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  1. Hi, I'm trying to build an AI character that can shift to another body at will or when the current shell is damaged, and was wondering two different things 1) if an AI is sentient would you need to buy programs or just skills and 2) how to build the Automatons so that the AI is the brain
  2. Yamifire

    AI Heros

    Probably a little but a valid point, its more of a Physical Limitation if it were a case of once gone they are gone, Phych Limit if they can be reuploaded if the old memory core is located but the process mentally draining or can cause a mental issue with the AI "shh I'm dead"
  3. Yamifire

    AI Heros

    Thanks Guys! Simplicity is almost always the best answer
  4. I use Carbon Fiber derivitives stolen from TV and Anime
  5. Yamifire

    AI Heros

    Hi um I was wondering how would you make an Artificial Intelligence character like Vision or Red tornado, but with the ability of uploading from one body to another. The concept is a Synthetic/Organic body (has Stun and Bleeds) that when destroyed the consciousness uploads into a new body or a mainframe. PS working in FRED
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