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  1. You overestimate the phasability of the average person, I think. Especially in places with geek-based convention centres. Plus, the camera might not have been obvious; if there's an obvious camera, people are more likely to *mug for it. * Ah, English. In this slang usage, "mug" means "to play-act, in an amateur, untrained manner, as if before an audience." * Also, "mug" used to mean "face". Hence, "mug-shot", or "a picture of someone's face."
  2. Well, I'll know how it turns out in 7-13 days...Theoretically. Shipping can take longer than expected.
  3. Lulu wants to add an ISBN image, even though the cover image already has one. How do I turn that off? Edit: Checked Lulu's forums. Apparently, sometimes one gets added, sometimes not, with no rhyme or reason beyond "the printer requires one" and "it depends which cover designer you choose".
  4. I like cranberry sauce and eggnog. And turkey. Although I like gravy better than cranberry sauce, but that's because gravy is about as good as chocolate and... ...Wait... ...What if I put gravy...On the chocolate?
  5. Unfortunately, the definition of "Hacker" has changed over time, and has different technical meanings than popular meanings. For example, someone who gets paid by a company to intrusion-test the company IT security...Is a "Hacker". Someone who works at a university testing a company's software, and sending the results to the company...Is a "Hacker". They may even get kick-backs from companies for this. Seriously. Certain companies have bounties for security errors in their software. Someone who runs a script they downloaded off a website that scans for security holes and makes a bot-net out of unsecured computers, to scan the internet for accounts with passwords like *"passw0rd"...Is a "Hacker". Someone who makes a program that makes a virtual puppy run around your computer screen...Is a "Hacker". The term "Hacker" is pretty meaningless as misunderstood by the general public. * Seriously, people. Why???
  6. Soon as someone mentions the film "Lucy", at least a few people complain that "using 100% of the brain is actually a seizure!" Congratulations; you made your Science roll. However, if we're going to list all the things in superhero movies that don't work, we'll be here next week.
  7. Why did the troll cross the road?
  8. So that's what all those Youtubers weren't talking about:
  9. Did you hear about the juggler who was scammed into buying shares in a chilli stew company that doesn't exist? Nobody told him
  10. I guess...Maybe...Something about showing what the human body is capable of?...
  11. ...Maybe I should get Acrobat Pro, first. I've only exported from OpenOffice/LibreOffice for my own personal projects.
  12. ...How exactly does one POD a .pdf through Lulu for personal use? I tried that a few days ago, and while there's plenty of advice for exporting from various word processors, it's not applicable if you just have a .pdf.
  13. Impressive...But insane. Sorry, just can't fathom that level of risk just for a crowd's approval. Maybe someone can explain it to me?
  14. ...High-Range Radio Perception/Transmission? I've seen that used as a build for "can connect to the internet wirelessly." Edit: Actually building the internet would cost an approximate fraction of a bajillion points, so just assuming it's a background detail that characters can connect to (until it's not) seems right. If everyone is built on 175 points plus 1/10th a Bajillion Points worth of Internet, then everyone is basically built on 175 points.
  15. I'd like to remind my teeth that they are not supposed to regard me as tasty.
  16. Why not just build those lower-AP spells with Recoverable Charges?
  17. Just to clarify, you can make projects available only to yourself on Lulu.
  18. Oh, that's easy. "clean" is a heuristic approximation. Just set the threshold for a "true" value to some sufficient approximation.
  19. Best advice is probably to start with where most writers start: Take some of the personality traits of people you know, stick them in a blender, and see what results. In this case, base your character on some female friends. The other upside is that it's easier than earning Ph.D's in neurochemistry, psychology, psychiatry, biochemistry, neuroarchitecture, anthropology, sociology, and probably many more, so you can accurately calculate the actions of a theoretical human being. The other upside is that, after making characters enough, your brain will start learning how to synthesize believable new characters.
  20. I would just like to note that POD'ing a 466-page perfect-bound paperback 8.5x11" book with black&white interior (and possibly colour cover, but I dunno) currently costs $13.52 CAD on Lulu, and the resulting book is specified as 0.879" thick. Just in case anyone was wondering about that.
  21. Through the science of the world-wide communication and commerce network, I have transmitted banking funds and postal destination to your interactive computerized web store. At some point within the next few weeks, it is highly likely that, having made a journey of thousands of miles, all across roads paved with artificial stone, a package of the desired type will arrive directly at my doorstep; a package most likely weighing less than half a pound, but containing books to such an extent that, just seven hundred years ago (a mere pittance against the universe's approximately fourteen billion years of age; a term of 14 x 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 years), the average wealthy land-owner, responsible for thousands of square kilometres of land, would find a collection of such size worth a fortune; but which now can be duplicated with such rapidity and ease that the entirety of all of humanity's recorded history can be stored in a volume perhaps the size of a large suitcase. ...Because sometimes I like to note just how awesome ordinary things are.
  22. If two identical people show up shouting "Imposter!" at each other, you can just shoot them both *and* sort it out later.
  23. As I've gotten older, I've ended up not really caring how blunt someone is, as long as they're honest and actually trying to discuss the topic. Because I've yet to see an honest attempt to discuss a topic get nowhere, but that almost everything else got involved in one way or another.
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