physical abilities! To balance this he has severely reduced SPD. So yes his SPD stat is low, but given his defenses and raw damage, and ability to Aid his stat scores he can ramp himself up real fast. He can get his Str to 34 (extra 2 1/2 dice damage), Dex to 24 and Running to 18. That alone is pretty strong. So maybe a SPD 4 could be tolerated. As he progresses, like I said a point in SPD, maybe some more weird CHI powers, a Larger End Battery for more and longer uses. Again, this is SUPERheroes, go nuts!
  18. I am Iron Woman..... Power Armour types tend to fall into a few given ... specs. High Str, Armour, Flight, Energy Blasters, and maybe a Sensor Suite. HU checks all the boxes, but still seems.... bland. But here we do have a bit outside the box. No Blasters, but a Mini-Missile system. But it still keeps to the idea that PA has to be BIG and BULKY (Like Shellheads first grey suit from the 60's comics). So in one way I like it, but in another, meh.Personality wise, nice touch, she's not a scientific or mechanical genius. Rather she is a high ranking member of the military with all the bells and whistles that brings. So she's Hal Jordan, but in Ironman's suit. (Wasn't there an amalgamation of them somewhere?) So she should be portrayed as a trained soldier. BUT she has ties to the Project that developed the PA. Ties could be made to Calamity (Bionics) and Whirlwind (Drug and brainwashing) if you want to show that this group, while laudable, has certain factions that are skirting the law, or even out and out breaking it. A campaign with all three as NPCs could make for some very interesting role playing!Power wise, like I said the Mini-Missile system is a nice touch and can be easily expanded on like KO gas, Concussive (2X KB), AP, Explosion, Entangles, Flashes. The Swiss Army knife approach. But the idea that the armour HAS to be BIG and BULKY (all HU PA has this problem I find) needs to be ....just gone. This is super tech, its not supposed to make sense. So, normal size but still Str 60. Also she's a test pilot for the Air Force in a vehicle that can't fly? NOOOOOOO! Even Stane's Armour could fly.There is a gem in here, but we need a lot of cutting and polishing!
  19. Crime is a disease.... Psionic PCs in HU are very under powered. So I just made it as if it was Hero standard. No ISP, no classes of powers, just straight psionic type powers. So this is a classic TK type with a few telepathic type added in. Personality wise he is the man pushed too far. And now he has the power to fight back. But unlike Spiderman, he is going with power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. His desires are one heroes can sympathize with, but how far are he and they willing to go? Power wise we can get more telepathic powers like Mental Illusions, Mind Scan. Also Pyro type powers could be nice. At this point he'd be like Marvel's Legion!
  20. She's silent and deadly. Unlike Champions, HU Martial Arts types seem to need a LOT of strength. Like almost superhuman levels of strength. No STR 15 with four levels of damage classes here. That aside, this character does work. She's a kick a$$ HTH master. As I stated her only weakness is a lack of ranged options.Personality wise, she's the reluctant warrior type. She does not wish to fight, but must. She's much like Shang-chi and the games of Death and Deceit. I also tied her into a Gurps organization (the Nimba Cult). So she can be used as an in to the mysterious world of oriental martial arts and mysticism (Big Trouble in Little China).Power wise the obvious is more SPD and some damage classes. More skills. But If you want to go over the top, then some weird MA abilities from old teachers at remote monasteries might be in style. In Hero this was Yengtao Temple stuff, in HU this would be N&SS Chi abilities. Personally I would go for the weird, but I like that!
