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  1. Brownies. It's hard to ruin Brownies and they don't melt. Ice Cream is awesome, but you're on the clock and some awful stuff can go in there. The dystopian nightmare of 2019 that is Bladerunner vs. dystopian nightmare of November 2019 that is The Running Man vs. the dystopian nightmare that is reality.
  2. Haven't read the books/played the games, so I had no real exposure. I like Cavil in this. He's appropriately monosyllabic and intimidating. If you're that creepy and imposing you should not have to say much to get your point across. Early episodes felt a little too standard swords-and-sorcery but, as I hoped, they were just building a foundation. Reading to see if this is a spoiler... no, doesn't feel like it... Last episode needed more Witcher in it, but had some fun fantasy combat tactics. I'd watch another season.
  3. Brand new TOOL... First track released... 10 minutes! I liked it at first, but now that I've listened to it 8 times I'm all-in.
  4. Matt Sorum, Frankie Perez, Steve Stevens, and the immortal Geezer Butler... Deadland Ritual
  5. I'm not much of a country guy but that was pretty solid. Especially the guitar solo.
  6. Imix the Heatmiser! Fire is usually worse (and more immediate) than cold. Acronym wars! S.H.I.E.L.D vs C.H.U.D.
  7. Oh Mama Mia Mama Mia Mama Mia let me go......
  8. Sandworms, because AtLA has forever been tainted by that movie production. Have you brought up the sandworms from Beetlejuice yet? Well, let's see what they can do against the Worms of Dune!
  9. I saw that pic on twitter! The pitbull refused to be adopted without his chihuahua friend so they got adopted together.
  10. Trogs! They played "Wild Thing". Harpies vs Medusae (Medusas? Medusai?)
  11. Tomato, cuz Ketchup/Catsup Which brings me to the eternal question... Ketchup vs. Catsup.
  12. Don't know their entire catalogs. I love "Destroyer" and loath "Come Dancing". Father Christmas is kinda fun. Still, after all these years "Blinded by the Light" is still catchy as hell. More music me thinks... Deep Purple vs Electric Light Orchestra
  13. Bruno Mars because he was obviously named after the legendary Bruce Willis music album.* (*Attribution needed) Best partnership... Chocolate and Peanut Butter or Peanut Butter and Jelly
  14. Is this one of those "vs" where they start out as foes and end up teaming up to defeat their two biggest foes (Lex Luthor and Reality)? Either way it's Calvin & Hobbes because there's no way Superman would strike either one. And pickup trucks and bumpers have taught me that Calvin can piss on anything. Knowing this group we've probably done Daffy Duck vs Cthulhu, so let's go with... Daffy Duck vs Superman!
  15. Well, that I didn't know what the second one was turned it into the first one. So either way Conundrum wins. Mightiest mismatched vocationed adventurer... Half-Orc Wizard or Gnome Paladin
  16. Braaaains! Braaaaaaaains! Two out of two zombies can't be wrong. Eye of newt & toe of frog or Candy Corn?
  17. The name Death Eaters just sounds cooler. So I commend this body to the ground/fire... Viking Funeral or Pyramid Entombment?
  18. Tough one. For me it almost depends on the time of day. Right now it would be salty. Simpsons references vs Monty Python references!
  19. See, now I was thinking someone had cut the head off a squirrel and painted a face on its neck.
  20. I love Tea, but not herbal tea. On the other hand I've never met a hot cocoa I didn't like! Haven't been in this thread for a long time so I'm not sure what's been settled. So let's try this one... Equal intelligence, similar strength, outsized personalities... It's Grond vs Gronk
  21. Was this standard or is it with the LX and EX Models?
  22. I'm also a backer. I'll admit that part of it is my compulsive need to have every iteration of the game, but there's also a belief that more is better. Let's say I buy it and decide it isn't my cup of tea. You know... the other versions are still there. I've still got those and I can pick one and run with it. But I fervently hope this is something special and worthy of a place on my game shelf.
  23. Lava Bath! 100% of Pompeiians can't be wrong! Disney dust-up: Marvel vs Lucasfilm vs Pixar vs Original flavor Disney
  24. Batman Beyond! Curmudgeonly fistfight among authors: Agatha Christie vs Shirley Jackson
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