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  1. I'm going to exorcise some demons. They are getting overweight and need to shape up or ship out. I'll be releasing a DVD so you too can follow the same routines. Although you might have trouble with the wing and tail work.
  2. Monster protecting humanity. I'll change to attack them
  3. I had more fun this year. I had the idea for evil during last year' draft but I knew it could go wrong. i was waiting for someone to pick a city or settlement that I could then drop the swamp next door to. And then no-one did. But the idea for addiction was an idea I had on the day. And that caused a ruckus. I also realised that it could be abused so I was careful ti figure a work around. So Hermit wins this year with Old Man and Psybolt joint second. Hermit is also credited with biggest spanner with Cancer and I joint second.
  4. So Pariah has changed his avatar. Now the shield reminds me of Cap's shield. And I don't have a problem with that.
  5. The Stone Samurai One the day after Lia Ojen became Coordinator, a giant statue turned up in the parking lot. It was of a Samurai in the ornate armour of the shogun period but was made of stone. There are no visible entry/exit ports and it does not radiate magic. It had been reduced to rubble but it has reappeared undamaged. It does not talk but it does respond to the orders of his colleagues, the police and the Japanese Royal family. Rather oddly it has a hatred of Chinese criminals and can sense them even if they are hidden close by. It then will go after them and kill them. No-one has yet worked out why. It can also battle mystical beings and injure them despite not being intrinsically magical
  6. Who brought this team together in order to commit robberies ? None other than The Newt ! Whose the undisputed master of amphibious based crime ? Step forward The Newt ! Who mingles with people both high and low as he selects targets and recruits personnel ? Could it be The Newt ? Who wears a battlesuit shaped like a amphibian ? It must be The Newt ! Who convinces people that he is an expert on animals that can exist on land and underwater when he really does not ? Surely not The Newt ! Who has outwitted the police and criminals alike by playing dumb ? You guess it right The Newt New Team: The Alien Resistance Demanding Inner Space or TARDIS for short The team is composed of Dr Who villains and must be from the TV series and not books or radio adaptations. You will find the Master under villains but the Daleks or Cybermen under creatures and aliens Nothing that is a one off powerful beast like the Black Guardian or the Creature from the Pit but an individual Dalek or Cyberman is ok. As is Davros. For copyright reasons give them a different name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Doctor_Who_villains https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Doctor_Who_universe_creatures_and_aliens_(0–9,_A–G) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Doctor_Who_universe_creatures_and_aliens_(H–P) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Doctor_Who_universe_creatures_and_aliens_(Q–Z) Minimum 5
  7. Caecilius Hailing from Colombia comes this amphibian thief. Some say that the part of Jeff in Men in Black 2 was taken by this person but fearing typecasting he took to crime. He, or it, is a giant worm that burrows into places and robs them. So most homes are not safe nor are underground drug laboratories as some of the cartels have found out. And after finding that prevention is better than cure (they tried killing him and it did not work, instead he got angry. Over a million dollars worth of refined drug kind of angry) they worked out a profitable arrangement where he got paid of. Caecilius does not speak but he does understand what is said to him in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. He also understands sign language. He is not the leader of the group but he is a good follower.
  8. RIP Michael Angelis. I saw a lot of his work and Boys from the Black Stuff was one of the major works from the 80s. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-52867159
  9. And hello from the other side of the Atlantic. Nice to see another of the old crowd still hanging on in there.
  10. [Agent Smith mode on] Ah, Mr Badger. Welcome back. We missed you. [/Agent Smith mode off} That did not sound remotely creepy.
  11. Methinks Michael has been reading The Far Side......
  12. Today May 31st is the 50th anniversary of the Great Peruvian earthquake that killed 70,000 people https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-52839770
  13. If the police won't get you, cows will kill you. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-52869060
  14. I have friends in the twin cities. I was in contact with them and they are ok. Also checked in with friends in Milwaukee. All ok.
  15. 12 people took part but only ten have voted. Can the ones who have not voted plus interested bystanders do so please.
  16. Emerald Bolt Olivia King lived a life of mediocrity until her father stranded her on the island of Manhattan and made her work for living on Wall Street. Can you even dare imagine how degrading that is ? Instead of a life of just getting by she had to become successful and make money legally getting a swanky apartment, joining hip clubs and doing the 'right thing' with the 'right people'. Under this sort of pressure is it a wonder that she snapped ? After over five years stranded in this conformist Hades Olivia used her training and became the villainous archer and outlaw Emerald Bolt. Now she would make them pay for their 'crimes' !
  17. G Gerald Gecko The Gecko is a strong mouthy individual who runs a blog on crime. He also goes out and fights as he can transform into a human sized gecko. He has incurred the wrath of Mr Spider by ridiculing his antics and crimes. But every time they have clashed in person it has come to a stalemate due to outside interference or other factors. Mr Spider investigated and found something that caused him pause. So he has kept away from G Gerald Gecko as a result. However the blogger has teamed up with other foes of the arachnid criminal to bring him down once and for all. Next one will be six and can do the next team
  18. Shadow of Freedom by David Weber. Should have read A Rising Thunder first. Oh well. Michelle Henke continues her work as an admiral. And you have more of Mesa working in the background and recovering from their own problems. Which means I need to get Crown of Slaves etc. You get resistance movements elsewhere working against the transtellars and a sterling example of what happens when you push too hard. Weber also puts in a quote from Terekhov when he posits the thought Why don't people like you, think I cannot be as as ruthless as you ?' It's enjoyable. Short but sweet.
  19. I'll say this once. THERE is nothing to see here. Move along. NOW !
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