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  1. The Duchess uses the Supreme Serpent as her puppet-proxy.
  2. PSI (Sin) Dicate - sounds cool. Alien Invaders - Past. NASA - Space Exploration, Colonization, and Industrialization. UNTIL Beyond. - System Defense Force. Warlord and the Shadow Army. Star*Guard and the Star*Marshals (filked from Sabre Riders).
  3. Rifts Bunny Gunslinger http://garrisonburne.deviantart.com/art/Outcast-Station-Rabbit-Gunslinger-340759882
  4. Great out takes, but they need an occasional context. Season 3, Episode 19 - "Girls back together" Young Justice style Date Time Stamp kinda thing. QM
  5. 200 years to late. Resurect JFK hand a Colt Peacemaker called X-Caliber. The King from Under the Hill. A new american camelot. New knights of the round table.
  6. VOICE (of Doom) taking advantage of political, economic, and other opportunitirs to takecontrol of organized crime in the pacific rim.
  7. I expect sample Super Agents and organizational structures of Organizations. I expect Campaign and Adventure ideas that dwarf everything before it. I expect multiple Authors for each Organization. To add their flavour to the game. Last, but not least I expect it to be hard work, but fun!. QM
  8. VOICE of Doom - Reimagined. Terror Inc. - Reimagined. Clone vs Revenant. Cult of the Red Banner - Expanded. Los Asesnios - Reimagined. LEOPARD - Law Enforcement Operations Paranormal Active Response Division. Super Agency of Central South America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Lead by a former Superhero. Mandate: Law Enforcement in Latin America. Working closely with UNTIL and PRIMUS. Strong anti-corruption bias. Allies: UNTIL & PRIMUS. Enemies: El Terror Incorporado, Los Asesinos, & VOICE. Latin American Superheroes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Latino_superheroes
  9. Really realt appreciate you skillz Deadman!
  10. Dipping a sleeping/unconcious villains hand in luke warm water.
  11. Okay, I had them snatch away from annihilation by a time traveller as well as the survivors/convicts before the destruction of Stronghold by a V'hanian task force.
  12. Requiem aka Death Singer Chiller aka Killer Frost. Shockwave aka Arrowhead. Rebranded and marked after adding Scatterbrain QM
  13. Martial Arts Stance http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=martial%20arts%20stance&qs=SC&form=QBIR&pq=martial%20arts%20stances&sc=4-20&sp=1&sk=
  14. The IMAGE Crew looks great. Especially at this size. QM
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