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  1. Incantations-- Darkness to sound (Silence 15' radius) Choking gas Tackle the mage as he is speaking ( make an ego roll to finish the incantation) Etc Gestures --Choking gas Tackle the mage as he is speaking ( make an ego roll to finish the incantation) Entangles Knock down / Knock back attacks etc
  2. Sorry to Necro the thread BUT Has anyone done a rising cap to skill rolls based on Character Points? Ex 125 pt PC is limited to skills at 16 or less For each 25 pts this goes up by one point SO: 150 Skills at 17 175 Skills at 18 200 Skills at 19 This would make high point / high level PC scary as they have skills that are approaching magical. Stealth at 19- is almost functional invisibility!
  3. Can you add any more? Or add to the list with your own ideas. In the Wyrmian Mtns is a set of caverns filled with strange creatures. If you can make it to the centre and solve the puzzle it will open to a chamber with items of beauty and power! In the Goddess Woods in the North part of Kern is a Stone Tree that can be used to make wands, staves, potions, salves and handles to items of power. In the Gefting Sea is an Island supposedly that of a bloodthirsty pirate who was cursed. Now the Island is covered in mists and those who come near are attacked by the skeletons of the pirates. There the Pirate Lord, a powerful skeleton himself, stands guard over his horde of treasure and seeks to kill trespassers and add them to his crew! Once a year a Ghost Castle appears for one week. In it are seven strange guardians. If you can make it past all of them, you can get the treasure within! In the Northern Jungles are rumours of a city inside a hole in the mountains. What treasures await within! The Bola Wastes have an everlasting storm in its centre. Supposedly inside is a city filled with treasures, if you can get past the stone guardians and undead inhabitants. Supposedly in the oceans off Fey is a floating island. Used at one time by a pirate lord, it disappeared one day. Now apparently it has reappeared. Can you find it?
  4. A friend recounted what happened to his character when he came out of the Houses of Healing. They asked for a donation and he basically refused saying that the gods probably don't exist and he wasn't going to pay for them. Well at the top of the stairs he trips over a silk scarf, rolls down the stairs, hitting every single carving and statue on the way, dislocating his shoulder, breaking a couple of ribs and the fingers of one hand. Now he gives generously. Still thinks gods don't exist, but goddesses: Yeah they are totally real!
  5. I am considering using a model I saw in an OLD Adventurers Club edition where the cleric player gets a VPP with a End Battery (representing how much he will help) The VPP is limited by powers that match the deities portfolio (no weather control for God of War) and that he has no control over what he gets. When the End Battery runs out it means the deity is done helping them for the day. (Maybe also an Activation roll for how much pull the cleric has with the deity?)
  6. Don't get me wrong, in a traditional DnD game I LOVED playing the cleric. Decent HTH, Good Armour, and a nice selection of spells/miracles make a cleric a well rounded PC. But is he manditory? Most of the time, he was the "Healer" of the party and with a jerk GM the cleric was just shy of the Paladin as the PC most likely to get smacked by a vengeful GM. Also depending on the nature of your deities, you could end up with some wildly differing looks to a cleric. For example I have a Goddess of the Night Sky: Lady of the Stars, the navigator, Patroness of sailors, desert travelers. The night predator. romance. Poetry, beauty She should have very different abilities than Lord of Storms: the Rain Bringer, Thunderer, Destroyer, Renewer, So how do you handle it?
  7. You are right sorry. I need to deflate my ego a bit... PPPPFFFFFFFFFFFF..... there. Much more humble! But I would have asked a similar question eventually!
  8. Well I am adapting a Shadow World supplement and in the VERY sparse gazetteer of the countries, they list the seven nations that make up the main states of the Great Inner Sea Basin. And in all cases the total population is about 175000 people in the whole country, the capital has about 13000-15000 people and the rest divided among the other 7-10 remaining cities. Oh and this is in a nation of about 230000 sq. mi. ( Or 0.76 people / sq. mi. ) So I was curious how much land would be cultivated around the city and how much would be empty wilderness. So this HIGHLY civilized part of the continent is by the above numbers actually almost a Points of Light type setting. So going by the above numbers they need 1000 maybe 5000 sq. mi. to feed all those cities. Assume double that for export purposes. THAT is a lot of empty wilderness! As a result I was planning to increase the populations of the main part of the setting. Also I was planning on one city that would be the main trade hub as it is downriver of the great inner sea, along a road the leads to the west coast of the continent (inhabited by horse nomads), a Major mountain chain just to the northeast, the rest of the river leads to the northern jungles, and there is a pass leading to some norther deserts and grasslands. And so I was wondering how big I could make it. That lead to my question about the biggest city in your game!
  9. I was reading this blog and this guy has an interesting take on trolls https://mythlands-erce.blogspot.com/ And here is the specific for trolls g https://mythlands-erce.blogspot.com/search?q=troll I like this as makes for human sized opponent and the related magic items (Goblins), the scarier BIGGER goblins (Bugbears) But still with good sized magic items, the big boy, you need a whole group to take them goblins (Ogre and Trolls), the magical leader types (Ogre Magi and Hags), and maybe even a BIG BIG guy (can we say Giant). When they attack en mass it is a major event, and a large force of Goblins backed up by Ogres, Trolls and Magic would be a epic tale! What do you think!
