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  1. Kicking off a new campaign with this beauty in a few days. The opening sequence is perfect for new group introductions, and the pacing looks perfect to unfold the personal parts of the characters. Absolutely excited!
  2. Thanks for the kind words and the feedback. I’m glad you find value in the supplement. As for wanting more, the second supplement is well in the works. The notes for playing the builds will be greatly expanded, with an eye on further assisting beginning players. The second supplement will also have some more complex builds than the first. Thanks for the feedback, we will see what we can do to highlight the CHAMPIONS focus of the supplement.
  3. It does include all the HDC files as well as the zip file with the PDF. I hope you enjoy.
  4. Thank you very much, I am close to finishing another supplement, same idea, but a lot of trickier builds. I hope you enjoy.
  5. This would be an interesting sourcebook and a great expansion to almost any style super campaign. I just had my first supplement publish for Hero Games, Book of Templates, I’m finishing up the second, and then would definitely consider something like this. I’ve always liked Savage Dragon and Batman: Year One.
  6. I'm on the west coast in the U.S. I have a decent amount of flexibility in scheduling so if someone runs a game, I am interested. I am working on a few Hero Games products for Hall of Champions so I don't have the time to devote to running Fantasy Hero at the moment.
  7. Why yes I do. Khymeria@gmail.com
  8. Thanks @PenDrake777, I have that but on point suggestion. I want martial characters to use powers to represent combat expertise if the players choose. It separates just pluses and minuses and damage into a realm above gritty. @MrKinister I like what you’ve proposed. It seems to be an easy way to simulate a body of spells. Perhaps with a focus, or gestures, or incantations, and requires a skill roll to balance it with weapons and create the learned magic feel. Work up your spells and let’s see what we get. Were you thinking of a human by the way?
  9. Here are some guidelines for my homebrew world. All standard D&D races are represented, this is because it is a system neutral setting but I wanted players that were familiar with D&D to feel at home. This includes tieflings (which are actually extraplanar creatures that were spilled accidentally in the world and are largely unwelcome, think District 9 or Alien Nation. Dragonborn are represented as well as gamers like dragon PCs. They great part about Hero System is the flexibility to create your dragon man how you see it. Are you a black dragontype and can breathe water, do
  10. Describe the type of character you would like to play. I think you and I are on the same page for game theme, both being fans of higher magic and heroics. Do you want to use spells? Where do you get your spells from? A patron like an demon prince, arch fey lord, a diety, family bloodline, a spellbook and knowledge of arcana? Do you see yourself using weapons primarily? What weapons? What race would you like to be? Any of your standard fantasy races can be handled easily in the setting? Are you a barbarian shaman that takes on animal traits? An elf destined to be the greatest archer that ever
  11. Yeah sorry, 175 sounds about right. I didn't have book handy and my brain was stuck in older edition mode. As far as how magic works, I have designed a world that allows for me not to have to say "no that isn't allowed" or "that isn't in my world", because as a player in other games and other Hero system games this always bothered me. So what I propose is you describe the character you want to play, the archetype, race, how you see your magic working. For example a dwarf might want to use Rune magic to fit with the dwarven way. A character might want to be like somebody in th
  12. So I don't have as much experience GMing a fantasy game as I do a supers game but I have enough to know that 100 point starting value doesn't really cut it for an exciting character out of the gate. I like spells and possibly an ability done as a power, like a healing touch of a holy warrior or scurrying up a wall. It appears that me and @MrKinisterare on the same page as far as likes. I like the heroes to be just that. So nutshell, high fantasy with competent, exciting characters. Suggestions for a point total to start are welcomed. @Mccabe what are your preferences for your type of fan
  13. I like a little fantasy in my fantasy and the characters to shine a little. Hero System accomplishes that and allows for better storytelling because it isn’t as hit point wear down as some other systems. I will definitely homebrew and rely on Fantasy Hero a bunch. Weekends are good, and so are Mondays so let’s leave that a little open until we possibly stir up other players. Four hours is a good session length. You wouldnt happen to be in the Bay Area?
  14. My schedule is pretty open, I am in California for time purposes. I would love to play and am comfortable running a FH game. I am less comfortable with the online tabletop software but have figured out how to play Champions on it. Just not a pro.
  15. I am in San Francisco and play and GM. I have played Hero System for a couple decades, I have worked on 5th Edition D&D, and really want to get a group together.
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