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  1. Re: One shot Game Ideas I actually just came across an ID badge one of my players made for a one-shot game I ran. It was called 'Survivor: Isla Nueva' It was patterned off the Jurassic Park idea, and added a twist of players in a game of Survivor competing on the island of dinosaurs. The players were awarded prize money for certain actions (mostly successfully baggin dinos), and were awarded for carrying portable head-mounted cameras (There were no film crews). The groups were allowed a certain budget ($2000 dollars if I remember correctly) for equipment and weapons, and were
  2. Re: Golden Age Superheroes as Pulp Heroes James Rhodes took over the guise of Iron Man for a while when Stark was dealing with severe alcohol issues. Later on, when Stark took the role over again, he also made a suit of armor for Rhodes, who took on the identity of War Machine. I was just thinking about Green Hornet and such. And really, the whole cast of 'Watchmen' minus Dr. Manhatten.
  3. Re: Calling All Heroes! Due to lack of interest in this project (I think I recieved seven characters), I've let the project drop. It may get revived some day, but as of now, it's dead.
  4. Re: Cleric 3.5 Spell Conversion Dear mister Killer Shrike, It has come to my attention that you totally kick ass. My most sincere thanks for doing all the hard work so we, the lazy pathetic unwashed masses don't have to. In closing, (grovel, grovel, bootlick, genuflect, "We're not worthy")
  5. Re: Spell Idea: Frost-Locked Hands "Fluffy Oven Mittens of Spell Fumbling" Right... That's just too silly!
  6. Re: Stacking a power? After long deliberation, I have concluded that AID would require so much painful shoehorning and so many absurd limitations to make it be what I want, that I will simply use RKA and give it an advantage modifier to make it stack with the existing arrow's RKA. Or, maybe buy the full RAK and limit it to override the normal weapon's damage. Either way, both solutions are vastly more elegant than trying to shoehorn AID into the solution, it seems.
  7. Re: Spell Idea: Frost-Locked Hands The problem with that solution is that we're not talking about a single skill. A cleric may have 'Requires Faith Roll', and there are a handful of magic skills, Body Magic, Thaumaturgy, etc. Secondly, I'm not looking for a decrease in skill. I'm looking for auto-failure for anything requiring gestures. Building it as -18 to a skill roll is, IMO prohibitively expensive. Doing so for multiple skills... man... The numbers hurt my eyes. Now, assuming all casting skills were INT based, I suppose I could just say the effect was a minus to all INT sk
  8. Re: Spell Idea: Frost-Locked Hands Yup, I worked that out already. Anything over 3 DEF would go from being a hindrance to screwing the character completely without intervention. The most powerful version I've made so far was 3 DEF, 2 BODY (increased DEF over body). Even that seems fairly powerful. As for DEX drain, the idea is solid, but I'm not seeing how it mechanically achieves what I want to do, which is prevent wizards from casting spells with Gestures. As the Gestures limitation has nothting to do with one's DEX, it's not effected. Sure, if they have to target someone w
  9. Re: Spell Idea: Frost-Locked Hands Rapier, the description of Entangle specifically states "restrain, immobilize, or paralyze" which the exact intent of the spell. I know its not how we usually imagine Entangle ot be used, but I'm pretty sure its the power for the job. As for STR to break... yeah, rereading 'Takes No Damage from Attack' makes it a little more clear about this. I think this being the case, I'd remove the advantage, as it doesn't help much in this case. However, since no one, not even any of the fighters in my game, have 20 STR, none of them would escape it as a
  10. So, I have been tinkering with a low powered spell for wizards to use against other wizards, and came up with this... Frost-Locked Hands Entangle 1d6, 1 DEF (Standard effect, 1 BODY, 1 DEF), Takes no Damage from Non-Heat attacks (+1/2) (15 Active Points); Set Effect, Hands Only (-1), Requires Magic Roll (-1/2), Cannot Form Barriers (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4) Real Cost 5 After casting this spell, the target's hands are covered in a numbing frost which does not melt naturally. This is to wreck any spell the wizard has with 'gestures' as a limitation, which I've made virtuall
  11. Re: Ultimate Grimoire HD Prefabs updated Dude... you are like my hero... and stuff. Seriously, this is a great resource. Thanks.
  12. Re: Stacking a power? Well, I think mechanically speaking, Aid is exactly what I'm looking for, but in this case, its rediculously expensive. As I pointed out earler, it'd be cheaper to buy the RKA power at full 4d6, than buying a power that added 2d6 to an existing 2d6. And, it's not even a LITTLE cheaper. UltraRob, yeah... sorry to be so quick on the draw there.
  13. Re: Star Fantasy, some ideas please? Before the introduction of Spelljammer, I had added ships to my game that could cross the nothing. My custom-built world was disk shaped, with basically two different worlds, one on each side, and the edge of the world could only be traversed with these ships. While I understand the potential draw, just remember that in actual practice, a fantasy in space game is virtually no different than a fantasy game set in a series of islands. As for the big villian races. Seems that being undead might be a handy thing out in the nothing. Maybe even ships t
  14. Re: Stacking a power? RKA 2d6 would require 30 points standard effect, right? That's 10d6, at 10 points per die. That's 100 points (revised 5th ed.)
  15. Re: Stacking a power? Hmmm... An aid to RKA that could add 2d6 (doubling a damage on a heavy longbow, for instance) would cost 100 points, whereas just buying a 4d6 RKA would only cost 60. As this is supposed to represent an arrow that has been enchanted, I think imight just go with building the whole attack power as an RKA, instead of trying to IMPROVE an existing power. The STR idea grates at me as the way to solve this problem, as no amount of additional strength would add to the damage of the arrow shot. How much do you all think a custom advantage (stacks with base
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