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  1. I assume you mean what's the difference in adding the commando martial arts. Currently he is built on 300 points with 8 in experience.Of course I could just bring him up to 400 points, which I consider street level (Daredevil, Shang Chi, etc.). Basically I was just looking for a bit of input considering I am fairly new to the system. I want a decent character build, not for myself as much as others who may want to use it.
  2. Not sure if this is the proper place to post this but. Here is my take on Firearm from the Ultraverse line of comics.All criticisms are welcome. Only thing I think I can add is maybe some commando based martial arts. Firearm.hdc
  3. From Fantasy Hero 4th edition GALANTRI, SWORD OF HEROES Abilities: •1 — 3d6 Killing Attack (HKA), Reduced END (0 END), Usable by Others (+1/4), STR MIN of 16 (Active Points/3-10) (+1/4), OAF Bastard Sword, 1 1/2 Handed Weapon, Independent •2 — Characteristics (16 STR), OAF Bastard Sword, Independ- ent (This is used to offset the STR Min) •3 — 5" Flight, 0 END, OAF Bastard Sword, Independent •4 — +6 levels with Flight, OAF Bastard Sword, Independent •5 — Missle Deflection (thrown objects, arrows and projectiles) usable by others (+1/2), OAF Bastard Sword, Indepe
  4. I was going through some writeups in various books and noticed something about Defender. He has the Teamwork skill, but it is slightly different than other characters. It reads Teamwork 12- (14-). So what is the (14-) and how do you simulate it in HERO Designer?
  5. I created a character a few years ago for the classic marvel rpg. His name was Cyberia, he was a cybernetic enhanced former KGB agent. He had a few heightened senses (infrared vision, etc.), could interface with computers, and had augmented strength and durability (cybernetic limbs). Plus his skills in hand to hand and weapons training were good. You are more than welcome to use the name and general concept. And also there was a Russian super hero movie called the Guardians last year. Trailer should be on youtube. It had a pretty awesome team.
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    Thank you everyone for all of your advice. It is great to know this site has such a helpful community. I really look forward to future discussions and hopefully soon maybe post some characters.
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    I was thinking about the glasses as a focus but it didn't seem logical to me since the glasses keep his power more in control as opposed to the power coming from the glasses themselves. I do agree with the Always On modifier. Maybe just use it on the 15d6 Optic Blast since that will be what goes off if his visor is damaged or removed
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    Says I don't have permission.
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    Thank you everyone. For some reason I cannot access the link. It says Error code: 2S119/1. This is what I had for the multipower, but it just did not seem right. Optic Blast: Multipower, 80-point reserve, all slots Persistent (+1/4), Personal Immunity (+1/4), Constant (+1/2), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (200 Active Points); all slots Always On (-1/2), Can Only Be Turned Off With Ruby Quartz Glasses (-1/4) Optic Blast 15d6 (75 Active Points); Always On (-1/2), Can Only Be Turned Off With Ruby Quartz Glasses (-1/4) Killing Attack - Ranged 3d6, Armor Piercing (x3; +3/4) (
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    Hello all. I am new to the system and have a question. Not sure if it has been asked before. I am using Champions Complete and have Hero Designer. What I want to do is built the X-Men Blue and Gold teams from the 90's. I am currently on Cyclops and I want to build his Optic Blast as a multipower. This will include his basic force blast, as well as his wide area, ricochet, and pinpoint beam (I would guess the pinpoint would be more of a ranged killing attack). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to simulate this power?
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