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  1. Actually, with Marvel, you're more likely to get a redhead than a Brunette, especially if they're a mutant. Fact. But yeah, the whitewashing is so ingrained in classic superheroes that it was almost inevitable the first wave was going to be that way (and also be male dominated). Black Panther should address that fairly well. I particularly like that it seems to be all in Wakanda. Also... are we forgetting Nick Fury here? Does anyone even remember when he wasn't Sam Jackson?
  2. Also watched Die Hard. First time seeing it for my son; glad to see it still holds up well.
  3. One of the usual reasons is the previously mentioned actors' fees. They need to employ them again to promote the films. And flying them and their people around the world to do so gets real expensive real quick, even if the promotional work is counted in their original salary. In the specific case of Justice League, it's probably more important for them to have a hit than to make a profit.
  4. Justice League still hasn't reached its break even point, taking into account promotional costs (it's estimated as needing to make $600-750 million). It's great that the movie isn't an outright dog, but it's still struggling at the box office, and Star Wars is about to cut into that. On a brighter note, NOT being a dog will likely mean they get over the line on post-theatre takings.
  5. There may well be a constitutional requirement. There's definitely precedent; it's actually normal for royals to marry foreigners, usually from other royal families. This business of hitching up with commoners is a bit of a modern fad (Diana doesn't count - her family are old blue bloods and her father was the 8th Earl of Spencer). I blame Prince Rainier of Monaco for starting the trend. I'm fairly certain Phillip was required to become a sole British citizen, though marrying the actual heir is a few steps up from marrying 5th in line for the Throne (and counting), and the Marriage Act and CoE rules have changed a lot since then.
  6. Meh. They can probably do glowing seams with practical effects easier and cheaper than with CGI these days. Flexible LED strips or such.
  7. The UK have liked making 6-episode series for decades; it's pretty much their default format. This discussion goes into some of the reasons:
  8. mrinku

    More space news!

    Well, maybe it'll fire its thrusters soon and change to an elliptical orbit.
  9. This Flash is a kid, so IMHO less likely than Batman or Aquaman. My money's on Arthur. He looks like the sort of guy with that kind of music on his playlist.
  10. mrinku

    More space news!

    Not sure that "more stable" is really the right term. I've never heard of tidal locking where the satellite has any tilt at all. I think the effects that result in tidal lock tend to result in the same end result (i.e. satellite rotates with the same periodicity as its orbit). But happy to hear from qualified astronomers, physicists and/or planetary scientists. Edit: You may also have tidal locking that's in other ratios than 1:1 - Mercury is in a 3:2 spin/orbit resonance https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tidal_locking
  11. mrinku

    More space news!

    I try not to get *too* excited about the tidally locked ones.
  12. One of Darkseid's lackeys. I'd have preferred Granny Goodness, but maybe she'll turn up later.
  13. I suspect for Steve it's less Unicorn and more Questing Beast, the amount of time he's spent chasing it...
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