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  1. When I thought Shockwave I thought of another blaster type. Time to think different. Then I remembered an old villain, a russian who with his friends operated out of Three Mile Island. He could teleport and explode ( sorry I don't have the book handy right now). So I sort of duplicated his powers, added him to the Project Sunburst line up, and it sort of fell into place. If you have any heroes associated with the Sunburst idea, then he's a great tie in. Also his backstory is one to make heroes who defend these generals question their actions. Powering him up is easy - add to the teleport ( maybe some NCM to add range) and make the EB larger along with the flash. Powering him down - reduce the teleport and the EB by a dice and reduse the flash by two dice
  2. I like the take on them EXCEPT for one point. An 8d6 KA! WOW! When everything else about him is about 75 active points, this comes to a 120 point ability. I know it is a dragon, but unless you want a few flipped tables, that attack better be justified, real good. As it is when he hits with it he does on average 24 body and 48 stun. If he rolls good 32-35 and anywhere from 64 to 105 stun. I know it is in a MP, but seriously, if I were in a game and the GM brought this out and we got a TPK, I would leave the game. OR I would ask that we can do the same, then watch as the game spirals into a wild west who shots first type game with a lot of collateral damage. But this is just MHO!
  3. This is a Sandman Homage here. More dust man. He's not terribly powerful, but has some strange effects for messing with the players. And hopefully his backstory can provide some roleplaying fodder! To power up add to the Hard Sand and Grit pools, about 10 points each would make him much more competent. Also some extra defense in Hard sand form would help. Its hard to weaken him as is as he's just at the minimum. The expence here was his versitility not his power.
  4. Yeah he's derivative. But it is a classic trope, and why mess with a classic! To power up just add to both the MP and the EC. To weaken, get rid of the MP and leave just and EB to place in the EC.
  5. NitnRun basically screamed a speedster. But I didn't want to go traditional fast guy like the Blur from GSVC. Then I remembered a speedster from San Angelo who was a bit out of teh box. So I went with that idea. HitnRun is not that powerful, and is better used in heist missions or as a diversion. She certainly can mess up the rear parts of the oppositon. She can tag a lot of people, charge the scenery and use her AE TK to knock things over or disarm people. To power her up add to the MP and up the slots, also maybe add slots like a 2X KB attack. Also maybe an AE missle deflect. And certainly some skill levels, especially DCV as she's not about offence. To power her down get rid of the 4X NCM and bring her SPD to 6.
  6. I'd go with Defender. Money, tech, connections and he can be the guy who stays at the HQ analyzing everything and finding answers. Add Witchcraft as his wife and a "Mystic" consultant. There you go!
  7. Mr. R

    Need some names

    Names that had STORM as part of the name. And not necessarily in English, EX Donnersturm!
  8. Storm Shadow was a hard one to make different. A weather controller is too obvious. How to make him a shadow...... a ghost. A mutant ghost. (het if Marvel can have a vampire mutant...) And so the vengeful ghost was born/ created. Powering up Strom Shadow is easy, just increase his weather control abilities. If yo want to really boost him a speed of five will make him a lot more dangerous as well. Powering down means gettin rid of his ranged skill levels. Anythin else just cuts into the concept too much.
  9. Mr. R

    Need some names

    OHHH cool name for the team!
  10. Mr. R

    Need some names

    I was watching "Big Trouble in Little China" and saw the three underling were called the Three Storms. This got me to thinking of a villain group made up of stormy types. So far I have: Wind Storm Rain (or Water) Storm Lightning Storm Hail Storm Ice Storm Fire Storm Any others?
  11. Jinx was easy to make really. I just changed the way the idea work to benefit himself rather than trouble others! To power him up give him MORE luck and maybe even some esoteric MA abilities To power him down get rid of the weapon VPP at least one damage class and maybe even the defensive luck. As it is this is the villain the players will either hate or respect. He's uncomplicated and very direct.
  12. Tunnel Rat gave me a bit of ... unsuredness at first. I could have gone with a tunnelling rat like villain like the hero in Kingdom of Champions. Or a mutated rat ala TMNT. But I thought a bit and cecided his tunnels are teleport Ie quantum tunnels. I could have gone all wild with the tports and have all sorts of powers. Instead I went with what you see below: To power him up, give him more Tport abilities and maybe upgrade his equipement. To power him down, get rid of the grenades, or have fewer charges. This is the guy who makes sure his team is not caught. Or the guy who ports into jails and ports them out again.
  13. David Bowie had it right. We can be ....
  14. He's for SCIENCE So he's a bit Daredevil mixed with Tony Stark To power him up give him a gadget pool. to weaken him get rid of the martial arts
  15. And for a slightly Disturbed version to Simon and Garfunkle
  16. An older one by Edwin about being alive
  17. Something by BNL about dangerous times
  18. So first is a beautiful duet about a mad world
  19. Evvery team need a brick, and the name Roadblock just screamed that. The harder part was coming up with a decent backstory and background for some hooks. Enjoy! So powering him up is a matter of MORE strength, more brick tricks and maybe a point of Spd. To weaken him get rid of the brick tricks and reduce his PD ED by about 5 points!
  20. Stalker is another almost iconic member and so I decided to go all in on the name. His powerset could cause major problems for a PC team as he can hit from anywhere at will. As a sniper he's the guy who will hit the PC and when the PC says "I shoot back!" You can legitimately ask "WHERE?" This must be handled judiciously or the PCs will go blood thirsty on you just to make a point! So to power him up is easy, add more dice and up the EC. To weaken him get rid of the extra lots in the MP and leave him either the 8d6 or 10d6 blast in the EC.
  21. The idea here is to expand on the idea that elves and dwarves dislike each other. In fact we will go so far as to do like in Palladium and have them go to war. The reasons are unimportant as they have been at war for millenia. But in the process they have alienated, antagonised and in many cases decimated most of the races that also exist on the continent. To the extant that five races have banded together to support each other while trying to keep out of the way of the main combatants.So for years uncounted this alliance has set up safe cities, sent parties out to get food and supplies and in some cases, where necesary, kill elements of either army to protect their secrets.Now at this point I can see three possibilities:1) The alliance grows in power as the two main opponents have basically worn themselves out fighting each other2) On a Week of Fire and Shadow all the dwarves and elves die. Apparently a major ritual designed to harm the other went supercharged and killed them all. Now we have a brand new world with new power vacuums to step into it, Not to mention all those dwarven and elvish cities to explore/loot3) As above but with the added problem that the elves and dwarves do not know they are dead. They are undead, and it will take a long time to finally subdue their restless spirits and make the world safer.This is just an Idea I came up with and any comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.
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