  21. I have one I posted before but is perfect. Meet Glacia. In 1940 Nova Scotia, she was the daughter of a local fisheman who found a body washed up on shore. It looked human, but was very pale and in some places looked almost blue. When she grabbed him to pull him up the beach, she almost fell unconscious from the fierce cold that ran through he body. The RCMP came to investigate and the matter was closed quietly. Fast forward a couple of months and she discovered her first super power - Growth- when she helped rescue people from a winter fire. Cue the return of the RCMP and a member of a NA super team that were fighting criminals and spies on the home front. She was asked to join, and being a patriotic Canadian, she did so. In the course of her adventures she found out she also has control over ice (like Iceman) and so got her Code Name. After the war she started to suspect there was a third ability, reduced aging. By 1949 she still looked like a teenager even though she was 28 by her birth certificate. People started to talk, so she disappeared. (it helped that members of her team were good with getting new secret IDs) and went to school. She studied photograghy and soon had a little studio in Vancouver. But she came out of retirement in the 1060's to help stem the tide of rising super crime on the west coast. then she disappeared again (she needed a break she said). Now she moved to Toronto and again set up a new studio. By now she looked like she was in her mid 20's even though she was pushing 60. She did come out of retirement again, but only to aid a new team setting up in the city and give them advice (she was technically a reserve member and is to this day). Now close to 100 but barely looking 30, Glacia has come out of retirement again. She's made her money, invsted it wisely and most of her famitl has passed away. She needs to get active again, and the current state of the world makes her believe it needs superHEROS again. Glacia was a V&V NPC rolled up who when I rolled for level was lvl 19. Thus the long backstory to justify such an ungodly level!
  22. I have a dream... where one day powered and normal can.... M&M World Book had a hero called Twist who had access to a hidden sanctuary in West Africa and used it to provide aid to children and adults who happened to have super powers to protect them from governments who would abuse them. The write up had a Mutant slant, but I sort of mashed them together as I think it makes MUCH more sense as I dislike Mutant hating campaigns where there are many sources of powers (it does work in a mutant ONLY game). So Breakthrough is something of a Cyclops type to the Mod King. Power wise he's a secondary brick. Not top tier, but good as a secondary brick. As it is he's a FISS! What he needs most is some Dex and some skill levels. As well some more skills to round him out! Personality wise you can go in one of two ways. One: More of a Marvel type Cyclops. Decent leader and true believer of the dream of the Mod King. Two: He becomes a Supremist type, who needs to be continually reminded that there are other origins. More a Magneto in the making!
  23. SOooo.... do I have to say something like SHAZAM? This is almost straight out of Shazam. Flight, Electrical Powers, different appearance when transformed. But she works. Power wise she's a flying blaster with a bit of a twist. She's has a lot of room for improvements: Stats increase (due to her maturing from 14 to 20), and improvements to her electrical powers ( AE cone, Explosion, AP) This would add to her versatility! Personality wise I see her like Peter Parker in the very early Spiderman comics, as a teenager coming into her powers and with growing up. Also we have a link to a little used mythology. So we can get some very weird opponents and some dimensional adventures in the Mesopotamian version of Asgard. So a cool set of powers and a cool background!
  24. No! I didn't go to Hogswarts! This is your standard super mage type. Suite of attack spells, a few movement spells and some defensive abilities, all with the linking idea of magic. The type has been seen a number of times.Power wise he's got all the boxes ticked. Improvements could be an Astral Spell (costs about 30-40 points), a VPP for magic items (M&M arcanist advantage so 40 pt VPP with OAFs), a VPP for rituals (40 pts with extra time, etc.) as well maybe a few more spells!Personality wise he's maybe a hero. He's the NPC who shows up unexpectedly in an adventure, maybe doing something unsavory! But it seems he is on the side of the angels!
  25. To all the demons out there....I am your worst nightmare! In HU this build would be great in a VERY narrow game because the mystical immunity is absolute, but she lost half her hp and they were frozen at level one. As well there is no progression as you get no new abilities and they are frozen at a certain level at creation. So in a game with a lot of magic she's great. In the rest, she's more of a glass cannon. Power wise she's got a powerful magic item with a nice suite of spells. In a mystic masters type game her immunity would be her main defining feature. As far as progression, well, her father is a powerful mage with a lot of magic items lying around. I can see her unlocking some more items, like a wand maybe, or a magic carpet. Or some sort of sensing device (X-ray head-dress?) Personality wise this lady has ISSUES. Daddy didn't love her, she wants acceptance AND she has a major problem she created due to her anger that she needs to clean up, while learning some magic on the job. Yeah!
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