  10. I just took a look at that thread. I love the ideas and if I ever ran a game, would incorporate many of them into my own game!
  11. Another source of material is PS 238. It also is a school for supers but at the grades 1 to 3. So it might be a bit young, but you can still mine it for ideas. Link https://ps238.nodwick.com/
  12. I used to go with the idea of the agents being a credible threat where five or so agents could take out one super (this was 125-150 pt agent vs a 250-300 pt super). Now I would make villanous agents fairly weak (100 pts ) compared to a 250- 300 pt super, but the hero agency operatives (Until) being at 150 pt minimum. But the hero agents would be much less populous and the villanous agents would have NUMEROUS operatives. This goes back to the waves of opposition idea in the older comics and the hero agents being competent but much fewer in number! So originally I would be #2, but today more #s 3-4
  13. Its not the stagnant tech that bothers me so much, but the stagnant borders and societies. IF after the fall of a major empire, all the member countries go back to their old borders, that is believable. But after a drought, famine, invasion, occupation and civil war? OKnot so much. Going back to the China example, when it fractured into multiple states, those states were NOT the same borders as the last fracturing. There was no "Well this was the border of the state in the last warring period, so we will stop here!" NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! If there is a history of 6000 years, there will be major shifting of borders and the disappearance of some states! Even 2000 years will have major changes to borders/ countries!
  14. Good points all around! Thank you!
  15. I took a look on Wikipedia at Chinese History and WOW! If you think China has been in its present borders all this time, think again. Add all the time when the country fragmented into warring states ( at one point it was about 10 different states) and you rapidly get the idea that China's history is like boom or bust. Periods of great stability and prosperity, then civil wars with huge losses of life and displacement.
  16. Assuming you mean fantasy Type of setting ie high magic or low magic If you allow other races- which ones and what are their relationships EX Palladium has elf dwarf hatred Any class (or archetype) restrictions EX dwarf means NO magic Any key skills (if you have a skill system) that are needed
  17. New player talking to NPC in starting city of new campaign. NP admiring a castle- “so how old is this structure?” NPC “Well according to records the foundations were laid 100 AD (After Desolation)” NP “Seriously? WOW! Was it ever taken? NPC “Well it was almost taken by the Northern Wasters in 4000 AD, but it has been rebuilt since then!” NP “4000? You mean 400?” NPC “No 4000 AD.” NP OOC to DM --- UMMM what is the current date? DM 6250 AD NP ????????? I noticed this while perusing TVTropes about Medieval Stasis, where a setting seems to think that making events go into THOUSANDS of years, and that countries and geography and peoples don’t change over ALL that time. I have been looking at The Star Crown Empire by ICE and realized that the setting has this written all over it. There are seven countries that are formed around seven city states and their borders have been the same for 6000 years. To the north is a grassland that was burned after a wizard started a fire while fighting his enemies and burned all the vegetation and is still a wasteland after 6000 years. The Empire was invaded and occupied for 500 years and after the invaders were kicked out, they went back to all the old borders and cultures. Yeah I have some fixing to do, which leads to my questions. How do you make it so it seems that the land has changed as a result of events? This includes changing geography (Rivers change beds) borders (two nations go to war, or a civil war, or invaders have left and new nations form in the meantime) and any other features you can think of! In my case I think I’ll truncate the calendar from 6000 to 1500 AD, Keep some of the events (Drought, famine, plague, invasion) and add a few (Civil war, Broken government that leads to fracturing country, make a desert bloom a bit with a River runs through it) But seriously what have you done either to modify an existing world (Greyhawk for example) or your own home brew?
  18. That sounds like a lot of work, but is also SO COOL! Can I get into your games!
  19. I was recently reading a site where they were commenting on how in Greyhawk there were multiple pantheons among the humans and that to him, this made the setting more real. I guess it is like the Greek/Egyptian/others, where there could be multiple sky gods (Horus and Zeus). So how many of you have multiple pantheons in your games? How did you set it up? Do you feel it added or detracted from your setting!
  20. Not being familiar with DND 4th, can you give some examples. Note I do own the Book of Nine Swords and I really liked their take on Martial Adepts. I remember describing one 9th level strike being able to do over 100 hp damage and he went OverPowered, till I said Power Word Kill!
  21. We have the spell users, what ever the flavour you have chosen. But what do you give the warriors/ rogues so that they don't feel overshadowed. I have been in games with both, A ) a DND 2nd edition game where we quickly learned that warrior had durability (HP) and great saves B ) a Palladium game where we learned that the raw power of a caster totally overshadowed any similar leveled warrior and that the argument "But you get magic items to compensate!" was.... yeah! So to those GMs of fantasy..... How do you keep the non-casters feeling special? I am looking at thing like Tuala Morn's Warrior feats or abilities like 25% Dam. Red. (only when aware of the attack), or even abilities and talents that you restrict to the warriors only
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